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  1. Easterby won't stay as acting GM. Joined up thinking on appointments hopefully.
  2. Spain

    The Walking Dead

    I get the feeling this probably passed by a lot of people that Fox aired it last night too. My series link didn't pick it up for some reason. It was a bit "meh". Especially as far as series finales go. But at least we knoiw the end is in sight.
  3. It's not that we're that bad, but we need some decent recruitment accross the board. It's certainly do-able, but it's going to take a lot of wheeling and dealing, especially without any draft picks in the first two rounds next year. This year's a write-off, next year will be spent adjusting and rebuilding (although not winning our division will instantly make our schedule easier next year), then the following year hopefully we'll be good to make a decent push again.
  4. I'm as happy as I can be. We've got a very weak roster and no draft capital for next year, and it's going to take us a couple of seasons at least to try and rebuild but at least BoB's gone and can't do any more damage to try and dig himself out of this hole. There's a lot to be said for getting a GM and HC in together and letting them work for a while without immediate expectation - that could tempt a few, in addition to the whole not having to worry about not having a QB. There will be a lot of people advocating combinations like Borgonzi & Bieniemy, Hortiz & Roman etc and I can see a lot of benefit in doing something like that.
  5. Spain

    Week 1

    Yes, here's the footage of him and the ref
  6. Found we were fairly insipid, definitely missing Nuk but that's not the only thing. I look forward to some better play calling after B'OB gets the chop at 1-6. Positives Our D looked much better this year. Yeah, they got rolled by the Chiefs but who wouldn't? No false starts for Tunsil in the entire game! Well, one, but it was on the wrong player. Wasn't actually him. David Johnson looked good. Nothing to get too excited about yet, but certainly didn't look like the bust potential he could have been. JJ didn't break yet. Negatives Utliziation of our WR's - we seemed very flat. Fuller's hands seemed better than normal but he was running a lot of shallow routes, and even to be in the slot a good chunk of the time. He did a decent enough job once he settled in, but he's supposed to be the guy taking the top off. I don't really recall any decent deepball efforts/threats - which considering that's where we did significant damage at times last year, seems baffling. The play calling - pretty much every aspect of it. From the beige game-plan and calls, to the punting on a short 4th down in the middle of the field when you know the Chiefs will roll over you no matter what. It almost felt like we'd written the game off and were using it for pre-season. I genuinely fear that the two jags games aside, we're going to lose our other opening 10 games - @Chiefs, Ravens, @Steelers, Vikings, Jags, @Titans, Packers, @Jags, @Browns, Patriots. Tell me where those wins will come? I hope, with all hope, that the scheduling gods have put paid to Bill O'Brien once and for all.
  7. Spain

    Week 1

    Really looking forward to this, it's always nice to have Sunday football when the inevitable disappointment of the Texans is already out of the way.
  8. 8's enough to go with though, maybe just up the roster and amount of starters?
  9. See, that's the benefit of running on a treadmill for the whole summer. I have a big fan, and don't bother with a top. No nipple issue whatsoever.
  10. It's been a while since I've posted in this part of the forum. Quick background - I was fat, 4 years ago I lost 5 stone and now I'm pretty lean. Mostly through diet and weightlifting, but I've done some cardio too. I've never been that into running, but over the last few years I'd dabbled in the occassional parkrun - normally around the 25 minute mark for 5k. I've owned a treadmill for years though. So when the lockdown hit, it became my weekday morning routine to go and run on the treadmill first thing to get me going (I was on furlough so needed something to do). I started off doing a 5k in around 25-28 minutes. This time quickly dropped, so I started increasing the distance. After less than a month I was doing a 10k every weekday morning. I've continued doing this despite being back at work now (although working from home). I've got my time down to 39m 16s for 10k - which still blows my mind saying it. However on Thursday night, when innocuously just getting up from the couch, my foot gave a crunch and a pretty sharp pain on the top. It dulled to an ache fairly quick though. The next morning, I managed to run 5.5k before I started getting a sharp pain again and it lingered all day. I took the weekend off and it felt fine yesterday morning. Again around the 5k mark yesterday I felt a slight twinge again so immediately stopped. This morning, I felt it straight away - so no run at all. I think I'm going to have to take the full week to give it a chance. A couple of guys I've spoken to suggest it's probably a case of needing to relace my shoes (which I did over the weekend) but I guess I should have let my foot recover for longer before getting back to it. It's infuriating, but I guess these things happen. Presumably the advice I've had on relacing is in line with what folk on here would suggest though? As I said, I think it's the tendon on the upper inside of the foot that's been aggrevated but the foot's fine load-bearing and most of the rest of the time. It's just when I run that it seems to bother me, or when I walk somewhere with the dog/go golfing and have to stand or walk sideways on a steep bank.
  11. When we planning on fitting this in? Everyone's drafting mega late this year.
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