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  1. Billy Dodds called Lukaku "Roman Lukaku" twice during the 20 odd minutes I head of the coverage of the Scotland game tonight. Gave him the benefit of the doubt first time but definitely called him that second time. Wish I could be as shit at my job and keep it.
  2. Listened to this earlier, a really good listen. My memory of him was he turned in some good performances and was one of those players the support wanted to do well and could see the potential in but it never really happened for him. Obviously so raging at being dropped for the challenge cup final it clouded his memory of our brilliant first half going 3-0 up! A shame he said that joining Saints was one of his only regrets in football. Looking forward to the other parts of his interview being released. Any chance the next time your guest has played for Saints they've had a good experience? Between Weatherston, Bobby Barr and Sean Higgins theres not been much success at Saints to talk about!
  3. I've always found it annoying watching defenders shepherd the ball out of play and holding off an attacker while doing so, especially when they're miles away from the ball. Its become part of the game but I dont see how its not a foul on the defenders part, they're physically impeding the attacker and making no attempt to play the ball. If they did it in the middle of the pitch it would be a foul. I would change the rule so that if a player shields the ball from an opppnent with his body he is effectively taking possession of it and so if it goes out if play the throw in/corner kick goes to the opponent. Would stamp it out in no time and would force defenders to actually play football.
  4. That is quite a signing spree. Whos that third in from the left, a full back? Seem to remember him being particularly shite even by that teams standards.
  5. It seems he has the small seeds of a valid point in his head that it wasn't necessarily a tactical masterclass by Rodgers that won Celtic the game. He has however been unable to to then understand the difference between luck and Celtic having better players than Rangers. The fact that Goss missed a tackle and Rogic scored a belter, that Morelos missed a sitter, that Goss couldn't get near Edouard points to the fact that the Celtic players are better and thats what won them the game. Maybe he does understand that but puts it down to "luck" that rangers were victimised by the powers that be when they were "demoted" and thats why they find themselves behind celtic?
  6. Bonnar should be getting his arse kicked for being utterly hopeless at discussing anything outwith Celtic. He's 10 times worse than Willie Miller with Aberdeen. Kept calling Scougall 'Steven' and Willock 'Wilcock', which is probably down to being too thick to read rather tham anything else. Then having read out the team lines said we'd be 4-4-2 with Kerr at left back and Tanser in midfield. Just a total lack of knowledge or research about the teams he is covering. If thats the level of coverage why bother having anybody reporting on it?
  7. I agree wholeheartedly with the general consensus that Boyd is a cretin and that Fullarton is bitter about his managerial failure. However, their attitude towards Cathro is probably indicative of that of a high proportion of Scottish footballers, which, if mirrored in the hearts dressing room, will represent a big challenge for Cathro. It wouldn't be his ability to communicate with players I would worry about, but their ability to accept and listen to him. If they share Boyds attitude he could have the best interpersonal skills in the world but an unwillingness by the players to accept him will be very difficult to overcome.
  8. I was looking for a pub near central station for a quick pint on a Saturday afternoon recently and went into Pivo Pivo on Waterloo St which had some kind of swing type band on. Might be worth investigating.
  9. I was devatasted when I heard that Jocky had got the bullet - not becuase I'm bothered about him or Dundee, but what will happen in the blog?! We may never discover what the age of Jocky would entail. Lets just hope his replacement as Dundee manager also has some hilarious character traits and odd behaviours. Wha's in cherge here?! No' Jocky!
  10. I was walking through Glasgow city centre on Friday after work, listening to my ipod on shuffle all songs. The Beastie Boys came on, and I burst out laughing like an insane person as all I could imagine was Ray Farningham break dancing with a topless Jocky shouting at him through a megaphone. Keep up the good work Barry!
