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  1. Obviously, the ideal scenario would see him executed, but seeing him spend the rest of his life in prison would be a reasonable consolation. Anyway, the warrant. 18 USC 793 covers the charge of espionage.
  2. I think both need the fight to happen and yes, Crawford is too good and will win IMHO.
  3. Crawford Spence fight is rumoured to be agreed for November. This is the biggest fight in boxing in my opinion and I’ll be absolutely buzzing when it’s confirmed. Eubank Jnr Benn confirmed for October at a catchweight. This isn’t a remotely interesting fight, but I’ll obviously still be wanting Eubank to lose.
  4. The same right wing arseholes who belittle those on benefits, are demanding the government intervenes with financial support to help pay the bills.
  5. I think we can safely say that the rapid increase in oil and gas prices from February, can be blamed on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  6. Heat banks are already being set up in England, in preparation for winter.
  7. The wholesale cost of oil and gas has rocketed in the past year (priced in dollars), the pound has collapsed against the dollar. It's costing us more to buy.
  8. A lot of his personal financial information, was included in the data dump sent to the opposing lawyer.
  9. Anyone thinking the super-majors making astronomical profits is a new thing, are living on another planet. These companies (one of which I work for), historically the largest and most successful in history, are basically cash machines for their shareholders.
  10. My mate lives by the investment motto of “never sell shell”. It’s seen him alright over the years.
  11. Shell are one of the largest companies in the world, haven't missed a quarterly dividend payment in 80 (Eighty) years and in the last 20 years have paid out $200 billion to shareholders. To say they're drastically unsuccessful is IMHO (in my honest opinion), utter shite.
  12. What an absolute shambles the Labour Party is. They’ve become the party of the working class Tory who is too stupid to realise, or too shamed to admit yet, that they’re a Tory.
  13. I see (K)GB News had world renowned climate expert, Jim McDonald from Coronation Street, on last night to discuss how ridiculous these climate warnings were. Fast forward 24hrs and London is literally burning live on the telly.
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