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  1. Dick Campbell sacked by Forfar 12th December 2015 Todd Lumsden job on a shaky peg ahead of our game on the 15th December 2015 against Berwick... I remember wanting him gone and DC in charge. Wouldn't have cared if we got beat by Berwick if it meant we could get DC in quickly and before the January window. We ended up winning that game and enduring 3 more months of torture. Thankfully it worked out well in the end
  2. [emoji23][emoji23] No. Think Lichtie78 might know who the culprit is though
  3. Would still need to go and pick them up. Not a metropolis no but still not ideal. Probably just that pissed off, they've had a really really shitey few year, not even got much better after dropping a level. Remember being very annoyed with how long we were giving Lumsden... worked out very well in the end thankfully.
  4. Well it is a bit. The shop is open 10-5 and then 10-3 on matchday. Most Dundee fans won't live right next to Dens, for a lot of people it would probably take longer to go and buy a ticket than it would take to drive through to Arbroath.
  5. I think he means that for Dundee fans to get a ticket most of them will have to get to and from Dens as well as travelling through here
  6. ^ Dundee have more fans than Arbroath so I'll make a shite joke about it
  7. Let's be honest how many people can be at Gayfield between 10 and 2 through the week? Very few Basically there's been 3 hours (6-7pm x 3 nights) for the vast majority of people to be able to buy tickets. If you're unsure whether you can go until Saturday? Tough Anyway enough moaning about that from me. Looking forward to this game now.
  8. Do you realise it's all ticket? Someone said to me he was going to do the very same this morning with a few of his mates (not Dundee fans just from Dundee) for a bevy and to take game in but never knew this
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