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  1. Not really. Every club will be struggling through this. If they've reached that compromise good on them if it's what works best.
  2. Your guess is as good as mine. Some local loon ball I'm guessing. Brick another good idea. I'll be dipping into pockets after pay day next Friday. Which cannot come quick enough. These last few weeks been like one long day.
  3. Football clubs have fans who are happy to put money into something that they love, they are a business but they're more than that to the community and fans. They're a big part of people's lives. I'm not sure where you work or what you do. But I doubt there are ordinary punters who were fanatical about your company/workplace and see it as a big part of their lives. Unless they were directly employed or had a financial attachment. That's a false equivalence. Maybe not on the face of it and through business sense but you're not taking into account the value of emotional attachment and investment people have in their support of their football club.
  4. Vast majority of business will struggle through this though, wouldn't see that being a problem. An outline of the situation and a message could clear up the fact that this was only due to the current global situation and it wasn't critical just welcomed. I'd rather it was official and not a fan. Buying two tops after pay day. Would donate to any funding page too. We already do the bonus ball every month. How about another competition with some kind of other way of rewarding fans/rewarding club at same time? Just an idea. I think the club has been so great recently and it deserves any support from fans that they are able to give. I appreciate this is not possible for everyone.
  5. I know I repeat myself here, but Gayfield is fine the majority of the season. Weather is no worse than anywhere else, when it's bad it is bad though. The Dundee game was bad before Christmas tbf.
  6. I'm biased but genuinely love our ground. Look at it Quite like every ground I've been too. All quite unique. Although really dislike going to Alloa. Inverness is also a really shite modern dull effort for me which is ashame, think that site had potential The grassy end at Thistle The Derry The terracing and old school feel at Ayr and Morton Tannadice is just a gloriously strange looking stadium, halfway between being modern and old school Dunfermline for me is the tidiest all seater ground
  7. I have no idea but it's extremely sad that we might not see Wighton or Miko in an Arbroath top again. For what it's worth I think our place in this division is pretty much guaranteed now, which is of course great. Players will have some tough pre season this year. [emoji23]
  8. Not sure that's really very important right now. [emoji23] I don't usually buy tops, but going to buy the new home and away one now. Every little helps.
  9. Not everyone has played the same amount of games in this league so there's your first problem..
  10. And that we are a part time team in a league with full time prize money, I assume that will still be getting paid out. Players will understandably want their money but like you say fortunately for us they'll have their income with their other jobs as their main source. I'd imagine we have a pretty strong tight knit group, a lot of the guys will feel a strong bond toward the club and be understanding about the situation. Like I said earlier even after 13 of our home games I'm sure we've averaged higher crowds than what we did last year, hospitality will be up too. Although our outgoings be slightly higher. I think we're in as good of a position as we could be in, even if that position is still pretty shite currently. I'd happily contribute towards any fund raising events or requests from the club.
  11. Will things have even changed by early April though? I doubt it.
  12. Totally half arsed about it now tbh it feels pointless. Not many things have made me not care about the football but this is one. What a miserable feeling. No idea what it will mean going forward. Not sure if things will resume after the impending inevitable suspension. Just hope everyone associated with the club and people in general obviously, keep healthy until it's all over.
  13. I am beginning to think that this needs to happen too. No idea how they solve this or what the outcome will be but thankfully that's not my job. I'd be happy to support AFC through it in any way that I could.
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