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  1. Meh, I thought the FA Cup was better for no replays last season, so not surprised to see the Scottish cup follow suit. I get that some clubs might be raging losing out on a second payday from playing one of the big boys to a draw but at the same time would you not rather just take your chances in extra time in that case.
  2. I was thinking more of the abe simpsons can’t go 2 seconds without embarrassing himself one.
  3. Glad the beeb have forked out for an IPTV sub this time instead of just broadcasting the hesgoal stream.
  4. Think people are reading too much in to this he’ll still just be using us to keep fitness up. I’ll be astounded if we sign him.
  5. May not be the case any more but the Avonbridge ‘Milano’ used to be full of guys like these fine gentleman. hope this helps you make your decision one way or the other.
  6. Scotty Tunbridge giving it large Upon further reading of the thread the purple jacket was not a good idea
  7. Who had week 2 in the sweep for a crowd w**k then? Personally thought it might take a bit longer due to the whole people barely able to afford to heat their homes and get the weekly shop in but here we are. Any away support should be commended in the current climate regardless of the number. This is genuinely @accies 1874, genuinely.
  8. Any of the teams in Europe ‘might’ve won four competitions’
  9. Not our ‘Trent’ getting caught out defensively is it???
  10. 100 (one hundred) British sterling for a ticket to this shit?! Makes me glad our game will never get that bad.
  11. A wild loan signing appears! French striker from Fulham. Think this means the Ugwu deal is off?
  12. Cornet to West Ham for 17.5M is a pretty good bargain signing in todays market.
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