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  1. What about your signature then or does escape you? Same arse just the other cheek.
  2. Just had a look at the UEFA rule book, Article 7 para 2 on page 4 could be interpreted as saying that sponsorship money and broadcasting money should not be taken into consideration on decisions affection any competitiion rules and qualification. and article 51 para 3 on page 23 basically state that Newco just ain't allowed in. Failure to comply with UEFA rules could get Scottish fitba stopped for good, IE no Euro competition for any clubs and no National team. Source: http://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/EuroExperience/uefaorg/WhatUEFAis/01/80/54/03/1805403_DOWNLOAD.pdf SFA, SPL and SFL will have to be careful about this.
  3. Just more wishful thinking by the Daily Ra*ger, the 14 and 28 notification timescales to the SFL clubs required would take us past the start of the season, entry to Div 3 will be dodgy as the timescales for that will be very tight. That really is a useless rag and not worth the paper it's printed on. Edit for typo
  4. Rangers SPL share is in the name of the oldco and is not transferrable, when a team is relegated their share is sold back to the SPL and subsequently bought by the promoted team SFL membership is likewise 'transferred' under an arrangement with the SFL. So the SPL will have to issue another share for sale until the oldco share is sold back to the SPL, As Newco do not have membership of the SFL they will have to apply should a position become available due to a club leaving, this position will be open to application by any qualifying club and the SFL member clubs will have to vote on which club they wish to admit. Under the SFL articles this would be into the lowest division. Newco must also apply for membership of the SFA as membership is again not transferrable and under their articles the club applying must have been accepted by a league organisation. Airdrie bought Clydebank changing the club name, the SFL and SFA membership still remains under the name of Clydebank. OK Newco will probably be rubberstamped into Scottish football, but the scenario could still be that they don't get into the SPL and the SFL vote in Spartans or any other club who wishes to apply for the SFL,but that is wishful thinking. Of course the rangers fans and apologist press will not let the facts get in the way of their delusion that they are Scottish football and that the rest of us only their to make up the numbers.
  5. What happens to the club's history? The Rangers Football Club PLC is a public limited company registered in Scotland (company number: SC004276) and was incorporated on 27 May, 1899. When the current company is officially liquidated, all of its corporate business history will come to an end. When this happened to Airdrieonians in 2002, all of the trophies, titles and records associated with the club were discontinued and a new club, Airdrie United FC, took over. Airdrieonians' official history ended in 2002, then Airdrie United's took over. The answer lies principally in the eye of the beholder. Some supporters will view the new Rangers as the same Rangers, while others will feel the old Rangers no longer exist. Liquidation, no history for the newco. players or other employees not required to move to the newco. = THE END Do we get a second GTF day this season? Please please pretty please Mr Nice Man Div
  6. Just who is the man trying to make the blues go Green? Charles green has been a director in 39 companies, 15 of which he dissolved, his last was Formation Group PLC, which he left on 22/02/2012, coincidence or what. He also has previous links with Craig Whyte. Brief character statement here: http://www.indymediascotland.org/node/27259?device=mobile but the new headline could be good: Green and Whyte links to failing Rangers.
  7. I could forgive Gus almost anything but that! TBH I am sad that he was dismissed in this way. but, we've got no say, I just hope the board get the right man for the job and we go up instead of sideways or down.
  8. I thought it was something to do with our very own goatse (AKA Stuart Dickson). Surprised he hasn't been on to tell us he is The Royal Supreme Grand Master or whatever, or his best buddy, one of the two.
  9. Just remember that the books and mags only give advice, not hard and fast rules. The baby has not read the books so don't expect he/she to fit in with what they say. As a father of four and granfather to eight, I've got a little experience made all the mistakes.
  10. Karate Kid No.17(is halved) Starring Artur Boruc, Craig Dargo and Willie Collum. The third in the series depicting the struggle between the Good Buddies and the mighty green empire. In this one the cowardly lawman admonishes the evil green custodian for his cowardly attack on a helpless footballer, resulting in the evil green imperial forces overcoming a stout defence of the Saintly stronghold. This is one where justice is not forthcoming and the baddie comes out on top. Rating 0/10
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