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  1. Quick Question Thread

    For anyone that has sold a house that had multiple offers and a closing date... Do you get to see the name of who has made the offer? Do you get a list like £100k Mr Bawbag £99k Lambies Pigeon Feed 95k Mr Nae Chance Basically do I need to charm the guy more in case he sees my name and goes aye it's a wee bit less than the top offer but I know Lambies Pigeon Feed is a top boi and I'll sell it to him anyway.
  2. Hearts can f**k off, they hardly do away teams favours with their shitty sliver of the Roseburn. Night game means I'll need to get the train back to my flat (Upper Gorgie) with the Jambos. Fingers crossed our victory means I'm fearing for my life (and my injuries/sentence for battering c***s is up before our trip to Hampden).
  3. Rugby - Union And League

    Got comps in the back row of the bottom tier in the West stand so treated it like a football match and was giving the ref fucking pelters, got told to pipe down by some posh farmer type. Irish guys were a great laugh. Scotland rugby fans are mostly soft bawbags. Thought we matched them first half, they were lucky with all their tries and the ref was utter shite. Excellent day out but wouldn't pay what they charge to get in there for the 6 Nations.

    Was that really a classic defensive game though? It wasn't spectacular, there weren't too many turnovers or big plays, it was just poor offense against solid D. My missus stayed up to watch it with me, not a great introduction to the greatest show on earth.

    Back up for work now, what a waste of time that was, started to drift off after the Pats got the TD.

    Utter shite

    I'm streaming cbs now to avoid Jason Bell, he was really ruining my evening.

    Yeah that call was bullshit, watch them get points on this drive now

    Jason Bell is so bad at being on tv, cringey b*****d, fell for all that fyre festival shite as well, such a wee fanny what's he even done to merit that gig?

    Oh God I forgot about that, will just stream online with commercials instead

    Interest bet: Anderson, Gurley, Michel and Edelman all to score a TD, 14/1.

    No love for either team here so haven't wasted a days leave, just put 'late start' in my calendar so can sleep in till 9. I'm making haggis tacos but that'll be munched for dinner leaving me Indian oven snacks, beer and chocolate for the game. Certainly potential for this to be a cracker and I'll have a bet for interest. Rams by a bawhair in a high scoring running encounter. CJ Anderson to have a big one.
  13. Partick v Queens

    Not even Gerry and Jaqui are that fucking stupid. That's like refusing a winning lottery ticket.
  14. Partick v Queens

    Not even Gerry and Jaqui are that fucking stupid. That's like refusing a winning lottery ticket.
  15. Worst Town In Scotland

    The Rum Shack seemed to be a bit of a catalyst, all of a sudden you had that opposite the Ally Arms and a few interesting eateries opening and it's been slowly taking hold since. Coolness has been seeping out of Shawlands into Strathbungo for a while which will also fanned the flames, plus the big nice tenements, being near town and a belter of a park help. I'm moving back to Glasgow soon and will be aiming for the area. Apart from having no underground the south side pisses all over the west end for me these days.