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  1. I heard Arbroath a few weeks ago. Player / coach.... could be a load of shite mind you
  2. So I imagine Cammy Gill or back up keeper 3/4 signings that are our players 2/3 loans so might get some news in next 2/3 weeks in regards to the top 2 and then the loans are usually late into July
  3. A lot of what DC says is usually a wee bit exaggerated and can be taken with a pinch of salt Hilson only guy out of contract that I’m aware of? ETA: actually it’ll be Hilson, Bakare and Ford Bakare and Ford I feel quite sorry for. Not a clue why we signed them. Moved up here and stayed in digs and barely kicked a ball
  4. Nah I appreciate we were shite all season. But if QoS had lost to ICT in the manner Arbroath did, I wouldn't be laughing at ICT tonight I'd be absolutely fizzing with my side for failing to beat them in all honesty. Why not both? anyway told you. Don’t write them aff Comments earlier about the gulf etc a bit premature you’d think St Johnstone had played like Brazil
  5. I appreciate why this is funny but given Arbroath failed to beat this mob even when they were playing with 8 men at times means you should maybe keep yer head down on the gloating front. No chance We are well aware we fucked it big time We can still enjoy the game. It’s like saying you have to keep your head down cause you got relegated (you obviously don’t) Never write Caley off. They’re annoying c***s (that’s a compliment)
  6. Inverness look dead on their feet. Defenders falling over trying to track boys. It’s absolutely bizarre
  7. I think we could’ve shitfested a couple 0-0s but get it up the wee fannies who ran up to us on the park last week
  8. Well that’s just not true. After Bobby come on the only tactics were pass it to bobby
  9. Yeah full time sorry And I have absolutely no idea but it’s why I asked. It’s hard to gauge from the outside. Even talk in here in regards to McInroy. Like if that’s the case be competing with the like of Ayr and Morton. I dunno if QP are proper moneybags or just money enough to sustain full time
  10. All correct. Either way he’ll only be playing in league cup games and if Gaston injured anyway
  11. Not always as easy as that though is it. There’s loads of factors at play and people improve and get better at what they do to. For me anyway he seems like a likeable younger guy who knows the league and what he’s doing and Airdrie seemed to play the best football in the league too from what I’ve read. I think Falkirk have done the best business, getting McGlynn in a proper good appointment and then after that it’s hard to judge. Petrie or DC wouldn’t take it. Then there is the usual names and then guys like Murray and Thomson. I think Thomson will get Dundee or Raith. Any half decent manager should have Dunfermline challenging
  12. Fits the bill. Been on loan here before I think. This is always the most boring news in off season so glad it’s been sorted quickly
  13. If we got to the Prem DC even said he had no intention of going Full Time. Also he’s got all his gang in at Arbroath and is an absolute legend here Ian Murray would be the smart appointment I think
  14. I thought QP could look good next season. Right now I think you’d be similar to an Ayr or Morton based off what I saw in the play off games and your squad but I was kind of under the impression that you would be pumping money into it and could potentially challenge for play off place next year... however listened to Shaughan McGuigan and he seemed to think you’d maybe assemble one of the poorer part time squads for next season? Who do you think you will be competing against in the FT market and how do you fancy your chances when going in for players if you are up against clubs like Dunfermline/ Falkirk / Morton / Ayr / Hamilton? Looking in from outside it’s really hard to tell
  15. I thought either Derek Holmes or Michael Travis scored? As for penalty maybe Paul Currie?
  16. Last time I watched us play Cove was an utterly miserable experience. Pishing of rain. Arbroath team full of trialists. A terrible game of soccer and a 1-1 draw in pre season about 9 year ago This time we do plan on Aberdeen day out and taxi to ground so hopefully that is decent. Also I know Kilmarnock and Dunfermline have gone which are two big clubs and they’re being replaced by yourselves and QP but Championship is 100 percent a million miles more fun than League 1. Even at Gayfield there’ll be 1500-2000 at games. It shites all over League 1 in terms of enjoying the experience on a Saturday afternoon. Those miserable away days at the likes of East Fife, Airdrie, Dumbarton, Clyde etc. Think last year only Montrose and Peterhead looked like decent days out and Peterhead at a push. We’ve had league wins away at Kilmarnock, Dundee United, Dunfermline, Partick etc etc and being in a couple of hundred away fans and getting it right up 3500-6000 odd home fans is great fun. You’ll have a great time. Imagine beating Dundee at Dens in a league game only a few years after playing away to shite like Fort William etc. Superb for you guys you’ll love it
  17. For some reason I thought the semi final was only one game Probably because the first leg was so eye bleeding
  18. I honestly could not care less. Caley been our bogey team all season in 480 minutes we scored 1 fluke goal v them and we were top scorers in league. Inverness away days are either terrible or amazing depending on when they’re scheduled for. I really couldn’t be arsed if they went up or down. St Johnstone too. Like that would be more fun and a better away day but again I’m not overly arsed about who wins final
  19. Inverness game chat needs binned or resigned to the match thread tbh
  20. I’m in two minds but I am not surprised the appeal was rejected
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