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  1. It’s really good actually. Think that’ll be 6 on the records but think it should only be 5. Unreal return considering he’s only been here a couple month.
  2. That was definitely not a great display but it was a great fucking effort. At times we were all over the place and a lot of defensive mistakes, but we dug in and got a result so huge respect. They’re a great group of players and they’ll know themselves. It actually had shades of the first game of the season at times. Poor mistakes from Thomson and Hammy which is unlike them and massive gaps in the middle of the park.
  3. For what it’s worth Raith were best team I’ve seen us play for a big part of that game. Just kept the ball and bored the tits off us and moved us about and took their chance after our mistake. Very good at passing the ball about and controlling the game.
  4. Dunno whether to be delighted or devastated. So poor for most of that yet MacDonald making fingertip saves to stop it being 3-2 us. We persisted with Doolan behind Hamilton for way too long there for my liking. As you were and thank f**k for Dundee.
  5. Yeah. Private messaged me calling me my second name, no even sure how he got it, telling me to say things to his face. Pretty mental. Raith are controlling this game pretty easily, if if goes 2 we are doomed and will be relying on Dundee and Dunfermline
  6. We need to change something They’ve had like 80 percent possession passing it about their own half it’s fucking dire McKenna on or Hilson. Doolan aff
  7. We’re getting beat and Raith are boring the tits aff me. Doolan so deep I don’t know why Hilson or McKenna isn’t there. We can’t get on the ball enough for Doolan to be there. Getting beat 2-0 here
  8. Bad feeling about today but here we go Come on Arbroath
  9. This is our main problem tbh. We have a few injuries like and the Linn one is a huge blow but we have a solid squad of players but not enough dangerous players in attacking areas. In my opinion
  10. Dunno. The Main danger man is out Injured. Moore and Hamilton (Jack) probably.
  11. Think we should’ve changed it tbh Raith got a lot more legs in midfield and uptop but we will see
  12. I’m certainly not still got nightmares from the last time. But we have definitely tried to go for it in every game this year, maybe not Dundee away but I think we were just poor that day. I hope it’s a good day for us.... would’ve been a magic day out too. Shame
  13. Hearts have had enough poor results this season the pressure will be off and hopefully they try to go out in style because Neilson and the players are needing to do that for the fans ahead of next season.
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