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  1. If he fails to even make it on to the pitch or even into the match day squads until March do we think he could end out getting left out of the playoff squad?
  2. The adrenaline will wear off soon and he’ll throw a few in the net, but funny while it lasts.
  3. Without reading a spoiler myself that’s quite interesting as there will be a non disclosure agreement signed. So they could find themselves in a bit of trouble if it ends up being true.
  4. So that’ll be the chiefs in the super bowl again then
  5. Have the Bills possibly left Mahomes too much time here m? Or will he just knee out the half
  6. Michel taking all of Akers minutes for the championship game.
  7. When were Keane ever relevant? However my Linford Christie shout for traffic cone has grown legs with a lunchbox in the clues.
  8. Wasn’t that bad an idea to have another shot at maybe getting a safety but as soon as Jones got out of bounds you feared Green Bay would then try for points. Great block on the FG. Got away with one.
  9. Queue the INT been thrown and his head imploding… again.
  10. I’ll just be happy if this isn’t a blowout.
  11. Always shocks me to see the Titans do well with Tannehill at quarterback. Maybe a naive opinion but he is distinctly distinctly average, probably the worse QB left in the divisional round as atleast Jimmy G can pull out a cracking game every so often and plays at a reasonable level in games he doesn’t throw an INT.
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