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  1. Not very interesting but adding to the already long list of footballing Polis: Allan McManus (Hearts, St Johnstone) Davie Irons Andy Aitken (QoS, Annan) Jamie McQuilken (Aberdeen, St Johnstone, QoS) Willie Kinniburgh Euan McLean (St Johnstone, Dundee Utd keeper) Scott Wilson (Rangers, Dunfermline)
  2. No Michael Stewart on Sportscene tonight. On the naughty step with the BBC after Mondays performance on Sportsound? I didnt hear any radio coverage on Wednesday, did Stewart feature?
  3. Afraid not, must be getting me mixed up with other posters again! If anything I'm decidedly OTK, if thats a thing.
  4. All sounds so familiar, one of our best players heading into last 6 months of a contract and talking about wanting to sign on again. Coupled with the Aberdeen gossip just makes me think it is a bargaining tool, pretending to Aberdeen (or others) he might stay here to get a better offer from them and theres no chance he's staying. Shame that Saints recent record in contracts/recruitment has conditioned me to be so pessimistic. Hopefully prove me wrong!
  5. Yeah really didnt see that coming. Im hoping its to free up a wage for 1 more rather than was needed to free up the wage for Holt, but cant complain if it is the latter. Still young enough to keep around though, could see him becoming a player rather than one of the Comrie/Greg Hurst types who seem to hang around into early 20s when its clear they are never going to make it for us. Maybe we were trying to loan him out again but after a successful loan last season he felt he should either get his shot or move on?
  6. Not that I particularly care, but just to point out that this is a lot of pish. I've been on this forum for over 15 years but have only posted 60 odd times, none of which, as far as I'm aware, have ever been in a thread of a team that Ally Roy has played for. Not that I even know who Ally Roy has played for. Anyway, positive that the resident ITK poster has Jason Holt deal done.
  7. Nope our marketing is just tinpot af. Nice to see a bit of effort put into it but it wouldnt be saints and the whole May saga in general if we didn't make a f**k up of it!
  8. I guess the flip side of the above, if true, is that its another target we'be failed to sign so does in fact speak to our total incompetence in player recruitment.
  9. Was speaking to a colleague today who was saying he has a mate who works for Rangers and is often ITK about transfers etc. He told him that Ryan Hardie on a permanent deal and Glen Middleton on loan to Saints was effectively a done deal before Blackpool came in for Hardie. As it was kind of a package for both meant that Middleton didnt happen. So maybe there has been more going on in terms of working to sign targets than we are giving Saints credit for. That aside, I have nothing to add to the general consensus that it appears the May situation and as a consequence the chance to sign Hemmings has been dealt with dreadfully which isnt even surprising and apathy is at an all time high.
  10. To be fair to Aberdeen I would expect Saints to do exactly the same. Although McInnes maybe doesnt plan to use him it would be pretty foolish not to have him available in the event of injuries etc.
  11. You might be whooshing me with your apparent whoosh, but think that was a piss take of the celtic turnbull tweet.
  12. Having not cycled since I was a teenager I got a bike on cycle to work 5 years ago aged 28 for commuting, and I have used it almost exclusively for that purpose. Moved closer to the countryside late last year and when the good weather started this year got the urge to get out into the hills I could now see the sun beating down on from my house. Set myself a goal of getting from Bearsden up and over Crow Road over the campsies and back home and did it today, 39 mile round trip. Nothing compared to the real cyclists in this thread but chuffed with myself. Extra motivation from reading perthshire bells guff on this thread! Cheers!
  13. I've been telling people for weeks that I don't think we should go for May, not the same player, will be too expensive for the return, will tarnish his legacy etc etc. Now its legitimately being talked about there is nothing more I want in life than to see Stevie May in a 2 year old Macron template kit for Saints. I am positively moist at the prospect. Bring him home!
  14. Billy Dodds called Lukaku "Roman Lukaku" twice during the 20 odd minutes I head of the coverage of the Scotland game tonight. Gave him the benefit of the doubt first time but definitely called him that second time. Wish I could be as shit at my job and keep it.
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