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  1. On the one above easy mode. It’s more like you say when I go one on one with a werewolf for example I get a decent fight in and can beat it eventually, compared to a group of drowners who bend me over. Anyone got any easy tips on how to get better at or how Gwent works skipped through the tutorial and haven’t touched it again since.
  2. Gary Linekar coming across a bit poorly on twitter imo. Can’t seem to grasp why a lot of people are disappointed with EPL footballers.
  3. Playing this for the first time during this lockdown. The combat is atrocious as is the navigation on character menus etc. Does it become easier as you actually level up as I’ve died about 8000 times and had to endure the massive loading screen to restart which doesn’t help to make me want to keep playing.
  4. If you are actively looking for a tv series to watch and have exhausted all the usual options then I’d watch it, but prepare to be let down massively by the final episode. Has its own thread in the American section.
  5. Didn’t he say his son actually plays for St Johnstone? I can’t remember who it was unfortunately as they are all nobodies to me. He could be reached out to on twitter etc.
  6. Arbroath seem to be really good/overpowered in this one.
  7. £50 for the year to have the full Simpson’s back catalogue on demand (despite the issue above). As well as any Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars film is good value in my book. An age filter would have been nice but how much more stuff would you actually get out of it with one?
  8. It wasn’t Caulk maybe the wrong choice of words. I’m a pencil pusher I know little about diy stuff. Both clear and White were unibond bathroom sealant. I just think the white stuff takes longer to dry or I’ve used too much of it compared to the clear stuff.
  9. I did, also stood in the filled bath as I did it. The white shit still hasn’t dried properly 24 hours on may have to re-do it.
  10. Re-sealed the bath. Any joiners or people that have re-sealed a bath before agree that white sealant/caulk is absolutely shite? Clear seems to be much better.
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