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  1. Is there any other way? I’ve been well and truly in that zone, since the first day I was gainfully employed.
  2. Going to Barcelona on Monday, where’s the best bit online for a cheap PCR for my 2 day test when I return to the UK.
  3. For the sake of humanity, someone should put a brick in this morons face.
  4. It was ICTChris who was the victim of that absolute baller I hope he’s still ripping the absolute c**t out of the entire department.
  5. Being expected to do work for which you are paid, is overrated. I’m sure there was an absolute hero mentioned on here, who went out his way to just not do his job. He delegated all his work to others, which was all done much to the rage of one of the posters on here.
  6. My neighbour was saying his brothers mate has Air BnB’d his flat down Lancefield Quay, for 16 nights during the summit. He’s making over £20k.
  7. Freya had to go. Amanda surviving yet again, she can’t have many more weeks left.
  8. Giuseppe for the win again. Jurgen and Giuseppe are the two best bakers, by a considerable distance, but Giuseppe seems to have the consistency.
  9. Jurgen had this one in the bag before a ball was kicked.
  10. Just heading to see The Lathums at the Barrowlands tonight.
  11. Damasqino on the Saltmarket.
  12. A mixed grill from Glasgow’s premier Syrian eatery.
  13. It was a true work of art. I took me a few minutes build up the courage to take a drink and ruin such beauty.
  14. Too many people think they’re somehow middle class nowadays, as they’re mortgaged out their eyeballs on a new build estate and have a leased bmw in the drive. One month without a wage and a lot of these people would be in the shit.
  15. A lot of bitterness towards the gypsy king in here, show the champ some respect.
  16. I’m walking in Vegas….. Long live the gypsy king.
  17. No way is wilder carrying this weight anymore than a couple of rounds, he needs to try and land one of them bombs if he fancies his chances.
  18. It’s time for the gypsy king
  19. Hopefully it’s back to business for Jürgen next week, he didn’t turn up this week. No shame whatsoever in losing his title to Giuseppe this week though.
  20. Outstanding week from Giuseppe. Rochica (had to google her name) surely has to go. So many this year just making up the numbers.
  21. Focaccia then Ciabatta for the first 2 rounds, Giuseppe could win this week blindfolded. Barring a disaster in his showstopper, he’ll take star baker easily this week.
  22. There was a nonce chased from this very board, for boasting about having a 16 year old girlfriend when he was about 30 odd. It wouldn’t surprise me if he turned out to be Wayne Couzens
  23. You've got to admire the sheer stupidity of starting a thread like this, then doubling down when continuously proven to be wrong.
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