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  1. Livvy to be relegated to 2nd division by SFL - Jim spence on decent authority from within sfl corridors. Poetic Justice hopefully - combined with the 3-0 gubbing fae the mighty Albion, smug faces being erased as we speak
  2. Correct - Geoff Brown was the inspiration for Calum this season, chuck a lot of cash at a playing squad in order to give the club the best opportunity (and thats all it is so far) of promotion. Mr Brown said this in the press last season, before his club wrapped up the title - then stated that it would be in the best interests of the first division clubs to perhaps go part-time (no mention of part time until his mob wrapped up the league) Brown is Saints sugar daddy - has been for years. So much so he couldnt sell his shares when he hoped to step down for retirement the season before last.
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