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  1. Went a couple of years ago. Lots of restaurants, not expensive in the slightest. You'll be really central to Sennegambia where all the tourist bars and restaurants are as well as the tour guide places if you wish to do any day trips. One of the most friendly countries I've visited. Definitely worth a visit.
  2. After you've updated kodi obviously. Had the same problem with installing sportsmania. Found that fix and working great now.
  3. Go to settings. Then system settings, add ons. And change the auto updates to the setting that says notify but do nothing. Worked for me.
  4. Check out soundmagic. Best cheap headphones i've ever had. Comparable to far pricier headphones. Currently on the e50's for use at work.
  5. Just received issue 2 in the post today. Quick flick through and looks like it should be a pretty interesting read. Nightshift tonight sorted.
  6. Any other p&bers do the Highland Cross yesterday? Really tough this year in that heat.
  7. I'm off at the end of this month for 5 days. Girlfriend is a geography teacher and has been before so I've left the planning to her. So it'll probably be like a school trip with beer.
  8. Know exactly who you are talking about. Still feel like slapping him every time I see him. Unless there was more than one which is a distinct possibility.
  9. Doing a 6-2 shift today. Straight time, no bonus money. Home for Christmas dinner though!
  10. Brilliant from Thornton tonight.
  11. On Old Street, get yourself to "The Horns"
  12. Had it on in the car for the last week. Really enjoying it after being pretty scathing initially. Definitely a grower. The red and the black is a top top tune.
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