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  1. We’d still be looking for our first win and second point of the season if Rice was still here.
  2. Can’t be long until someone just bowls them over, probably someone here (Scotland not P&B) when they come up for COP.
  3. I’m even less inclined to bring him on now I know he plays for Falkirk.
  4. I thought the ref signalled as if it was for dissent. Which Ian and Ally didn’t pick up on.
  5. I thought the point of VAR was for a clear and obvious error. It was pretty obvious Christie was offside to begin with.
  6. Who told McTominay he can hit a free kick? They’ve exclusively been absolute dug meat, surely someone else would be a better option.
  7. I love shit like this, a guy in a black beemer zoomed by me I was already doing around the speed limit on the express way, between EK and the motorway to Kilmarnock or Silverburn. So this guy must have been doing close to 90. Just thought to myself oh well that’s what two lanes are for no skin off my nose etc. Got a bit further up the road and the guy had been pulled by the police. What a feeling seeing shit like that.
  8. Some effort from Imran to try and steal Rita’s phone considered they weren’t even in the same room together guy must be built like Stretch Armstrong. So sick of these scenes with supposedly in them destroys any scene.
  9. I’ve bought a Yorkie for the first time in a good while and it’s just a pure chocolate bar. My question is did Yorkies not used to have a crunch bit at the top or bottom of each square? Or am I imagining things.
  10. So you wouldn’t bring Hanley back in regardless?!? Go back to your bed to sleep it off m9.
  11. Given it’s only a double header this time there’s no real need for wholesale changes. Hanley to come back in for either Hendry or McTominay (with Hendry then going to RCB) is the only change we should make. If we can get a couple ahead you can then give a few fringe players like Ferguson, Nisbet & Turnbull some minutes.
  12. Patterson thinks he’s at Ibrox there,
  13. On that viewing Gordon could have maybe got closer to the first but the hole in that wall was ridiculous.
  14. Absolute heart from the smallest guy on the field. Mon dykes
  15. This is just going to be one of these games where you just know your team could play all night and not score I’m afraid.
  16. McTominay hitting corners is so wasteful. I get we probably want an outswinger on both sides but still.
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