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  1. SCR4 - St Johnstone v Hamilton Academical

    Wow I'm shocked Canning's dad would even attend. He must know accies fans all hate his son.
  2. SCR4 - St Johnstone v Hamilton Academical

    A Canning team is never coming back from going 1-0 down before half time nevermind 2. Not his fault that Fulton has fucked it but that's all the positivity from yesterday sapped.
  3. SCR4 - St Johnstone v Hamilton Academical

    5 at the back pish again and a good chance Imrie is starting at centre mid. Good choice to give it a miss.
  4. Was just about to post, Surely that complete fraud Sam Kelly will be getting his jotters at some point next week now.
  5. SCR4 - St Johnstone v Hamilton Academical

    Don't see him playing. Despite the nice news today I still can't see anything other than a typical Accies half-arsed first game exit.
  6. Scott McTominay

  7. Official worst town in Scotland

  8. On one hand it’s such a random link so there could be something behind it. On the other hand it’s the sun. He’s one player that you know would still give his all to the cause if he does sign a pre contract elsewhere so I wouldn’t sell him this month.
  9. Correct. Miller and Keats haven’t been good enough in that role and our wing play is non existent with full backs trying to play there.
  10. https://twitter.com/acciesfc/status/1085220045272375302 We've signed a pretty depressed looking guy called Steve Davies...