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  1. Hearts probably will find it easy in the end tbf although a lot of games will be tough they’ll more than likely grind out good results through them.
  2. although feeling better about things and this season compared to 2 hours ago
  3. Can’t believe we never played this system last week. It’s what we’ve been good at. Down a few key players to a much better team than Raith and doing much better. Last week a total shambles and wide open.
  4. Much better than I expected. ToB is just so massive for us so was worried, Hammy been solid centre half though. Had a fair few corners, shots and been in decent positions just poor shots or choices. The young lad Ruth has been impressive haven’t seen much of him. Doolan very unlucky
  5. Scott Stewart I have been told. Think Smith unavailable because Hearts his loan team though.
  6. So it looks like we have players isolating too. This is going to be fun.
  7. We are very rarely missing one of our back 4, never mind 2 of them: I’ve no idea what the defence is going to look like tonight. Against the toughest challenge we will have this year. I don’t think Swankie can play tonight we’re needing some extra legs in the middle of the pitch we will be up against it. Gaston Gold. Little. JT. Craigen Linn. Stewart. McKenna. Virtanen. Hilson. Donnelly.
  8. 99 percent sure we were one of the 5 clubs that voted in a way that would’ve benefited Hearts but could be wrong. There was a Kenny Crawford tweet naming them.
  9. We really could do with playing anyone but Hearts this week to be honest. Our star captain central defender missing and our left back a massive doubt is going to have us field a makeshift defence against what is a ridiculously strong Hearts squad. f**k sake.
  10. We are all over the place. Having so much of the ball without being a threat. Too easy for them breaking on us with just Swankie and Virtanen in the middle of the Park. so frustrating.
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