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  1. Odds are well off I think 3/1 for Ayr is great value and worth putting on.
  2. Last couple of games without Nicky Low and Nouble being fit have shown us up a wee bit. Nicky Low be back soon and Nouble be here till January, pretty sure we’ve got what seems like a good replacement lined up on paper so we will see. I’m thinking Raith / Killie / ICT / Partick top 4 and going for title Arbroath and Dunfermline mid table, yes I know... Hamilton / Ayr / Qots trying to avoid play off Morton bottom
  3. Absolutely hilarious but I think it showed how much passion the man has got for football
  4. Without googling it Forfar orange kit and Colin Samuel ringing a bell
  5. Can’t be starting Hilson left wing with Low out. I actually don’t think it is fair on him either he’s not a winger. Just said same in other thread. Linn or Paterson please. Need a spark from midfield.
  6. We were pretty hopeless here but Raith are a really good side and well deserved that win. Do not understand bringing JT back in out of the blue against the best winger in the league just now. Do not understand why Hilson is playing left wing when Nicky Low is not playing. Absolutely zero creativity Or magic from midfield. If Hilson is to play from the start it needs to be in McKennas position. If he plays left wing it should be as a substitution when we are trying to defend a lead. Raith will challenge for the title I think.
  7. Back to game. Bad feeling about it. But after start we’ve made it shouldn’t matter. We will see but thinking 3-1 Raith.
  8. Potential definitely there. Hamilton and Livi actual home support be less than Raith. Livi manage to give 3/4 of their stadium to clubs and with them being in middle of Edinburgh and Glasgow the 2 Edinburgh clubs and 2 Glasgow clubs will nearly or sell that out near enough every time. Hamilton have had a great youth set up and with being around Glasgow too it’s a good area to get younger full time players who are living in Glasgow and Edinburgh area. It’s all about getting that break and getting into the Premiership is it. Soon as you are there it is a game changer.
  9. If Hamilton and Livi can go up don’t see why Raith can’t. Actually don’t even think they 2 clubs are much bigger than Arbroath. Would say Raith are possibly a bigger club than both. Their location and set up gives them a wee edge I think.
  10. Nobody thinks we are ever going to get to the prem, but I think the building blocks are in place to become a bottom half of Championship / top half of League 1 team on a consistent basis and I am happy with that.
  11. Same back 4 and goalie but we have changed a whole lot. We are playing more like we did when we won league 1 just now. Direct football and winning second balls high up the park. First season in Championship we were very stuffy. 4-5-1. Miko a defensive mid our star man and relying on Bobby going forward. Last season we changed it a fair bit to start. Remember we were going with McKenna on the wing a lot and had a 4-4-2 with Doolan/LD playing up with Hilson. We were too easy to beat and never had enough energy creativity or pace going forward. Bobby found himself on the bench a lot..... Second half of that season we got more legs and energy in the team, Bobby come back in, Jack Hamilton and Hilson uptop worked their arses off and Williamson gave us more drive from midfield. This year we’ve went with physicality in midfield and Nicky Lows guile. Ball forward very quickly, McKenna/Stewart and Craigen getting second balls off Nouble to get us high up the park with Low pulling the strings and Henderson doing the dirty work. So in response to you saying we are the exact same team I’d argue we’ve had 4 different styles in the last 4 seasons. The one consistent factor is the pretty solid back 4 and keeper and us being a hard working, high energy, fit and pretty physical team.
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