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  1. The SNP have repeatedly stated that if they held the balance of power, they would never put the tories into Government. It really is that simple.
  2. Starmer is in a win win situation by saying he wouldn't do a deal with the SNP. He knows fine well that they wouldn't put the tories into power, so he holds all the aces.
  3. Nicola Sturgeon to make a statement at 11.30, outlining the Scottish Governments plans going forward.
  4. 4 new 48hr strikes announced by the RMT for Network Rail workers for 13/14 and 16/17 December, then 3/4 and 6/7 of January. A pain in the arse for me, having trains booked to London down the 3rd and back 7th of January, so had to book flights. Slight inconvenience on my part, but nothing compared to the workers having to lose a lot of wages at this time of year. Anyway, up the workers and f**k the tories.
  5. Roy Keane's face when Aluko suggested Wales rest Gareth Bale, their greatest ever player, for their next game so he's fully fit to play England.
  6. His plan appears to worked, as the media are reporting he is to be sacked. Can't see his Portugal teammates being to happy with this media distraction, just as the world cup is kicking off.
  7. And 'fans' flown in from Pakistan, who are being paid to attend matches and perform the role of fans.
  8. You can still drink in the hospitality suites, where match packages start at (let me check)...... $20,000
  9. Gervonta Davis Ryan Garcia fight agreed for next year. That’s got potential to be a brilliant fight. On another note, Crawford Spence looks like it’ll never get made, which is a shambles.
  10. I see buried in the footnote of the budget, was that banks will have their surcharge tax cut from 8% to 3%.
  11. Personally I’ve been saying for time now that we humans had our chance and fucked it, it’s time to give the planet back to Mother Nature. Let’s just hope they wait until the new year before unleashing Armageddon upon us. With the World Cup coming up and followed closely by Christmas, I’d quite like to see out the next 6 weeks at least.
  12. The irony in Cristiano Ronaldo slating the facilities at Man Utd being 20 years old and past their best, is somewhat lost on that idiot.
  13. Ronaldo has played a blinder here, Man Utd were not going to sell him so he does this to all but guarantee his exit. Anyone surprised at the guy being a complete cock, hasn't really been paying attention to his career for any part of the last 20 years. If Man Utd had any form of backbone, they'd have him see out the rest of his contract rotting in the reserves.
  14. Going to see The Book of Mormon in Glasgow on the 25th, seen it before but it's superb. Going down to London for 5 nights on 2nd of January, so far got tickets for Tina but hoping to get to another show while down there.
  15. Life's too short to care what other people think, family included. Go on your holiday and if your mum doesn't want to speak to you after, then it's her own selfishness that caused it and not your actions.
  16. Of course Trump will run, his ego won’t allow him to back out.
  17. Is it a complete shambles that is was awarded to Qatar - Yes Will I still be watching as many games as possible - Yes During the 4 weeks of the tournament, I'm working 2 weeks and off the other 2. As a result, there's a good chance I'll get to see the majority of the games.
  18. Yes you can. The entry requirements for Sandhurst, Dartmouth and Cranwell are A level or equivalent.
  19. I feel a bit sick agreeing with DPB, but anyone with half a brain could see lockdowns were utterly fucking ridiculous.
  20. Imagine being that rich, you don’t know how to use a debit card.
  21. The utter c***s, Fabricant and Reese-Mogg have come out publicly to support his leadership campaign. If the reports are to be believed, he’s already got over 50 MP’s willing to nominate.
  22. Several MP’s have already come out in support for Johnson.
  23. Hunt already declared himself out, the job is a poisoned chalice.
  24. The entire Tyne, Wear and Tees region is the bastion of brexit voting shitehole, populated by racist arseholes.
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