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  1. Some points from the latest #bombshell only Accies interview with Allan Maitland this time. Stuart Taylor was let go for financial reasons as he was on premiership wages by our standards. Absolute nonsense IMO. Someone likely to come in as player/assistant manager or first team coach whatever the club want to call it. Will be interested to see if this is someone who can still actually play or just player in name only now I.e Daz or similar. Jonny Ngandu & Michael Doyle to be signed up in advance of Saturday. Still looking at strikers, planning to make loan signings near the end of the window. New kit is ready to go but we can’t get a sponsor. Laughable.
  2. The league as a whole is weaker at the top end this season with Kilmarnock gone, Arbroath aren’t going to defy the odds again and Raith still in disarray having a rapist draining wages every week. I really don’t get the Dundee love in. While at the bottom Cove and QP will chuck enough money at it to stay up. Leaving Hamilton marooned in the relegation spot.
  3. The conversation between Michael Owen’s daughter and Ronan Keating’s son is up there with the most scripted shit to have been wheeled out on this programme toe curling stuff.
  4. 1. ICT 2. Dundee 3. Partick 4. Queens Park 5. Raith 6. Morton 7. Arbroath 8. Cove 9. Ayr 10. Hamilton
  5. Kids movies are the worse for bad behaviour. Some adults just let their kids run wild as long as they aren’t annoying them. Went to light year recently and someone was just letting their kid run and then crawl on their hands and knees through rows of seats (how fucking manky). I remember when I was wee I got taken to see a Batman film maybe the one with George Clooney and I was acting up by running up and down the aisle. I then got dragged out the cinema and taken home by my mum minutes into the film. Don’t think I ever misbehaved in the cinema again after that, although if I was old enough to appreciate how bad a film that was I’d probably have thanked my mum for taking me out of there.
  6. It dragged on a bit at the end like it could have finished atleast 3 or 4 times before it actually did. A bit meh about them killing Eddie hard to care about these deaths when the people only get brought in at the start of the season. They really need to kill off one of the main original characters if they want some impact (as below), like what value to Will and Jonathan actually add at this stage? You could get rid of either of them for that and the show wouldn’t look much different. When it looked like they were actually going to kill off Max I thought that was fantastic. Gut wrenching emotional stuff but kinda ruined by not following through with it. Suppose we have the question of will she ever see again. No spoilers because if you are deliberately reading threads like these when you have haven’t finished the programme that’s your own fault.
  7. Heard the inside scoop that Jay is going to be emptied because he’s got a cold sore.
  8. Hopefully a wake up call for the club but I doubt it. Anywhere doing odds on bottom placed finish for the championship yet?
  9. When I looked at some motors our cinch overlords seemed ridiculously expensive. Although maybe they just don’t sell shite.
  10. Kind of hope he has taken us McGowan to the cleaners if true tbh.
  11. The teenager will get a new identity upon release and no doubt offend again. Luckily the other 2 will probably die in prison. I don’t want to sound like I’m blaming others but this is another thing where you wonder how people missed the signs either that something was going on or that the teen isn’t wired quite right. The teenager apparently used to ask other kids to play murder games and if he could put them into black bags, wtf?. Cole was apparently heard by a support worker singing a song about punching kids in the head.
  12. Another who made a reasonable number of appearances in the premiership for us dropping to that level….
  13. I wouldn’t say no loss given it’s pretty much guaranteed we won’t sign anyone to replace him which means shiels (who isn’t good enough) or McGinn (who isn’t ready yet) will be our starting left back this season. Worrying times.
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