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  1. How's getting beat a good result haha?
  2. Arbroath v Airdrie

    It was 8 who could've been booked twice before too Didn't play great but won Darren Jamieson is brilliant he's won us so many points this season I think couple of very good saves again Thought Spence and McKenna didn't have the best of games until the start of the second half but both done well after. McKenna different class when he gets going Thought all the subs done well especially Wallace I hope we play McCord Wallace and maybe even Doris against EF if we freshen it up
  3. gayfield prints

    Game was this based on? Pre season midweek game by any chance?
  4. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Here until May 2020. For what it's worth for any of them to go full time I'm guessing they'd need to get an offer from a team higher up the tree than Raith. Nothing to do with the level they'll be playing at
  5. Varying degree through all levels. Hearts and Hibs are really miles ahead of Aberdeen I'm sure. 16/17 compared to 12. United clearly 6th biggest Scottish team for me
  6. Raith are in that bracket where they're probably a bottom half of the championship team, similar to Morton/Ayr/QoTS etc. A very good year could easily see them or any of they clubs achieve a Hamilton or Livingston type success with their full time status. Normally though - bottom half of Championship/occasional stint in League 1. Brechin are extremely well run but I'd say Clyde and especially Airdrie (one of the bigger PT clubs) are bigger clubs with more potential.
  7. Got to admit I'm no really seeing it. In tiers of clubs I'd only have Raith one tier above most clubs in this league. Massive time - Rangers/Sellik Big Time - Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs, United Pretty big time - Dundee, Killie, Dunfermline, Falkirk, Motherwell, Partick Thistle, St Johnstone, St Mirren 4th Half Decent but no quite diddies - County, ICT 5th Good Diddies - Morton, Ayr, QOTS, Raith, Hamilton, Livingston 6th Decent diddies - Airdrie, Arbroath, Dumbarton, East Fife 7th No bad Diddies - Alloa, Forfar, Montrose, Peterhead, Clyde, Stirling, Elgin 8th Slightly Diddier - Stenny, Brechin, QP, Edinburgh City, Annan, Berwick, Stranraer 9th Uber Diddies - Cowdenbeath, Albion Rovers That would be my personal Scottish football diddy tier
  8. The Arbroath Thread

    Already follow you Love the blogs
  9. We were runners up. 3 of the top 4 got to the championship that season and we weren't one.
  10. East Fife v Arbroath

    We've got 3, that Raith thread is never gonna end.
  11. Aye seen some of his stuff too. [emoji23] Perfect Sunday morning routine. Fire up YouTube on the Tele and go through all the games. Better than Match of the Day.
  12. I watch all the highlights and interviews from the clubs in this league
  13. Brechin signed Scobbie and Toshney. We wanted Munro but Forfar wouldn't let him come, Munro is very close to a lot of our squad. If we really wanted someone I'm sure we would've got somebody. It's what has annoyed me about some Raith fans and McGlynn, earlier on in the season you'd think that the only reason we were top was because Smith was in charge of you. Then McGlynn comes in, he was appointed after just 7 games, you were only 4 points behind, and he makes more of a c**t of it than Smith.
  14. Well maybe it's because when he first came in it was the revolution and you were going to win the league because of it and you'd finally got rid of Smith who was so terrible etc etc etc. And turns out McGlynn has been even worse. McGlynn has signed a few players hasn't he? How many is he needing to sign? He sticks with the same defence every week and never signed any defenders in January despite so many Rovers fan moaning about the defence on here. Same guys play, others don't get the chance. He says the same shite in his interviews every single week and also comes across like a bit of a dick. I'm just amazed at how much leeway he's getting, imagine it was Smith.
  15. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    What won't last? Championship football? Without other PT clubs up there it more than likely won't but atleast we'll probably be there giving it a go whilst you fanny about in L1 again. All we can hope for is Alloa to stay up / another L1 team to join us so we can give it a go and maybe try avoid bottom.