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  1. Hearts clear favourites obviously. Then youd expect Dundee, Ayr, Dunfermline and ICT battling out play off spots. Morton, Raith, Alloa, ourselves and QoTS around the bottom half. If I had to say now I think QoTS will struggle for some reason, thought they were stinking last season and don't think they'll be any better, maybe if Dykes gets a big move that could be massive for them though? I think we will do ok. Can never tell with DC I think with the FT uncertainty this season with cuts clubs are having to make etc could work out well for us. Could get a couple of tasty signings. Ill go 1. Hearts 2. Dunfermline 3. Dundee 4. Ayr 5. ICT 6/7. Morton / Arbroath 8. Raith Rovers 9. Alloa 10. QoTS
  2. Wouldn't surprise me to be honest with how stupid, hysterical and irrational the world has become in the last couple of months. All sense of perspective and balance lost, driven by idiotic politicians and the media.
  3. Few folk asking for a clarification that I can happily give: the 3 Championship clubs, along [email protected] [email protected] , in favour of reconstruction in the indicative vote were indeed @[email protected] & @Morton_FC . No one else in the division voted in favour. Split 5-5. From Kheredine Idesanne
  4. Knew there was one I was forgetting: maybe even more numbers in then to make up the squad. Good to have a solid fairly large core of guys too that have been here for years to build around. DC management top notch.
  5. Looking forward to KDY away and the Novar Bar again. Truly is a magic away day.
  6. Murphy Jamieson Kader Wighton Virtanen Chalmers Out the door. So I'd imagine a good few new signings for the upcoming season. Imagine Scott Robinson will be the back up keeper that was announced in the Courier a few weeks ago but hopefully DC can do what he always does and improve on the guys that have left. Realise that'll be hard in Wightons case especially and Miko's too. Hopefully how well they've done has shown Prem clubs were a good option. By the look of it there'll be a lot of full time players maybe going part time at the moment with the uncertainty so in a good position to pick up them too.
  7. I think it'll go and should go ahead as planned. It's a long way away just now.
  8. I have a feeling football will be back this year for us. Right decision too for me. Still a long way away from August / September a lot can and will change in the next 10-12 weeks. That's great getting ToB sorted out. Him and all the boys at the back been excellent and know each other very well now. Shite situation for every club to be in just now but we are in a strong as a position as we could've been to get through it. Well done all involved.
  9. Not really. Every club will be struggling through this. If they've reached that compromise good on them if it's what works best.
  10. Your guess is as good as mine. Some local loon ball I'm guessing. Brick another good idea. I'll be dipping into pockets after pay day next Friday. Which cannot come quick enough. These last few weeks been like one long day.
  11. Football clubs have fans who are happy to put money into something that they love, they are a business but they're more than that to the community and fans. They're a big part of people's lives. I'm not sure where you work or what you do. But I doubt there are ordinary punters who were fanatical about your company/workplace and see it as a big part of their lives. Unless they were directly employed or had a financial attachment. That's a false equivalence. Maybe not on the face of it and through business sense but you're not taking into account the value of emotional attachment and investment people have in their support of their football club.
  12. Vast majority of business will struggle through this though, wouldn't see that being a problem. An outline of the situation and a message could clear up the fact that this was only due to the current global situation and it wasn't critical just welcomed. I'd rather it was official and not a fan. Buying two tops after pay day. Would donate to any funding page too. We already do the bonus ball every month. How about another competition with some kind of other way of rewarding fans/rewarding club at same time? Just an idea. I think the club has been so great recently and it deserves any support from fans that they are able to give. I appreciate this is not possible for everyone.
  13. I know I repeat myself here, but Gayfield is fine the majority of the season. Weather is no worse than anywhere else, when it's bad it is bad though. The Dundee game was bad before Christmas tbf.
  14. I'm biased but genuinely love our ground. Look at it Quite like every ground I've been too. All quite unique. Although really dislike going to Alloa. Inverness is also a really shite modern dull effort for me which is ashame, think that site had potential The grassy end at Thistle The Derry The terracing and old school feel at Ayr and Morton Tannadice is just a gloriously strange looking stadium, halfway between being modern and old school Dunfermline for me is the tidiest all seater ground
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