  11. Sorry for the late reply, been a while since I was on this thread! Technically no, my times have not improved but the extra strength in my legs has improved my running performance, as I'm only slightly behind my best pace having done a lot less actual running, if that makes any sense. I have no doubt that If I were to do the same amount of running now as I did when I set my half marathon pb I would smash it as a result of being a whole lot stronger. I have moved to new weights routine, so still doing full body 3x per week but mixing up set & rep schemes a bit more and doing bigger sets therefore lighter weights with shorter rest periods using more dynamic exercises, much like I'm sure kettlebell training is. This has allowed me to run without such heavy legs all the time and push my times and distances up a bit, so there is still an outside chance of 90 mins on the 6th September but realistically I'll fall just short. I've no doubt you're right, if you were to choose a type of resistance training to aid running in season kettlebell training is better than squatting to your 3 & 5 rep max 3 times a week. Think the heavier lifting should be done in the winter when your not competing. I want to get big and strong as well as running good times which aren't realistically going to happen at the same time, I should really prioritise one for a period of time, I just can't seem to decide which one to do when.
  12. And you've 'had' to watch them win promotions, finish third in the SPL, compete in Europe and win a cup, and even latterly be competetive in the first division, which has all been funded by unpayable debt. You weren't greetin' about pissing off local businesses & the football community in the glory days, so don't pull the 'woe is me' routine now the shits hitting the fan in the most minor way possible. "Boo hoo, people don't like us" - what a small price to pay, you should have been put down like a dying animal yesterday and you all know it. You ask fans of other clubs to put themselves in a Livi supporter's shoes - how about the other way around? How about you put yourselves in the shoes of the clubs who cut their cloth accordingly, live within their means and as a result plod along in the second and third divisions getting no glory whatsoever (and yes, that is livi's true level), and then this bunch of shysters come along romp their way up the leagues cheating people out of millions of pounds to fund it - would you not have a little bit of a disliking for them? You wonder why so many people would have been happy to see then end of you?
  13. Yes that's right. Geoff Brown is to Saints what Calum 'Calum' Melville is to Dundee. What a ridiculous post. As far as EdinburghLivi has stated it seems there is a concrete plan in place on the condition Massone sells his shares? Does this give the SFL more wiggle room to try and encourage Massone to go, if by doing so McGurther can guarantee the fulfillment of fixtures? Or was everybody working on the presumption that this was the case anyway, not just that the offer for Massone's shares was a way to move forward and encourage potential investors.
  14. Now, this may be completely wrong but... If Massone does sell his shares to The Interim Manager he will simply go on the list of creditors for this amount? McDougall doesn't make a deal (although it sounds like he already maybe has a gentlemans agreement which is why McGruther is making this move), club goes into liquidation, assets are stripped and Massone gets whatever pitiful amount in the pound is dished out to non-preferential creditors, thus tasting his own medicine of the situation he has helped create for all the other creditors?
  15. I am at a crossroads. I did the Isle of Skye half marathon 3 weeks ago and the MHFS 10k 2 weeks ago, with times of 1:39:45 & 42:33. Fairly happy with these as I'm only running once or twice a week between playing 5s and lifting weights (proper weights, squatting 3 times a week), and the half marathon in particular came far too early for me in terms of my training; I did it to join a mate who had entered. It was also pretty hilly and seasoned runners have told me I can take 4 or 5 minutes off my time for a true reflection of my half marathon capabilities. Thing is I have set 2009 targets for both lifting and running. I want to do a sub 40 10k & a sub 90 half marathon. I had planned to be aiming to break 90 mins at the Glasgow half marathon in September, and sub 40 10k at the end of August but I think I will need to drop the lifting completely between now and then to do it. That will mean though that it will be a huge setback to my lifting goals for the year, which I reckon I will meet if I keep it up. The risk is that by stopping lifting and sacrificing those goals to concentrate on running, I also fail to meet my running targets. Do the more experienced on this thread think it is possible to knock over 2.5 minutes off my 10k time and a whopping 10 minutes off my Half Marathon time in under 2 months?
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