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  1. Paid £7 yesterday to watch Arthurlie v Clydebank
  2. Thought the 2 assistants didn’t do much wrong today - if anything it was the referee who had a few questionable decisions Bankies were also missing a few today including our captain Nicky Little. First half was very scrappy but Bankies were much better second half- the triple substitutions on the hour made all the difference.
  3. Largs Thistle striker Will Sewell has signed for Stenhousemuir- great signing for them - big loss for Largs
  4. Several away at Meggatt’s stag do apparently?
  5. Kilwinning Rangers 0 Clydebank 1 ( McGonigle 66mins ) FT
  6. It's not just down to money though, most of the trophies we have won were before any senior Scottish cup runs. Yous would have been spending alot more when yous were in the senior leagues before liquidation etc? The Steedmans and spending money were never two things that went well together ! We exited Senior football in 2002 - our record transfer fee paid when we did was still the £50,000 which was very well spent on Gerry McCabe from Clyde back in 1979 ! The club made some great money in transfer fees over the years but not much of that was ever spent replacing the likes of Cooper, McDougall , Larnach , Coyne , Williamson etc
  7. Clydebank 2 ( Gallacher 15mins , McPherson 78mins) Rossvale 1 (Rodden 36mins) FT
  8. Full Time Clydebank 2 ( Liam McGonigle 2 minutes , Ross McPherson ( penalty ) 90+2 mins, Adam Hodge sent off 24mins) Blantyre Victoria 1 ( Ronan Kearney 84mins) FT Last minute winner for Bankies after a handball in the box- visitors lost a man to a second yellow card in the aftermath of the late penalty Bankies did well to grind out the win after playing over an hour with 10 men - looked a poor challenge by Adam Hodge - no real complaints
  9. St Cadoc’s 0 Clydebank 3 ( Little 15 mins and 82 mins (pen) Black 76 mins)
  10. St Cadoc’s 0 Clydebank 2 ( Little 15 mins, Black 76mins)
  11. Kilmarnock Pie Cup St Cadoc’s 0 Clydebank 1 ( Little 15 mins)
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