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  1. Kind of felt like it was because we were just all over them. Only two times where I think we definitely should’ve done better. McKenna had a very weak effort he took first time when he had all the time in the world. And Stewart one on one too but in fairness to him he ripped the pish out them to get into that position, left foot shot wide of post. When we made the subbies we had basically called it a day and knew after that we weren’t scoring If Nouble played we score 8, he’d have created about a thousand chances over that 90 minutes
  2. Back to competitive action. Today’s game was actually incredibly flat and it got a bit boring because it was just way too easy
  3. No exaggeration and without trying to sound big time or cocky etc etc. Genuinely would hope we would give Celtic or Rangers a better game than what Forfar gave us today. Just a total walk in the park. Looked like a hot tattie when they had it we just completely overwhelmed them all over the park
  4. Big respect to any Forfar fan who stayed after the third Game was that dull there was a fair few of the home support leaving with 10 to go when Hamilton was getting treatment. Baltic
  5. That was ridiculously easy and missing Low and Nouble our two best players A million miles ahead of them and shows how mad L2 is they are awful
  6. Nouble against Steve Anderson would be unbelievably hilarious
  7. It doesn’t seem so bad now. Although not been down the front.
  8. Average is 1488 which is good considering the only larger away supports this season have come from Killie and Partick. It has been night and day from 4/5 years ago. 900 odd season tickets sold Really hope this games on There will be no Dowds and no Nouble. I have funny feeling Nicky Low might get on the park I think this will be a tough tough game, we’re going to have to change it up wee bit
  9. Not sure what kind of crowd to expect for this. 1408 last home game with very little QotS fans through. Not on season ticket though, would hope for 12/1300 for a decent atmosphere. If it is on of course, there’s now an amber warning in place for wind but it runs up the whole east coast from as far down as England. I remember the last time there was a weather warning in place it actually turned out to be a half decent day when everyone was sure it would be called off right up until an hour or so before kick off. QotS 2-0 at home a few years back. Gold and Hilson
  10. Nouble massive part though. But yeah between him and Low they’re the 2 main players. We will need to change our game slightly when Nouble goes it’s simply a case of kick the ball close to him just now and he takes us well up the park. We were top 4 form end of last season so it’s not end of days stuff without the big man
  11. Get what you mean but he is basically fully integrated already still training with them through the week at the moment. We will see.
  12. With the Premiership winter break we will have Nouble for 8 more league games. Meaning we will only play 13 league matches without him.
  13. Forecast improved slightly today. But if it’s on it’s gonna be one of they days.
  14. Yeah this weekend coming looks like the one it’s going to be farcical or get called off
  15. No. It’s frustrating when it’s like we only win at home because of the weather, when it’s only bad a few times a year. Also this Raith team are a proper footballing team, no other side come close to being as good as they are with the ball on the deck in this league the last 3 year. Shite conditions could actually genuinely help us.
  16. He was stripped at Killie and in warm up Looking at forecast tho more chance of game being off
  17. He also said about 2 years ago too there was only 2 FT jobs that could tempt him. I imagine one at that point in time was Dunfermline and the other was Dundee United. Neither is happening now. He will retire at Arbroath
  18. Falkirk are a bigger club than Arbroath yes But this has literally got a 0 percent chance of happening
  19. Nouble against L2 teams wouldn’t be fair. We’d need to introduce a handicap. Him up against Anderson or Munro or whoever it is would be absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately he won’t be playing. I am not sure if Dowds will be available either. Falkirk surely considering sacking Sheerin so maybe would like to keep him as an option for a potential new manager. Gaston JT Little ToB Hammy Stewart Gold Young Hammy Linn McKenna LD Although wouldn’t be surprised to see Craigen instead of Bobby
  20. Pubs - station bar, west port bar, bar 1320 and Tutties. For food and pints go to Coast.
  21. What you talking about Tommy Wright seems like a right barrel of laughs....
  22. Not guy I’ve heard but maybe him too. That would be decent
  23. I have heard who our Nouble replacement is supposed to be and I am very intrigued.
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