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  1. Correct decision, poor scorecards.
  2. The reporter said they met at Dartmouth when Elizabeth was 13, after which they began regularly corresponding with the young Elizabeth falling in love almost immediately. The meeting between the two was arranged by Lord Mountbatten, that’ll be good old uncle Mountbatten who had a fondness for children (allegedly), who was delighted at the meeting between the two calling it a great success. The queens cousin even wrote in her autobiography that she was “truly in love from the beginning” 18 year olds grooming 13 years old nowadays would get the jail, it’s behaviour.
  3. Gribton house, out the back of Newbridge
  4. Obviously as he’s the worst poster in the history of this fine forum, I have him on ignore so wasn’t aware that he’d decided to put a red circle of hate beside my post but it doesn’t surprise me. He’s a vile individual who has previously used child abuse to win arguments on the internet, but it would appear he’s only against child abuse when it involves certain football clubs and not the royal family.
  5. BBC briefly mentioning the queen fell in love with the Prince when she was only 13 years old. Philip was 18 at the time. So in Andrew’s case, like father like son.
  6. Racist Nazi sympathiser dies, oh well.
  7. Looks like we’ve one less to worry about now, Phil the Greek has died.
  8. It would go against the beliefs of 99% of their fan base, if they were to do that.
  9. The scenes at Glasgow green last Saturday, would suggest that young people are very much out having fun.
  10. I was very adamant on the other thread about this topic, in relation to the French method of dealing with the royals. I’d execute the fucking lot of them.
  11. I’d imagine D&G is like most other places in the country, in that nobody is giving a f**k about the restrictions now. This is D&G with no covid cases recorded in the last week, yet I don’t think I know anyone fully abiding by the rules now.
  12. Women inherit every mental habit off their mother, but there’s no questioning it regardless of how stupid it is. The amount of times over the years I’ve questioned her doing stupid shite, her only response is to inform me that her mother does the exact same thing therefore it must be normal.
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