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  1. A help to buy new-build with a leased BMW in the drive, and they think they're the Beckhams.
  2. Do people honestly think the Scottish Government are going to ask Westminster for permission and expect to get it granted? Of course it'll get rejected, but I'm fairly certain they'll have the next move ready when the inevitable no is given.
  3. There’s literally nothing whatsoever more favourable about it, they were informed of the figure I rejected a few days previously and put in an offer 13k less after being told it waste of time. Anyway, I received an offer over the asking price yesterday afternoon and accepted so all is good.
  4. Received an offer for my house today, which was 13k less than an offer I rejected earlier in the week. The person making the offer knew the figure of the one I previously I rejected. The estate agent told her there was literally no point, her reply was 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'.
  5. In this day and age of lies and deceit in politics, she’s pretty unique. Scotland is lucky to have her.
  6. It's not petty point scoring, I was merely highlighting your ignorance on the matter.
  7. I'm not sure if you're aware of how an independence referendum works, but you don't vote for a political party.
  8. Seen a few comments on twitter from “staunch” saying they were now in favour. The polls can only go one way surely.
  9. f**k Dumfries and Galloway, f**k Dumfriesshire, f**k the North Sea Fisherman and f**k the Tories. ETA. f**k England, and Wales can do one as well.
  10. Looking like the sexy b*****ds in Dumfries and Galloway might have punted Alister Jack. Please be fucking true.
  11. Yeah, it was you. I hope your vote is successful in ousting her, it would be monumental.
  12. I think 2 posters from here have randomly appeared on my twitter timeline, discussing their voting intentions. @craigkillie and the St johnstone fan whose name on here escapes, she's been ill recently and married to the old Falkirk fan. Not discussing with each other I may add, seperate tweets.
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