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  1. Sky sports would w**k themselves into a coma over the thought of Gerrard v Lampard in the old firm.
  2. Peters hat was good, very Petey Blinders hahahah.
  3. Not downloaded it yet, will have a look tonight. I will be mightily pissed off though if that is the case. The star system was so much better for that type of thing.
  4. That’s mental.. 16/1 on Skybet and I’ve got a £5 free bet 🤔. Browns the favourite by them.
  5. Winter update out. That’s much much earlier than I thought I was expecting a couple of weeks into March.
  6. What David Tanner was actually referring with his “you’re lying through your teeth” bit.
  7. Is it bad that I’m dreading tomorrow? Like really expecting the whole mood of the country to change after Sturgeon speaks.
  8. People on the bbc news special moaning about waiting 4 months to get back to normal. Wait till you hear ‘wee nippy’ the mora ladz.
  9. Wildly different. Beer gardens allowed with a maximum of 1 person from 0 households by November, but only if you are good and only with a 3 course meal.
  10. Yes... not many different ways than that to be expected.
  11. Eh? Wouldn’t Motherwell have wanted him to bring them further away from one when they signed him
  12. 12s for your striker to score any time?!? Was that in-play I take it.
  13. I remember when there was talk of Tony Andreu getting in the Scotland squad, now I go 70 mins without even noticing he is playing?!?
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