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  1. To play devils advocate - If I was that guy and I had scared these people off my property I would not be then getting in to my car and trying to mow them down. I would probably go back in and check on my partner who is apparently in the very very early stages of pregnancy. Possessions can be replaced but lives can’t. This guy has ruined his own life due to what some could perceive as a short temper. Agree whole heartedly a 22 month custodial sentence is ridiculous and it’s a joke the 2 guys avoided a prison sentence due to injury, but the guy should have just taken a second to realise chasing after these people in his car over a failed burglary is a moronic idea.
  2. So people are meant to spend money to vote for all 10 other people to stay so to get rid of 1 guy? Him getting as far as he did is another indictment on people who vote on shows like this but he was always going to go reasonably far in a vote to save show.
  3. Excuse my ignorance but why are teachers on Twitter etc claiming they don’t get paid during their holidays? Do they literally not get a wage during the summer holidays?
  4. Meh out of the Beeb I’d rather listen to Dion Dublin who atleast sounds enthusiastic as opposed to Danny Murphy who is basically just a pound shop ‘Lawro’ these days.
  5. Him, Keane and Souness quite literally footballing dinosaurs. At least Keane & Souness can be funny with their perma seething act. Hartson is just genuinely thick as pig shit.
  6. I seen a lot of tweets like this. Genuinely though who actually went out and put money on Qatar to win today? Surrender your gambling accounts immediately.
  7. If skybet had any morals they’d settle this and let me move on to tomorrow
  8. Haha that’s fucking scandalous, love Dion Dublins very sincere ‘didn’t see that coming at all’ when the goal was checked
  9. Martin Boyle oot. There’s a song by Queen that would be quite apt for all these players biting the dust with injuries… ah yes fat bottomed girls.
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