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  1. Honestly could not give less of a f**k about this. Couldn’t pay me to go watch it. 3-0 dons.
  2. Hopefully because he was too embarrassed to come back out the dressing room. I can tell you how it would’ve went anyway:- “I’m no happy Marcus, the players didn’t do what I asked of them. There are certain ones in there that need to take a good look at themselves. It was meant to be a day off tomorrow Marcus but preparation for Aberdeen starts tomorrow.”
  3. Gives confidence that they put in their worst performance of the season, went down to ten men and still cuffed your lot?
  4. Actually thought that was accidental from wee Alfie. The challenge on Brown should’ve been his booking.
  5. Brandon Barker as your game winning change. *insert fat Gary pic*
  6. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Any other Sevco player scores that.
  7. Morgan off the pitch 2 minutes and Celtic go ahead.
  8. Sutton saying he’s been on good behaviour this season is laughable.
  9. Lewis Morgan is terrible. Should’ve played Christie up top and brought Rogic in.
  10. That pitch is going to end up the same way it was in the San Marino game.
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