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  1. That particular member on WAH is a bit special. I’m just going off the ham ad article.
  2. New season of worlds toughest prisons is decent. The last episode in Lesotho is wild.
  3. More a recommendation, Knives out is on Amazon prime which is a nice wee watch.
  4. Someone in my work was trying to claim Michelle Obama is/was a man the wildest conspiracy theory I’ve heard. The same person also believes Boris getting COVID was a hoax.
  5. Accies the first to fall victim to the five sub rule? As expected benefits Celtic no end to be able to bring on players like that against tired defences. Their goal difference will be phenomenal this year.
  6. Has Kyle Munro or Sean Slaven came on for the family instagrams posts and club tweets yet[emoji108][emoji108] #AcciesAcademy
  7. Oggy on the bench and Bain starts any little bit of enjoyment I might have had is gone, probably won’t even bother watching now. 6-0
  8. It’s also nuts to compare Cantwell to Winks (who is also terrible) two completely different types of midfielders.
  9. I don’t think Grealish is worth all the hype he’s is getting, but I’d still rather have him in my team than both Jesse ‘calendar year with no goals or assists’ Lingard and Dan ‘gotta go faster’ James if it was a straight choice.
  10. This, I’ll be tuning in bang on half 4 as well no chance I’m watching an hour of that fat moron Hartson bumping his gums about Celtic. Only things that gives us a little bit of hope is that Julien is shit scared of Oggy and a their new keeper could be having his very first experience of Scottish football, but it wouldn’t shock me if Bain starts in this one. 5-0
  11. Weren’t you on that countdown thing? That’s proper big time compared to this diddy league telly programme.
  12. Thoughts on the squad numbers not that they mean much. No number 1 must mean a keeper coming in. We could be planning to go with Fulton until Reading see how they are player-wise next month when they start back, in the hope of getting Southwood back on loan. Or the experienced former player we heard about last month and have heard nothing since could be Remi Matthews but you'd imagine he'd have been training with us already like the other signings. Good to see Mimnaugh get more of a first team number so must be due to feature more this season. Bad to see Stanger get more of a first team number so must be due to feature more this season after 2 pish loan spells No 26 - 30? Then jumps to 31. Could be for any new signings but no chance we will sign 4 more, but 4 players listed as u18s without squad numbers. Very inexperienced squad and I fear for us this season.
  13. Pish news, any update on how much the vote passed by? And who voted what?
  14. In the words of Matt Striker ‘I’m marking out bro!’
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