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  1. Natalie McGarry- Again

    She’s married to a Tory, he’ll have the morals of a sewer rat.
  2. Voted yes last time and I’ll vote yes again. Girlfriend voted no last time, she’s been well educated since and will vote yes. My folks are split in that they both voted no last time. My stepdad says he’ll now vote yes due to his despair at Westminster, despite hating the SNP. My mums still a thicko who believes her pension pot will be ransacked as a result of a yes vote. My brother didn’t vote last time, he’ll be getting told to vote yes this time, which I think he’ll do. My no voting granny doesn’t leave the house so if she lives to the next vote I’ll be voting yes for her as a proxy, whether she likes it or not.
  3. The get fit, stay fit thread

    My gym does a yoga class which they market as "yoga for weight trainers", which is their way of appealing to the younger generations. An hour of stretching that makes every part of your body ache, but feels great afterwards. No idea how much it differs from normal yoga, probably very little.
  4. Work colleagues

    I'd probably go on the sick for as long as it takes them to realise I would not be returning, taking as much money from them as possible before being sacked.
  5. When will indyref2 happen?

    The state of this makes me happy.
  6. Can Rangers end Celtic's domination?

    Also when new Rangers were being voted into the 3rd division as a new entity, old Rangers got a vote. One club voting to admit the other.
  7. Work colleagues

    Mary, 64 from Wolverhampton wins £95 million on the euros. She’s going to keep her part time job as a cleaner and possibly splash out on a caravan in Torquay. f**k OFF!!!
  8. Calling Cards of Morons

    Add that to the list along with defend, of things he's unable to do.
  9. Work colleagues

    The c***s have already done that. I’ve no issues with bettering themselves if they’re that way inclined, but as long as it’s earned. I’m content at the opposite end of the spectrum though, I do as little as possible at work without arousing suspicion that I’m a lazy fucker. Each to their own. I stand by the statement that anyone who works when they can afford not to, is worse than Hitler.
  10. Work colleagues

    There's nothing sexist whatsoever, had it been a male there would be no difference. She's completely out her depth in the position and lacks any experience whatsoever. Jealous, of course I am. If I was in the position financially that I didn't need to work, then there's absolutely no chance I would be. She also, happened to mention her car service cost more than most earn in a month. I'm not a fan. These types rarely stick around for long though, and I'd imagine she'll be pushed further up the ladder in no time.
  11. Work colleagues

    One of the new bosses at my work is a female who’s been shoehorned in to the position for a reason unknown to most. She took great pleasure in telling one of the boys her runaround car is a Nissan GTR and her Sunday car is a Ferrari, yes a fucking Ferrari. Also told one of the other boys her husband is beyond minted from a robotics company he founded and she doesn’t actually need to work. She’ll comfortably earn a 6 figure salary and doesn’t have a clue about the job she’s doing. People who can afford not to work but choose to do so, are in my opinion worse than Hitler.
  12. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    A Beautiful Mind, he was robbed at the Academy Awards.
  13. Game of Thrones

    Men who watch the greatest programme ever to grace television, also happen to have an outstanding taste in lager. Hardly a surprise, is it?
  14. Boxing Thread

    Announcement getting made regarding a TV deal for the WBSS this afternoon.
  15. Hillwalking Thread

    I'm hoping for a 2-3 day effort on these in Autumn. Check out Walk Highlands for some excellent TRs on these. A couple of nutters have done them in a day, there's cracking reports by "Ketzster" and "Andrew Doggett" on that madness. The main problem is the potential to run out of steam at the far end of the Loch. You're fucking miles from anywhere. That’s nuts. I’m thinking about heading up early and setting off with the aim of camping, in the valley on the far side of the Loch (6) after descending An Socach. First day should be reasonably straight forward 12/13 miles. Day 2 be a long trek over 20 miles with a fair bit of ascent. An early start should make for a reasonable finish on day 2.