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  1. Just caught up with last weeks episode, Laura star baker and Linda punted was the right call. Matt Lucas is brutal and actually makes Noel Fielding look quite funny. Lottie has a 'ride the life out of you, then stab you when you're sleeping' look about her, I like it. I'm still backing Peter for the win. Will get up to date and watch this weeks later today if I get the chance.
  2. It would appear that's exactly what they did, seems like you didn't really think this one through.
  3. Guy I used to work had that happen on his old rig he worked on in the southern sector. They got onboard, photographed themselves in various locations about the rig and got into the control room, without anyone (OIM, OPS super and CRO excluded) having a clue about it. Had their breakfast and fucked off again.
  4. As someone mention it’s pretty much what the SBS are trained to do, so why wouldn’t they send them if the option was available?
  5. Nigella Lawson is a Tory and therefore an arsehole of a human being, so anything she says can be filed straight in the bin.
  6. Looking at doing the ACCA qualification, tied in with a degree. The first 9 modules (applied knowledge and skills) and 2 professional development modules, and that allow enough credits to obtain a BA (Hons) in applied accounting.
  7. Has anyone ever done a complete career change and retrained in an entirely new profession? If so, at what stage in their life? I'm half considering spending a couple of years studying distance learning, for a degree (or post-grad) completely different to my current role. My work rotation allows plenty of time off, so there wouldn't be an issue finding the time to study. It quite like the idea of being productive in my time off, instead of watching homes under the hammer every day. How would employers look at new graduates in their mid-late 30's, compared to 21 year olds straight out off the uni conveyor belt?
  8. There's court action at the moment in England against most of the large property developers, with regard to new build estates. The freeholders (the developer) are selling the houses in the new estates with very little profit margins, then selling the freehold of the land to investment companies for a fortune one the site is finished. People are buying the houses on the promise of being able to purchase the freehold, then getting shafted. The whole concept of leasehold is mental. I'm sure the Duke of Westminster owns about 700 acres of land in central London, most of which has property on it.
  9. Mortgaged out their eyeballs on a new build and a leased bmw in the drive. It’s the younger generations way of wanting people to think they’re middle class.
  10. There’s a few companies that do the bag transfer for about £50
  11. That 119-109 card is ridiculous .
  12. What a final round from Lopez, he wins this fight.
  13. Rounds 8 and 9 Lomachenko, has he left it too late though.
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