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  1. I lost the chance of 163qud but I also won 14x my money... petty I put a fuckin pound on.
  2. Dundee fucked up my eightfold and screwed me out of 164quid! b*****ds!
  3. As opposed to the topic 'Coupon Bursters' here's Coupon Winner's, i cant find one anywhere so here goes. Considering i'm skint, dont point fun, but should Chelsea win today i get 14quid. Or basically 14times my money, so in that view it will have been a good punt. Anybody else pick a winner this week? EDIT! Im a stupid c**t, hail hail to the good moderators of this site. Mon the Chelsea- even i cant believe i said that
  4. So's the fucking Vatican, but Croy is still a shithole.
  5. Please tell me anything heavenly about Croy?
  6. There are plenty of houses in Kilsyth that are not semis. Aah well, as I said Croy is a shithole!
  7. I don't think Kilsyth is actually that bad. Croy on the other hand if it didn't have a train station would surely be debatable with Twechar. Kilsyth right, it has a few nice houses, a high school, a pub/restaurant and a good chippy (Marinis). Not to mention it does inhabit Sir Kevin! However, I do agree with you Croy is still a shithole.
  8. Any of you who have been will know I speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth when I say Twechar. It is quite easily the worst place in North Lanarkshire.
  9. I'm glad to see the back of Ruddy. Some of the things he has said in the past have been a bit baffling. Which isn't very good considering he was the Club Spokesman.
  10. East Stirling, Man Utd, Hull and Pompey. They played their part in destroying a 12fold worth 2460bucks. b*****ds!
  11. I don't rate the c**t enough to see him off as important, but Alan Hansen has a thing for getting on my tits. As does Mark Lawerenson.
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