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  1. I assumed it was because they didn't like the idea of having to put their luggage at the other end of the plane from where they were sitting. You end up being right at the coos tail when disembarking 'cos no bugger will pass your case back.
  2. As far as food goes - Broccoli and Cauliflower - I can't get over the texture. Don't mind them blended in a vegetable soup but not raw/steamed. Also butter beans - i've gagged trying to get those swallowed (insert Kenneth Williams gif) Away from foodstuffs - I have a bit of a panic about using public loos for a "sit down" visit. I've seen me almost double over with stomach pain rather than use a toilet in a pub or on a train. As I've aged, I have relaxed a bit but still not great. (apologies to anyone eating their lunch and reading this)
  3. 30+ years since i put a CV together - seemed like the thing to do. I suppose my thinking was, if you're sending it out to any number of local employers, you try and cover every base.
  4. Thought everyone put their driving status on a CV?
  5. I'm always amazed at some of the names that are picked and are still alive... I'm convinced (until checking their wiki page) that some of them died years ago...Henry Kissinger, Tommy Docherty and Olivia De Havilland.
  6. My team of immortals remains the same for the 4th consecutive year. Was submitted last week. Game on!
  7. and I picked the wrong 1970 squad members. Think that’s as close to a point as I’ve got in 4 years of DP
  8. Tried to get some domino type pun in but I’m drawing a blank blank.
  9. Jackie Bird and Dougie Donnelly are both good shouts (although Dougie did present grandstand, the golf and some Olympic stuff before Hazel Irvine took over) so he may be recognisable still to some down south). I'd suggest Jackson Carlaw might fit the bill. Only ever an MSP rather than an MP, so his profile will be much lower outside of Scotland. For those of us approaching our dotage, I'd throw in Mary Marquis or Viv Lumsden - both of whom were all over our screens in Scotland but probably not seen too much anywhere else.
  10. Trump needs to be told that the only way he'll ever get "Person of the Year" is to hold on till 2020 and then get impeached - surely no-one would be able to top that for newsworthiness next year?
  11. Couple of points - Labour wants to negotiate a different withdrawal deal, which suggests they also acknowledge the result. PLUS, if the Tories win their majority on around 43% of the electorate, I'd argue that most people clearly disagree with you. But apart from that...great post.
  12. Not on FB, can't recall anything on twitter but the LibDems seem to be popping up on my Instagram feed fairly regularly.
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