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  1. Sorry to go off topic, but I'm looking for recommendations for a plasterer in Dumbarton area. PM me please to keep thread clear. Cheers!
  2. Wait, what? Cowden Twitter page.
  3. Has the same initials as Sergio Ramos, if that's anything to go by...
  4. Somebody tell me that Team A won?
  5. Rory McCrorie. We've had Adam Adam. You can also have Adam McAdam
  6. Congratulations guys. It"s been a while.
  7. They're supporting Alice Cooper this year as MC50, to mark 50 years of "KOTJ".
  8. Jeez, our former secretary is not ageing well....... Dual Personality?
  9. The Old Duffers has a better ring to it.(or chime, or whatever noise a tambourine makes).
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