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  1. This photo is fantastic. Love big Marko... thought his playing days would have been over after last season but good to see he's still playing and enjoying it.
  2. Sad that Marsh has left but it didn't look likely that he'd get into the team much this season if every player was fully fit. I liked him in midfield last year but I don't Ferguson ever really trusted him there and obviously didn't in defence - his first touch is pretty bad compared to the new midfielders/attack minded players in the team this season. He seemed a really nice guy and obviously enjoyed playing for the team so it's obvious that the fans are a bit annoyed he's left but if he wasn't going to get guaranteed game time it's understandable why he left before the season's properly started I think the Perry comments sum up the Clyde fans pretty well. He's an ex-Rangers player that doesn't come with exactly glowing reviews from fans of his previous teams, so it's easy for fans that aren't happy with the manager to use it to slag the signing before he's kicked a ball. I've never seen the boy play football before. He has 16 u-21 Scotland caps so couldn't have been a bad player when he was younger, either that or there was no competition for places in defence during that period. Take comments from him playing 2 levels above us with a pinch of salt as it's a different standard and sounds like he was struggling with injuries as well. I'll reserve any judgement on him until he's played a few games for us but hopefully he does well - and if he doesn't, it's only a short term deal so he'll likely be off in January anyways. On paper it seems like a decent signing
  3. Hated him when he played against us for Annan but his attitude for the team is fantastic. Wasn't at the game yesterday but his run and desire to get the ball for the 4th goal was brilliant to see.
  4. Odd post. That matter was dealt with years ago and we were compensated fairly for the game never being arranged...
  5. Absolutely hilarious - I'd be mortified if our chairman pulled a stunt like that on Twitter. Big deflection from the chairman after his team got dominated for the majority of the game by the opposition I think. Really, really petty stuff.
  6. Gibson, the centre halves and McLaughlin were all terrific today. Lowdon and Linton link up really well but I'd loved to have seen Lowdon skin their full back more often as he was terrible. Good to come away with a point when we didn't play terribly well. 1-1 a fair result
  7. £13 for an adult into Broadwood was a bit of a shock for myself. Charging concessions £8 is a joke as well, not sure if the club can change the pricing policy during a season but heard plenty of grumbles from our fans on Saturday regarding the prices so they might have got a few complaints over the weekend. Ideally it should be around £10/5 or capped at £12/6 across the division Montrose brought 20-30 which didn't help out attendance as well - although I'd imagine our attendance at Forthbank next week will be pretty good as most of out fans that made Saturday's game will go through to Stirling as well.
  8. Yep, we had our fingers burned with a few players on loan from other clubs that charged us more for not playing them than playing them. Need to be pretty sure they're capable of being first team players otherwise it's a waste of time and costly exercise for the club.
  9. Easton signing is fantastic news as realistically he should be playing at a higher level than this league. If everyone stays fit and we add a couple new faces (keeper, centre half and striker) then we should have a good chance for promotion. Exciting close season for once Looks like the back 5 picks itself already and the real competition will be for midfield and playing up top.
  10. Feel sorry for Durie with his injuries this season. Going by his Twitter account he's still not fully recovered from the groin injury he had surgery for during last summer so hopefully he gets over it and gets a new club as soon as possible. Not the best right back we've ever had but certainly not the worst.
  11. Would love Gemmell to sign up for next season. Having him fully fit after a good pre-season and he'd cause every defence in this league a problem - he's the type of striker we've missed for years. Pleased with Gibson, Linton and Marsh re-signing. Hopefully Gormley and Higgins have more goals in them this season. Millen and Smith re-signing would be the icing on the cake.
  12. McCluskey is too good for this league and should be able to get a team in League 1 at least, if not another Championship side. Not sure why he got such a rough time from our support as he's a nice guy and decent footballer as well.
  13. Really sad news, decent player and we really missed his set-piece deliveries when he left in January. Iain Russell pointing towards the cause of death on Twitter is heart-wrenching to read
  14. Anyone know if we're home or away in the first leg against QP? Great result today as I think many people had us as outsiders to get through this semi final
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