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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    People always seem to turn their nose up at the older steady non spectacular boys but I’d be keen for Duffy if I was a Rovers fan. Sort of hope it is one of the ‘riskier’ younger options from an Arbroath point of view.
  2. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Sheerin was class at us, but as a player, Stewart Petrie basically managed the games. Sheerin used his contacts to bring in Falkingham though, one of our best players in recent times. Sure he’ll have made more contacts in his time up at Aberdeen. The ‘safe’ pair of hands from all they names looks like Duffy.
  3. The Arbroath Thread

    Just thinking at how good our overall record is this season Dundee Utd 1-1 Arbroath Arbroath 2-0 Elgin Alloa 4-2 Arbroath Arbroath 4-1 Ross County Elgin 1-1 Arbroath Arbroath 3-0 Annan Montrose 0-4 Arbroath Arbroath 3-1 Stranraer Dumbarton 1-1 Arbroath East Fife 0-3 Arbroath Arbroath 2-2 Brechin Arbroath 3-1 Forfar Played: 12 Won: 7 Drew: 4 Lost: 1 Scored: 29 Conceded: 12 GD: +17 Sort of fancy us to win the next 2 as well. Some start to the season, the 2 draws feel like defeats too really should’ve won both.
  4. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    Yes of course. This is a common thing. Feasibility studies and budget costing should’ve been done for a wide range of different options before purchasing the place.
  5. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    It’s hard to tell what ties will be better because alot of clubs don’t really takes it seriously, our winger Denholm, who calls it the jobbies cup said the team were actually talking about throwing the midweek game up in Elgin to get some free Saturdays. Dunfermline v Alloa might sound like more of a competitive tie on paper but either or could use it to give guys games. Professionalism, an easy draw and the fact that we throw on everyone who doesn’t usually get a game has seen us cruise through to this stage though and we’ll probably be in the quarters. I play football Friday’s and don’t make the effort for Irn Bru Cup games anyway because I really dislike the competition but it’ll be enjoyable to record the game on Alba and come home and watch it afterwards.
  6. League 1 - Golden Boot

    Lights ooot Linn from Charleston.
  7. The SPFL Angus League ££1 2018-19

    1) Arbroath: played 3, won 2, drawn 1, points 7, GD + 6 2) Montrose: Played 2, won 1, lost 1, points 3. GD -3 3) Brechin: played 2, drawn 1, lost 1, points 1. GD -1 4) Forfar: played 1, lost 1, points 0. GD -2
  8. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    You’ve probably went a bit too over the top there to be honest mate. I do look a tad silly, but It’s really not that big a deal, chill. [emoji4]
  9. ICTFC v PTFC 15/09/18

    Amazing how football matches just seem to always come up with snapshot moments that encapsulate exactly how things are going for certain teams. That Storey penalty couldn’t have summed up how things have been going for Thistle recently any better.
  10. Top of the league v Annan

    Enjoying Edinburgh City’s wee run here. Keep it up, seemed to have pushed on and went for it which is very refreshing to see.
  11. Binos v Dragon Slaying QP

    Good highlights. What a goal that nearly was from the boy that hit the bar!!
  12. Stenhousemuir vs Arbroath

    If we wanna go one defensive one attacking get Gold right wing. Omar has went off the boil a bit since the EF game in my opinion. We have a strong squad so get it used. Think Gold and Thomson could be some force going down the right too both good defensively and Golds tekkerz plus Thomson just powering boys out the way on overlap could be class. Jamieson Thomson Little ToB Hammy Gold Whatley Swankie Linn McKenna Wallace
  13. Arbroath vs Forfar Athletic

    Don’t think Whatley has been great, he’s been ok but he gets caught out an awful lot, commits and doesn’t win the ball, East Fife and Brechin were pretty bad especially in the second half. The amount of times Tapping just took the ball, turned and drove at our defence second half was scary and in the EF game it happened for about half an hour solid. Which made Hammy and Thomson looked bad too because they had to squeeze in leaving loads of space out wide. Obviously Swankie is in there too but as you have said yourself he’s not in there for that reason. Whatley needs to be a bit more disciplined in my opinion anyway, someone in there has too because as soon as we lose the ball the gap between midfield and defence is huge. I still really like him as a player. Puts a load of work in for the team.
  14. Clyde v Albion Rovers

    Clyde, Peterhead, Edinburgh City top 3, not sure in what order although got to fancy Peterhead, squad is very strong. Also seems easy to call that at the moment but I did say this before a ball was kicked too. [emoji6][emoji4]
  15. Clyde v Albion Rovers

    Won 2 Championships in the last 10 years mate along with consistently getting average crowds of 750ish, currently, Alloa aside, the best part time team in the country. I know you are trolling but probably better giving it a rest lad. Edinburgh City look to have found a successful formula. Montrose won the league last season, Forfar promoted last season, EF have won L2 a couple of times too, in my time watching football even Berwick (!!) have pipped us to a title which is a lot more than what Clyde have done, although I did enjoy that win over Celtic. [emoji4]