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  1. Hamilton Central? If you are going in early early there’s a couple of decent pubs down the bottom of Hamilton but you’d be walking the complete opposite way from the ground. (Stonehouse, Courtyard, Hemingway’s all within walking distance of each other). If you are getting off at Hamilton west the pubs about there would still be enough to keep you entertained till kick off. (Vaults, Bar West, Peacock and Bayhorse).
  2. Got to think of the environment bro, this guy has the right idea.
  3. Just use the pre game editor. It’s not like you are actually cheating just fixing something that has taken place IRL.
  4. Bombs and running a lot. The hordes you have to clear for story line progression are both quite hard. The one in the scrapyard I just had to keep running and shooting back the way. The final one I just went on top of like a big barn roof and kept chucking bombs down and then running to the end of the barn.
  5. Fulton Matheson Want Popescu Easton MacDonald Spence Redfern Mimnaugh Moyo Ryan Perfect time to shuffle the formation. Going to a back 5 is the right idea for me with Want coming in for Dotmund bound Hamilton. Matheson and MacDonald allowed to get forward a bit more. Moyo to actually give Chucky some support up top. Still 0-2 Ayr.
  6. Respect 6/10. A decent wee watch, another musical biopic. Didn’t know much about Aretha Franklin going into this left knowing a bit more but with all these types of films I’ll need to do a bit of research on the subject to see how much was made up. Maybe a tad too long at just under 2 and a half hours.
  7. Was the wee comment by Kelly about feeling most sorry for herself meant to be the start of another heel turn for her? The look Imran shot her made me think so.
  8. Lmao why did you even waste your time putting this in spoilers.
  9. Reading this I feel like the only person that thought Shang-Chi was just a bit meh. Maybe I’m just Marveled/Superhero filmed out. Despite being an origin story there wasn’t enough build for me to really get invested in the characters or the storyline just paint by numbers stuff. Also just seems like a cash grab from Marvel/Disney at the Chinese market 3 years too late.
  10. You know what Arsenal should just go and sign the full Brentford team as they are obviously better players based on beating them once in the league. Away back to Parkhead you racist clown. x
  11. The bowling green was a horrible place. The mince pies at the ground were of nice quality but they were cemented to the tinfoil which let them down a bit.
  12. A worrying thing is that was pretty close to a strongest 11 for us. The only improvements that could have been made to that team (bar Popescu as he’s still an unknown quality ATM) is Smith starting instead of Munro/Redfern and Templeton coming in for the other or playing Mullins role with Mullin moving to the wing. That wouldn’t have even made the a bit of difference. As the horrible man above says a back 3 could be a way forward as I think McDonald & Matheson would probably shine with a bit more creative responsibility and a bit less defensive.
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