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  1. I’m going to put it out there, The Star Spangled Banner is an excellent national anthem.
  2. I’m meant to be doing it April, so hopefully it still goes ahead. Plan is; Day 1 Milngavie to Rowardrennan Day 2 Rowardrennan to Tyndrum Day 3 Tyndrum to Kinlochleven Day 4 Kinlochleven to Fort William
  3. A Dumfries to Carlisle return ticket is about half the price of a single, I’ve never understood that one.
  4. The main man P.Harvey was very quick to call him out, for the slevering idiot that he is.
  5. Near enough. It's at Portpatrick, built in an old military radar station. The ones in London are mental when they start chucking numbers about. "500k overbudget just on the groundworks, so both our 80 year old parents have sold their houses and are now labouring on site, and living with us in the caravan"
  6. Stocks and shares ISA has 20k deposit a year, and all gains are tax free. Look at investments funds like Vanguard LifeStrategy. One I’m invested in averaged an increase of 13% per annum over the past 5 years
  7. The renovated water tower in London was superb.
  8. You’d think pep would give up constantly arguing with people, who are considerably more qualified on the specific subject they’re arguing about.
  9. Why would foreign holidays be ruled out for 2021?
  10. The DUP bigots realising they've been shafted is superb, they must genuinely have thought Westminster gave a single f**k about them
  11. It baffles me that there’s still a large minority of people living in Scotland, who want to remain part of the UK.
  12. All eligible care home residents in greater Glasgow and Clyde have been offered their first dose. Surely with the most time consuming demographic out the way, vaccination rates will increase.
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