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  1. The gripe I have with the Callachan deal is that we allowed him to put that in his contract despite offering him a 2 year deal. At the start of the season most of us thought he would be horrendous based on previous viewing so there’s no chance there were many other teams interested in him at that point. So we now lose a decent player/sellable asset because the board have done some pish negotiating.
  2. I have personally never seen a good game played on a plastic pitch. x
  3. Accies clearly looking to make sure the fans can enjoy a trip to the Mallard next season with that line up. 2-0 Killie.
  4. One of the most depressing parts about this is the fact you know it’s not going to be for 1 week. This will drag on well in to June for Glasgow because we still just won’t know. Before your Lanarkshires, Renfrewshire’s etc also get punted back to level 3. Dont worry though everyone you still behaved yourselves over winter so you can have your 12,000 fans at Hampden for the Euros, BUT then back to nobody at any grounds in August because we just don’t know..
  5. Just go do what you want to do m9. f**k this shit show that’s been thrust upon us.
  6. Surely the backlash she’ll face for this will be monumental?! (Probably not a tweet I seen actually said “Cant be too careful 👏👏👏”) This was obviously planned before now I.e when they were announcing the ‘whole of Scotland is moving to level 2’ why wait until the Friday night before the Monday that the restrictions are due to ease to do this? Why not just do it when you’ve basically told another constituency they are staying at level 3 on Tuesday. Shit like this is why I’m glad I chucked voting for these c***s. I’d never normally be thankful for Westminster but I honestly can’t wait until the day Boris and Co tell this nanny state life has to go back to normal.
  7. You two old farts probably still say you are going for a pint in the Silver Tassie aswell 😴
  8. I have had a couple of weird letters through my door from a woman supposedly looking to buy a house in the area because of its prime location to schools. These look hand written but are obviously photocopied and posted by the same weirdos who offer to clean my gutters every other week or that post the charity bags through the door. apparently it would benefit me greatly because I’d avoid any estate agent fees and would have a quick sale. There is then a number to ‘WhatsApp’ next time one comes through I’ll seek P&B advice on what to send to them on WhatsApp.
  9. That interview pissed me off tbh. Mainly the part where he talks about finances and not getting fans in the ground. The club chose not to sell season tickets, I didn’t pay for many games at all because what was the point in watching that turgid pish, but if the club had sold a ‘virtual’ season ticket at the start of the season I’d have paid whatever they charged for it. and he talks about clubs losing a million pounds. Mate this club literally gave just shy of a million pounds to the Nigerian guy from phonejacker a couple of years ago. Just makes it so obvious the club had accepted relegation before a ball was kicked this season. Interview with Rice recently stated he had another year on his contract. So must have signed a 2 year deal on signing.
  10. Championship/League 1* can’t forget about the Scottish football powerhouse that is Falkirk FC. Have you seen their home attendances?!
  11. Surely even in the land of soap it’s not believable that a girl of Kelly’s size and age single handedly ragdolled 2 people of Seb and Ninas build.
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