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  1. Presumably that'll be one of the guys from the "Russian Staggies" facebook lot. Unless we have a surprising abundance of Russian Supperters.
  2. Spain

    The Walking Dead

    I don't think I've seen it mentioned, but I note there's another TWD spin-off launching in a couple of months. The Walking Dead: World Beyond
  3. I see our co-managers inistence on wasting Stewart on the wing at Mullin's expense early on during the season has fooled numerous people into believing he's actually genuinely a winger. And a left-sided one at that. He's absolutely not. We have two wingers (both right sided incidentally) - Mullin & Gardyne. And with Gardyne being unlikely to be back before the split there is simply no defending the dereliction of duty that was failing to bring in another winger.
  4. Texans @ Jags again please. I had a lovely time this year.
  5. Also, I'd like to see the booking again from Sibbald I think it was, on Paton. Personally thought it looked two-footed and he was lucky to stay on the pitch.
  6. I was in line with the 2nd, he was comfortably onside, honking positioning and tracking by the Livi defender to let him run clear. You can't see that from the highlight angle though, it's too slow to pan round. I wasn't too optimistic seeing the lineup but credit to the managers, they got the tactics spot on. Livi's tactics seemed to consist of just lumping it forward and pressing absolutely everything. 3 at the back and a physical midfield nullified that most of the time. Mackay would have been the easy, lazy choice for MOTM given the goals (like the BBC did), but it was Draper & Donaldson that stood out for me. Erwin's growing on me game by game too, I reckon he could do with a couple of goals to get him up and running too.
  7. It's been cancelled. All of it. (Last night hurt bad) Get Bill O'Brien to f**k, please.
  8. I think that number includes the reserves and u21s that are fit and available. There's mention of having to rope in school kids from our junior teams if not.
  9. Spain

    Week 11

    Pretty nervous about this one, a proper litmus test for the postseason.
  10. Oh me oh my. What an epic. Commiserations Fucti, quite literally could not have been run any closer. Time to squeeze in another provided we don't break the old record again (7 weeks had been the record until now on 3 occasions)?
  11. Still can't believe the bloody Saints let me down.
  12. I'm needing a fairly high scoring game (but not unreasonably so). For me to be bang on, it'd be the 4th highest scoring game of the week.
  13. I had 12 to pick from, but hell. Half of those are proper 50:50 games and most of the rest are just the heavy underdogs left available. I only have faith in one of those results to be honest; I could easily end the week 1-4. Good luck @Fuctifano
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