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  1. Whats the source of the Cheifs hate on here? Despite beating my team in the Superbowl last year and putting out the Bills who I had backed for the whole thing this year I have no real beef with them. Tyreek Hill is clearly a fanny with his domestic violence/ beating a kid crimes but the NFL is littered with that shit sadly. Apart from him people like Kelce and Mahommes seem fairly down to earth compared to other superstars, Andy Reid is an OG, they're a small market team with a strong fan base, you can't deny they're exciting to watch, etc. A win for Brady here and he is unquestionably the GOAT, I mean he probably is anyway but you can argue for a couple of others at the minute. If he wins 7 with 2 different teams there is no argument against it so I'll be half heartedly wanting the Chiefs to win. Should be a good game and I'll be spending the next 12 days contemplating my smorgasbord.
  2. Poor from the Bills although I was drifting in and out of consciousness in the second half.
  3. Terrible decision to kick there, worst case scenario you go for 8 again
  4. Total minter from the receiver on the 2pt
  5. Tom Brady is a massive fanny, very good QB though
  6. Buccs deserved that and of the 2 teams they might cause the Packers problems, the Saints were pish.
  7. Slow start for both the old fellas so far
  8. Come on Cleveland let's do this!
  9. Jesus thats so unlucky and a bit of a weird rule.
  10. Regretting betting the under, first quarter was perfect. Green Bay for and away the best team in the NFC.
  11. Both of those AFC match ups look class, NFC not so much.
  12. Hats off to Cleveland that was a brilliant performance, would be great to see the Bills and Browns in the Championship game.
  13. Great first half, hoping Cleveland see this out when I watch the second in the morning . 34 points is some going.
  14. Well well well who had Cleveland 28 up in the 1st quarter?
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