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  1. Holy shit that was some match in the late game, praise the Lord for gamepass and working from home. Get it up ye Seahawks!
  2. I work in a policy job in the civil service. It pays pretty well but its pretty fucking dull. I fancy becoming an immigration lawyer but its a lot of work and pays less (unless I had my name above the door). I came close to quitting a few years back to become a teacher but moved roles instead. With both those jobs I worry the reality of a massive workload will mean I hate it eventually. I've been in various departments for around 10 years now, in that time of all the people I've worked with only 2 of them have left the civil service /public sector completely. I'm in the sweet spot of being the highest grade below the level where the buck stops with you and I've got time to do all my household chores during my working day. Best realistic outcome for me, working in a Scottish embassy abroad (I could not work for the UK government again because they are c***s).
  3. Nice bonus game here, hoping for a shootout
  4. Watched the 9ers back this morning, solid enough performance up front, JG composed despite his ankle. Rams didn't offer much either though.
  5. Tampa D is good too, they'll be sniffing about the Superbowl, Packers probably not.
  6. Oooft Rodgers stinking it up
  7. Good lolz on the 2 pointer at the end
  8. Big juicy sirloin out the butchers, mushrooms and pepper sauce on top, salt and chilli potato wedges and roasted parsnips done in maple syrup on the side. Merlot.
  9. Sunday nights in the NFL season have always been amazing, in lockdown its comfortably the highlight every week, gamepass, wine, steak, coupon, etc.
  10. I don't know what I was thinking putting them on my coupon, absolute dugshite
  11. Mostart and screen passes ftw, come back is on with big CJ
  12. 9ers are going to be stuck with this big money dud for a long time, absolutely shocking so far
  13. 49ers stinking it up big time so far, 14-0
  14. Hanson shooting his load over Alex Smith coming in
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