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  1. I like this cover, I like it a lot.
  2. Do they? I assumed everyone was aware that the SNP has a fringe of lunatics supporting the party. It would appear though that a large number of them bailed, and set up camp over at Alba.
  3. The Alba contingent on twitter are a different breed, absolute lunatics the lot of them.
  4. Raducanu has gone from complete obscurity, to one of the most marketable athletes on the planet in the space of a couple of months. A global superstar at 18 year old.
  5. Seeing posts about Grant Hanley having no pace, is exactly the sort of thing that makes this site special. Just to confirm, he’s rapid.


    Bath is much nicer than Bristol.
  7. I’ve just booked flights and hotel for the Dublin racing festival in February. That gives them 5 months to sort out this shambles. Also, add me to the list of people who has no idea who or what Joe Rogan does. This was mentioned in another thread a few months back. I see his name on twitter regularly, but couldn’t tell you a single thing about him.
  8. I'm no longer a member of the Scottish National Party.
  9. I'm pretty sure the ancient empires of North Africa and the Middle East, were using currency well before the pound sterling came to pass.
  10. Small businesses operating on limited margins, may struggle to remain solvent if they have to start dishing out a cut to card providers etc Also, a cashless society will also have a detrimental effect on the elderly, the poor and homeless. It’s basically Tory Britain and can be launched right in the bin.
  11. Always carry cash. Find it bizarre that people are shocked when they stumble upon a business, that still uses a system whereby goods are exchanged for money. It’s only been the main method of global trade, for thousands of years. Also, my favourite pub in Dumfries would laugh you out the door if you tried to pay by card.
  12. Know someone selling 2 x Sunday tickets if anyone’s interested. They’re looking for £100 (cost £140)
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