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  1. Phuket stag

    You’ll be fine with euros.
  2. Work colleagues

    My boss who in his own words is a “Falkirk fan with a slight leaning to rangers”, just stormed out the tv room at work when the full time whistle went at rugby park.
  3. Work colleagues

    It was a united codeshare flight. Speaking to BA directly
  4. Reasons to be Cheerful

    I’m off work for 3 weeks.
  5. Work colleagues

    They're c***s. I had a rant about BA in the New York thread recently when they changed the time of a flight between Toronto and New York, meaning I missed most of a day in New York last month. My options I was told were pay £300 to get on a flight 10 minutes later than our original, or stick with the new flight time. I sourced a flight on Air Canada from Toronto that morning for about £150 for the 2 of us, so told BA i wouldn't be getting on that leg of the journey. I was then warned that if i skipped the Toronto to NY flight, my homeward travel to Glasgow via Heathrow later that week would automatically be cancelled. The admin fee to take me off the flight so happened to also be £300. I made a point of telling them they were robbing c***s.
  6. Work colleagues

    It's a through ticket, so the onward flight automatically gets cancelled. ETA... If he'd phoned BA before the first flight departed, he might have been in with a chance to change to a later one.
  7. Phuket stag

    Take Sterling, but must be English notes and change it over there, you'd be surprised at the difference in rates. They won't accept any notes with rips or tears, so ask your bank for new notes. ETA. Pattaya is beyond filth compared to the rest of Thailand, an eye opener of a place that I can't say I'd be in too much of a rush to return to.
  8. What model? I like the look of the E and F-pace, also my mate has an XE for work and its nice.
  9. Gear paddles? What the f**k's she driving, a Maserati?
  10. twat shows off in speedboat - kills girl

    He took 50k in loans out in the weeks leading up to his disappearance, I'd imagine that could go a long way in Tbilisi if you kept your head down.
  11. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Sony following Panasonic's lead by moving its headquarters to Amsterdam, as a result of Brexit.
  12. Quick Question Thread

    Cail Bruich, going Friday night for the first time. What’s it like?
  13. Twitter

    If you’re talking about 33 goal phenomenon Stephen Dobbie, who I suggested was the best footballer on the planet then yes.
  14. Twitter

    Just been informed by a mate that one of my tweets regarding a certain footballer, was quoted in the Sunday post.
  15. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Why do you have to sit about and wait on her friend visiting, can you not just leave the house and make yourself scarce for an hour or two if she’s an airhead?