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  1. That particular member on WAH is a bit special. I’m just going off the ham ad article.
  2. New season of worlds toughest prisons is decent. The last episode in Lesotho is wild.
  3. More a recommendation, Knives out is on Amazon prime which is a nice wee watch.
  4. Someone in my work was trying to claim Michelle Obama is/was a man the wildest conspiracy theory I’ve heard. The same person also believes Boris getting COVID was a hoax.
  5. Accies the first to fall victim to the five sub rule? As expected benefits Celtic no end to be able to bring on players like that against tired defences. Their goal difference will be phenomenal this year.
  6. Has Kyle Munro or Sean Slaven came on for the family instagrams posts and club tweets yet[emoji108][emoji108] #AcciesAcademy
  7. Oggy on the bench and Bain starts any little bit of enjoyment I might have had is gone, probably won’t even bother watching now. 6-0
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