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  1. You make some good points. We should perhaps look at how they do it in Scandinavia and Ireland with regards to pitches, pre-season and the other things you've mentioned. I'm sure they have similar issues and possibly have found solutions. It's an interesting discussion (league reconstruction) but we all know that nothing exciting is going to happen in reality. Sadly.
  2. Not sure there's any need for that. Rather than say "get to f**k" why not put forward your arguments against B teams. So come on, let's hear it. You may convince me otherwise. That's what discussions are all about.
  3. I agree with you. The problem with the SPFL is that it is run by the 42 clubs who the majority of don't want change. Scotland is one of the few countries which relies more on gate receipts than on TV money. Polls have shown that fans (as well as players) want larger leagues. So the 42 SPFL clubs are not listening to the people they rely on - the fans. The league needs to be more open to having more promotion/relegation. This allows clubs to find their level quicker. To have more teams go up and down each season also means larger leagues. I'd rather there were 2 Old Firm games per season than 4. I realise Sky TV want 4 Old Firm games, but as I said above, TV money is not as important as supporters through the gate for Scottish clubs. I would personally go for a 16-16-16 SPFL to start with. 3 up/down in each league apart from the 3rd tier where 2 go down automatically for LL and HL champions to go up. With a 16 team league there can be a split after 2 games each. How that would work is open to discussion. What's more, I'd invite B teams to join the set-up possibly at the bottom tier. I suppose there's an argument for Rangers and Celtic B teams to join the Lowland League or bottom SPFL tier. Again, summer football is worth a try. Might give our teams a tiny advantage in European qualifiers. But all of the above post can be ignored really since the current 42 SPFL clubs will not vote for anything remotely like it. The voting structure is not fit for purpose. Neil Doncaster (or whoever may in future be in his position) isn't worth the money since he cannot make decisions without 42 clubs voting. So he is really an administrator on a very large salary.
  4. No, not dismissing either of those teams. But my point is that the South League could have been called with Threave crowned champions. It was a real possibility. (For what it's worth I think the correct decision was made.) All I am saying is that I don't think Threave will be angry at missing out on a chance to go into the Lowland League. I think stability is more important right now.
  5. DG7

    Bradford PA

    I usually play either: 4-1-2-3 (two wingers and a central striker) or 4-2-3-1 (central striker with 2 wingers and a no10).
  6. The players throughout the SPFL and it seems many many fans all want reconstruction. Maybe it's a case of thinking the grass is always greener on the other side, but let's face it, 12 and 10 team leagues are a bit boring with the repetitive nature of playing teams 4 times a season (and then maybe a meeting in the cups). The fact is that the SPFL is a closed shop. More promotion/relegation would let teams all find their level much quicker. Look at Berwick Rangers. Bottom part of the Lowland League. Cove Rangers strolling League 2. Who would bet against Auchinleck Talbot going right up through to League Two? For such a small country, Scotland has a lot of football clubs. All the more reason to allow bigger leagues and easier passage up/down the leagues/pyramid. I'd start off with a 16 team top two leagues.
  7. DG7

    Bradford PA

    Bradford PA are my usual team in England in FM.
  8. I don't think Threave were devastated at not having a crack at the Lowland League. Another year in the SoSL won't be a bad thing.
  9. Maybe the Lowland League was rushed but I think it is a small step forward. Clubs must meet certain standards and this seems to be encouraging clubs to do just that. Good news because instead of throwing money at getting players to win, say, the south of Scotland league, clubs are now looking to get up to the standard required. Also in the first season of the LL it wouldn't make sense for there to be promotion, so yes this year it is impotent in that respect.
  10. Scotland has a population of about 5 million. It has been no secret that many nations have overtaken us both in international competitions and also in the pan-European club competitions. There's no quick fix for this but it is really disappointing that club football in Scotland is so fragmented. Highland, Lowland, Juniors. It would make much more sense for them all to be in the same set-up together. That way the big clubs progress, the smaller ones go down to find their level. Having a more competitive league (at all levels) would be beneficial. I don't get the attitude of not wanting to join a set-up which could open the door to entrance to the senior professional leagues. The English certainly had the right idea by creating their pyramid system. That's not to say the Scottish system should be the same, but it certainly needs to change from the status quo and at least the Lowland League and the establishment of a pyramid working group is a step in the right direction.
  11. Bit harsh to call people money grabbers. I've no problem with players going to a club because they can earn decent money. But yes, game over, a draw. Looking forward to the games this weekend.
  12. Fair enough We're allowed a wee wind up afterall. Hopefully St Cuthberts will join the Lowland League next year too so we've got a guaranteed 6 points per season
  13. I think it is unfair to say that Threave 'dragged Dalbeattie down to their level'. In fact it seems like a pretty arrogant thing to say. As for time wasting after 20 minutes, then that is probably a tactic to frustrate the home team, who'd be keen to get the game going and gather momentum. Sounds to me like Threave went there to frustrate, stop Dalbeattie from being comfortable. So I apologise on behalf of Threave for not adopting tactics to suit Dalbeattie's game. It will be an interesting season. I think Threave could have a hard season. I don't feel they're ready yet, and could do with a few more players. Would be nice for Threave and Dalbeattie to both beat some of the 'big' teams (Whitehill, Spartans, East Kilbride).
  14. If there was no need for a merger then it wouldn't have happened. Look at where ICT are today. A few days ago they beat Rangers at Ibrox! Now, if the merger hadn't taken place to produce a half-decent club from Inverness then you'd still be getting all excited about playing Fort William on a Saturday morning. I dunno, maybe all you sentimental Inverness blokes are just used to watching tosh week in week out that ambition has been long forgotten. Better to keep your petty rivalries?
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