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  1. If we can't trade down and turn #3 & #13 into a better haul I'll be disappointed. There's no "one thing" that we need. We need many, many things. I get the feeling no-one will try to jump all the way up to #3, but #13 might be worth something.
  2. I hate it. I hate how I get sucked in too. I took on helping out back when Adrian was still around but I've literally heard nothing from him in ages and I'm left holding the can for it. I'd quite happily walk away now if I could.
  3. I think you're forgetting Craig Curran could also win a foul pretty much anywhere he wanted.
  4. I haven't watched the Lions much this year but I can now confirm, we won't be getting the #1 pick this year. No way that Lions team are going to pick up 2 wins from here.
  5. It's all about execution. The Rams plan isn't a great model to follow, but they've done it well. You could argue Bill O'Brien was trying and horrifically failing at doing similar for a while by spending all of his draft picks too. Stockpiling draft picks should be a good way to build up a team, but many teams do an absolutely dreadful job of it too. Every GM thinks they're a genius, but if they're genuinely good at their job then there's more than one way to skin a cat.
  6. Hours to go until the trade deadline. Will Watson get his move? John McClain at the Houston Chronicle (the guy who gets spoon fed by the Texans) claims Watson's trying to settle the claims so that he can move today.
  7. That's nice of them. It's a thoroughly horrible experience at the best of times anyway.
  8. It's a temporary ban at the moment. Essentially I've given him a time-out in the corner. Nothing has been deleted, except the "thread title" of his new thread which merged back into the Dundee Utd one. It was a lovely attack on myself and Forfinn.
  9. Of all our championship residing former forwards Brian Graham would be the one that would most comfortably step back up to this level again. Brian Graham > Jordan White Billy Mackay > Alex Samuel Edit: Also, P&B > OTB. Burn it, burn it now.
  10. "Shall I go down one step, to cut out that rusty beam?" "No, no, it's perfect. The dim lighting, the shadow from the flash, the rusty steel. Just perfect."
  11. The Adams' situation became toxic because there was two of them, and the relationship with Roy and some of the players became an "us" vs "them" mentality. I would happily take either Adams back, just not both of them.
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