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  1. Call the club in morning /afternoon / on way to game they’ll be extremely helpful
  2. And then probably should’ve beaten Ayr and then beat Morton. Same amount of wins in 4 games as we had the previous 19. What he is saying is not incorrect he is not having a go at Raith Rovers, but how do you respond to this stuff again… Raith fans taking this well, I see. Is that right?
  3. You’re taking this well I see. What a meltdown etc etc
  4. Well now we’ve got Hammy, Stewart, ToB, Little, Bitsindou, McKenna and Adarkwa that I would class as very physical players. Balde also gets stuck right in. None of them dirty players though What does this even mean? People are just replying to the point that was made?
  5. If only your players were shitein it as much as you appear to be
  6. And of course they absolutely 100 percent wouldn’t. Under absolutely no circumstances should it be made easier for men to access women’s spaces. You are absolutely right though it all has been an absolute catastrophe not just for Nicola Sturgeon but for anyone supporting or going along with this utter delusion and madness. When ideology meets reality.
  7. Actually no idea how we will line up now. Squad looks like it has made some massive improvement that it can be quite tough Gaston / Gill Banks Little ToB Hammy Gold / Hetherington / Bitsindou Balde / Tait McKenna / Allan Dow / Olusanya / Stewart Linn / El Mhanni Adarkwa / Hilson So many different ways to go in the 3 behind the striker and as the middle 2. Also not sure if Banks will even come right in and start the League of Ireland has been over for a while not sure where his fitness will be. Think Stewart might continue there but hard to tell I think at home we need to be playing one of El Mhanni or Bobby and try take the game to the opposition. I think McKenna is clearly best option in the 10 to the right of that and I cannot really pick between Dow and Olusanya. Maybe start Dow and bring on Olusanya when opposition tiring would be way to go. Midfield 2, one seems nailed on to be Balde but Hetherington and Gold both really could and should maybe be starters for me. Would prefer Bitsindou as cover or someone to play in away games or against physical opponents which Raith definitely are not A lot of tough calls to make
  8. Drive past ground. First right. Massive grass area. When you’re there you’ll see and it’s easy enough.
  9. I could get it if the players had lost belief but every single one of the players was giving 100 percent for Dick. They’ll all love him. He just never provided the tools on the park to help them to be successful, it has been poor and he has admitted that but as a group and club DC is so important. I think it would be a disaster to even look elsewhere. Grass isn’t always or very often usually greener. Time to get behind him and the team regardless. We like most other teams have no right to be in this division even if we are actually decent by our standards. There are only a couple of teams who would never get relegated to L1 in this division but everyone else is fighting for their place. Falkirk, Dunfermline and QoTS are in League 1 at the moment and we are arguably battling against everyone else excluding Dundee, Inverness and a well backed QP to stay up. Everyone else has had a stint in L1 in recent years.
  10. So one summer of failure after 6 years of practically non stop success and improvement and it’s time to go? You’re asking for perfection and perfection simply does not exist
  11. Pretty remarkable from our point of view. Something that’s steadily been built up too over a number of years not a flash in the pan effort. We have certainly had some battle over the past 5/6 years. That League 1 title race was a lot of fun and so many memorable away days in Kirkcaldy. Will always remain a favourite
  12. But aye we shouldn’t have been in this position because of how strongly we finished last season, however he was also 100 percent responsible for the strong starting position we had….
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