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  1. I expect if/when the West enters the pyramid they will be invited to enter the South Challenge Cup. The LL, EoS and SoS run the comp between them. Where this leaves the Junior Cup who knows, I can't see there being any room for it, and definitely not in it's current format. Unless the West continue to enter instead of the SCC.
  2. Probably because more than one club are facing upto the fact they need to move to the EoS.
  3. Really, what gives you that impression out of interest?
  4. I'd have no interest in an end of season cup to pad out fixtures frankly. Why would the EoS organise something to help a west club with fixtures? bizarre.
  5. No, we have enough fixtures. the Premier play 30 league games and the Conferences 33. Nobody will finished by end of March.
  6. It's supposed to be the 11th, that's what the EoS clubs were advised, unless it has since changed.
  7. The SJFA would effectively have nothing to do in relation to the West. They don't do registrations, they won't do discipline, there won't be reinstatement. The league board/committee will handle the local cups and admin.
  8. The expectation is that the current West Juniors will move en-masse into the Pyramid for next season. Maybe.
  9. The final is in Barranquilla, Colombia.
  10. Maybe time to go back to plain old Gretna FC. Always thought the 2008 moniker was a bit two bob. Point has been made.
  11. Scotland U21's haven't scored in the last 3 games, and to be honest he didn't look particularly sharp in any of them, although to be fair the lack of service plays it's part as well.
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