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  1. If I could be arsed, it's the type of thing I'd actually be well into doing. Love me some home cooking for big groups. And I always make pretty much everything from scratch.
  2. The other half is staying up with me this year, which justifies making more food options IMO. We're also going to have a chunk of it for dinner beforehand too. So this year we're making (all from scratch): Coconut Shrimp Chilli (mainly for Loaded Nachos) Homemade salsa & Guac (for Nachos) Loaded Nachos Polenta Chips KFC Style Chicken Blackbean Tacos Then of course we've got in pretzels, M&M's, Pringles, beer nuts and I can't remember what else from our "box of shame" that we've hidden away since New Year for a healthy & dry January. I've also opted for Bud Lite this year. We're going to take the dog up a snow covered mountain first to earn all of this...
  3. I liked how in his interview after the Titans win, he apologised for swearing (he stopped himself halfway through saying "ass") then not 5 words later said "shit" without noticing at all.
  4. Oh, I agree with pretty much everything you've said. It's just this point that's stuck with me, and how depressing it is that we finally found our guy and then proceeded to f**k it up quite so spectacularly. Maybe Caserio will do an outstanding job and get us back to being competitive again soon, but it feels like going for the guy we tried to get last year means no change in direction whatsoever and our downward spiral will continue even further. I do feel like we could see the squad completely gutted. Watson, Tunsil, Watt, Fuller, Mercilus... I don't think anyone's off the table.
  5. I've got to say, the last couple of seasons have not been fun. There's an argument to be made for us going scorched earch and full rebuild, but teams can get stuck for years waiting & trying to pick up a QB the calibre of Watson. Look how many attempts the Browns have had and Baker's still not exactly top 5. It's a huge risk. It's just depressing that the Texans have yet again fucked something up. Hopefully Casserio and Watson can get on the same page despite Cal's best efforts.
  6. I was thinking "I did this not that long ago". I was right, if "not that long ago" was 2013...
  7. I fear I've just been downgraded to being a less frequent poster. I never even noticed we'd got this far into the season without a Last Man Standing (blame @Swarley) More worryingly, I've gone a whole season so far without posting a Nicolas Cage gif
  8. Easterby won't stay as acting GM. Joined up thinking on appointments hopefully.
  9. Spain

    The Walking Dead

    I get the feeling this probably passed by a lot of people that Fox aired it last night too. My series link didn't pick it up for some reason. It was a bit "meh". Especially as far as series finales go. But at least we knoiw the end is in sight.
  10. It's not that we're that bad, but we need some decent recruitment accross the board. It's certainly do-able, but it's going to take a lot of wheeling and dealing, especially without any draft picks in the first two rounds next year. This year's a write-off, next year will be spent adjusting and rebuilding (although not winning our division will instantly make our schedule easier next year), then the following year hopefully we'll be good to make a decent push again.
  11. I'm as happy as I can be. We've got a very weak roster and no draft capital for next year, and it's going to take us a couple of seasons at least to try and rebuild but at least BoB's gone and can't do any more damage to try and dig himself out of this hole. There's a lot to be said for getting a GM and HC in together and letting them work for a while without immediate expectation - that could tempt a few, in addition to the whole not having to worry about not having a QB. There will be a lot of people advocating combinations like Borgonzi & Bieniemy, Hortiz & Roman etc and I can see a lot of benefit in doing something like that.
  12. Spain

    Week 1

    Yes, here's the footage of him and the ref
  13. Found we were fairly insipid, definitely missing Nuk but that's not the only thing. I look forward to some better play calling after B'OB gets the chop at 1-6. Positives Our D looked much better this year. Yeah, they got rolled by the Chiefs but who wouldn't? No false starts for Tunsil in the entire game! Well, one, but it was on the wrong player. Wasn't actually him. David Johnson looked good. Nothing to get too excited about yet, but certainly didn't look like the bust potential he could have been. JJ didn't break yet. Negatives Utliziation of our WR's - we seemed very flat. Fuller's hands seemed better than normal but he was running a lot of shallow routes, and even to be in the slot a good chunk of the time. He did a decent enough job once he settled in, but he's supposed to be the guy taking the top off. I don't really recall any decent deepball efforts/threats - which considering that's where we did significant damage at times last year, seems baffling. The play calling - pretty much every aspect of it. From the beige game-plan and calls, to the punting on a short 4th down in the middle of the field when you know the Chiefs will roll over you no matter what. It almost felt like we'd written the game off and were using it for pre-season. I genuinely fear that the two jags games aside, we're going to lose our other opening 10 games - @Chiefs, Ravens, @Steelers, Vikings, Jags, @Titans, Packers, @Jags, @Browns, Patriots. Tell me where those wins will come? I hope, with all hope, that the scheduling gods have put paid to Bill O'Brien once and for all.
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