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  1. Kieran Tierney

  2. St Mirren vs Dundee United

    Must be why st mirren aren’t bothering their arse. I thought they counted double?
  3. St Mirren vs Dundee United

    Correct, Madden is the best ref in the country for me. I know that’s like being the tallest midget but hey ho.
  4. Expect Easton to get announced in the next week or so. If he can get fit that’s a decent signing. Fits in with the club ethos. An experienced guy who knows the club and others can learn from.
  5. No surprises on that released list other than Sowah. Accies1874 reading too much into things.
  6. Money in the Bank 2019

    If it wasn’t for those skuddy pictures a few years back I’d struggle to believe the without a cock part. Still wid tho.
  7. Highlight of the League Season

    Canning getting punted
  8. 95% imo. Got an offer from abroad (MLS apparently) but will need to wait and see. His kicking may have been poor but a fantastic shot stopper.
  9. My opinions on the squad going forward:- Goalkeeper: we are absolutely fucked. Woods gone, Fulton pish. A big signing needed. Right back:- McGowan will do. No cover as said though. So even if we sign a centre back that can play there we’ll be ok Centre back:- Another area we are pretty much fucked. The plan might be for Sowah or Hendrie to play there and cover left back but at least 2 still needed with all our departures. Left back:- McMann is fine for me. With as mentioned Sowah/Hendrie to cover. Midfield:- MacKinnon and Martin fine as the ball winners maybe someone needed as back up. A creative midfielder needed if we can’t keep Andreu Wingers:- A couple needed if miller is offski and Imrie out to pasture. Upfront:- The one area we actually look ok IMO with Oakley and if we can re-sign Davies and Ogkmpfru. Neither of the 3 are going to score 10/15 goals a season but they all suit our style of play and have excellent link up play.
  10. The Wrestling Thread

    If it is real don’t see why AEW didn’t just go for a double count or some pish with the Y2J match closing. One dodgy finish on a card would be fine.
  11. Scotland squad face June

    Has Harry Souttar actually pledged his allegiances anywhere else? Ashley Barnes is nearly 30 so hardly young and isn’t eligible to represent Scotland as far as I am aware. Google it.
  12. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    He's permanently seething.