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  1. Give it a rest. Covid isn’t going anywhere ever it’s here to stay and the vulnerable have been vaccinated. Bore off and do some critical thinking
  2. I have faith. Very interested to see what we do and who else we bring in... sounds like he’s going for it by his interviews.
  3. Well Wighton was heading that way too tbf. DC pulls it out bag when it matters
  4. You get good Astro’s, bad Astro’s, good grass parks and shit grass parks. You get good games and bad games on all of the above The only Astro’s I’m no keen on are the ones that look like the games being played on concrete. Few of them about. Not in this league though Raith is decent. Qots probs a bit shit though
  5. Also has had Bobby Linn in front of him majority of the time he’s been at the club. Weak link in our defence? Part time team and only Morton, Inverness and Hearts conceded less....
  6. Last year first time it actually seemed to happen. ToB suspended, JT out, Hammy out a bit. Had Gold, Stewart, Whatley, Pigniatello, Craigen come back in and play left back / right back last year, think that’s played a part
  7. Hamilton has always been a left back minus when he played with Little for a couple of seasons? A solid reliable good left back too
  8. Personally don’t have any bitterness towards any other team just now. Just hope we can continue to push on. Change in us as a clubs been massive since the new boards come in, town genuinely right behind the team. Arbroath tops everywhere. If we dropped into league 1 think we’d still get over 1000 home fans in through the gates when allowed back. It’s night and day from 6/7/8 years ago. I am buzzing with it. DC huge part of that what a job he’s done. Him and new board just come together at the right time, there’ll obviously be hard and shit times to come but off the park everything’s now in place. What a bunch of lads like. Alloa did do my tits in a wee bit but that was more through jealousy. So that’s a compliment. Maybe see you again soon.
  9. Definitely. And ones a back up defender and the other someone we had here last season. Looking forward to more.
  10. By the way well done to the club social media for keeping it simple. They Montrose style announcements are becoming way too common and they’re absolutely awful. Try hards
  11. So we have 5 defenders signed and on the books and not just the 4 starters? Wtf is going on!!!!!!!! 😂
  12. Can’t be real?????? Wtf 😂 He does come out with a lot of shite but I was just going off the way he looks in that suit and tie. Looks like a car salesman. Not sure how the players will take to the guy...
  13. We train in Perth tbf and I know people in the central belt seem to think anything north of Stirling is for Teuchters but Glasgow and Edinburgh only an hour / hour and 40 away. Aye same to you I cannot fucking wait.
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