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  1. What is the difference between tier 3 and 4. From reading up on it the only big difference is That pubs and restaurant are allowed to open until 6 but no alcohol?
  2. First time you’ve said that outside of the bed room? Hahahahaahahahah1!!
  3. Tier 3 babyyy !!! Oh Hamilton is wonderful...
  4. Wrong, Trump says a safe vaccine that will eradicate the virus is coming soon, I believe him over this ‘times’
  5. Wasn’t great overall, but Baldwins accent was hideous.
  6. “You now have the ability to ask players to speed up their contract decision, perfect for crazy deadline days.” That’s got to be the most pointless feature ever. Don’t think I’ve ever had a player not sign for me because the contract decision went on past deadline day...
  7. Yeah the hearts for **** podcast guy was brutal this week, so many times he referred to Celtic as ‘them/they’ instead of Celtic as well (definitely intentional). I seen that one was 2 hours long!! (Even with 1 game called off btw) so was going to give it a miss but gave it a try looked and seen it was over 40 minutes in and they were still talking about the Aberdeen Celtic game with the Rangers game to come. Obviously the most exciting game was the Celtic one but the chat was all one sided I ended up switching it off. I know they need to talk about the Old Firm but at least get some people on that are clued up a bit more about the rest of the league.
  8. Hopefully we can get away with a Parent and Child all day ticket like the buses.
  9. Wouldn’t mind living in North Korea if they still have no confirmed cases tbh...
  10. “ ‘Chipper’ is a good guy, some of the criticism has been really untoward, Where do Hamilton fans really expect their team to be?!” Michael Stewart 2021.
  11. Surprised they were allowed to just lie on camera about not earning a fortune.
  12. Hahaha c**t of a man JBL presiding over an actual Wrestlers court on TV. WWE are at it.
  13. Copied my post from the movies thread:- Borat subsequent movie (amazon) - 6/10. Not as laugh out loud funny as the first one , a lot more satirical comedy than slapstick humour or haha hes foreign humour this time that just raises a chuckle. Still worth a watch coming in at only an hour and 30 mins. The build to the bit at the end with Giuliani is decent. Was thinking that the 2 Rednecks he 'moves in with' for a bit have to be actors no chance Americans could be that stupid then it gets to the fight for our rights rally and wow, I was probably wrong.
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