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  1. I would have thought if you invested money in shares you would have to sell them not simply withdraw them. Worse off than now what non existent !!!! got to get investment into club or we wont exist the constitution based members club is all very nice but we are not competing on a level playing field anymore ,so need to be well run self financing club. you have to admit that the hospitality in recent years(pre Covid) has been poor at the Glebe and doesn't encourage punters back for a good day out.
  2. The present Brechin board couldn't consider much to be fair !!! I doubt if they would have finances for such action and would expect them to ask the members, Ken Ferguson resigned due to conflict of interest I believe (which he nearly did last year ) nothing more sinister than that.
  3. Wish it could have been but we were garbage
  4. The letter I was sent said it wouldn't go ahead if relegated which beggars the question what will happen and yes I'm about to ask the incorporation group that question as would have thought we could still find some investors who would back their local team but concede its a'lot more difficult. What cant happen is to continue the way we are,We never planned for the worst case scenario and low and behold we are not far off it !!
  5. I like your comments and your spot on ,If we do go down maybe we could make history as the first team to come back but it will be tough. Every bodies hurting and things have been bad over last few seasons but lets try and move forward again and keep our club going
  6. Gutted not to get a point today missing Jacko but Calvin Orsi played well
  7. Totally agree just need a break and hopefully soon
  8. Hope so as we deserve it playing decent football against good full time teams
  9. Your a Muppet Brechin are playing well just getting caught on break
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