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  1. In around 3 minutes time I'll be putting my full support behind Ayr United for the rest of the season.
  2. This is all good fun, I look forward to the Championship Dundee Derby threads next season.
  3. Game of Thrones

    I'm sure I read an extract from interview somewhere with one of the directors saying that Littlefinger's accent changed on purpose. There was a theory going around that it was because he was a faceless man (and not actually always the same "person" wearing the face) but that doesn't stack up for me. If it being intentional was true and I could be bothered checking, I would probably bet on it being something along the lines of him altering his accent to suit whoever he was trying to manipulate at the time e.g. trying to sound more northern when trying to manipulate a notherner etc.
  4. Game of Thrones

    That might just be their purpose and not the source of their powers. I'm of course completely just firing this out as a random thought without any real substance to back it up though. I just have a funny feeling that Bran will have to be a martyr at some point. I mean why did the Night King only try and cross the wall now? The three eyed raven had been north of the wall until then, and as soon as they found out where he was the first time they went straight for him with the full army. Only when he fled south did they follow.
  5. Game of Thrones

    Right, here's my leftfield predictions for the week (as mentioned elsewhere it's probably been done to death somewhere on the internet already). Most of Westeros to fall to the White Walkers. Team Jon & Dany to retreat to Yara on the Iron Islands, Team Cercei & Euron to retreat to Dragonstone. Final solution ends up being that the White Walkers' power is linked to the Three Eyed Raven's. Kill Bran and the White Walkers die, and all along the White Walkers sole objective was just to kill the Three Eyed Raven by any means possible.
  6. With a few extra days rest I'd generally stick with the general jist of the team, but definitely think we should be using Armstrong's fresh legs in the first half. I'd still heavily advocate playing Mullin Gardyne & Armstrong in behind Stewart.
  7. Is Spence injured?
  8. I'd like to see Gardyne more central and given a free role similar to the second half on Tuesday, with Armstrong and Mullin on the wings, dropping Graham to make the space for that with Stewart up top. Edit: Go out to attack and get a goal early to settle the nerves.
  9. Our final home game of the season against Queen of the South has been moved to the Friday night. Another 7.05 kick-off on BBC Scotland. Considering that will likely be trophy presentation day, I find it an odd choice that BBC Scotland will want to show the match and then inevitably cut away before the trophy so that they can show the "can't possibly be called anything else or moved around The Nine".
  10. Game of Thrones

    How does one do this? On your activity stream, on the right just above the very first post you can see, there's two buttons: expanded or condensed.
  11. Game of Thrones

    Getting close to the stage where I need to change the activity stream on here from "expanded" to "condensed" just in case. I won't be doing 2am watchings, will probably get to it around 8 at night or so. Also, Hot Pie for the throne.
  12. Tactics! We used them! That was a turn-up for the books; switching Stewart and Gardyne to let Gardyne & Mullin double team the right flank is what changed the game IMO.
  13. Game of Thrones

    It's nice of Sky to send out the "never miss" e-mail about this, but if you didn't already know this was about to start again you almost deserve to miss it. Finished watching it again from the start yesterday, so now I'm all hyped and ready.
  14. While a lot of you guys are clearly quite riled by the fishing that's gone on in here, did you happen to notice the nature of the goal your hammer throwers scored last night? A little rich to point to luck and a tactical mishap considering.
  15. For the avoidance of doubt, I'd have much preferred playing young Grivo tonight instead of Kelly and shifting VdW to the left. Kenny's not a world beater, but he's a million times better than Kelly.