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  1. Is this the week McCall turns this clown car around? Hard to see it based on last Friday and if it doesnt happen soon we're fucked. Good striker vs our defence means we'll need to score 3 to stand a chance. Away win.
  2. First game of this bodes well, pretty entertaining although the constant interviewing of players might get a bit tiresome. 19-19 in the 3rd.
  3. Getting away from the run game and putting it on Jimmy G was a bit of a faux pas. Gave KC the opportunity which they took like they have all season. Decent match up, wide awake now.
  4. Has Jimmy got the balls here? Squeaky bum time.
  5. This is going to be a crazy early finish now, Jimmy G wont throw the ball again.
  6. Jason Bell does my nut in tbh
  7. Just finished my chicken wings as the 9ers drive it in for the score. Looked a lot better on that drive. Good close game here
  8. This is some match up, I think the 49ere running game wins it here, I cant wait for this one!
  9. Will Hill 9ers to win and over 54 points 5/1
  10. We've had some turnover this window so wouldn't be surprised if we cant accommodate Doolan even though he'd be comparative peanuts. He'll definitely be back as a coach/4th choice striker in the summer.
  11. McCall sees something in O'Ware, I'm less sure myself but he must be doing something off the pitch to be given the armband and a contract extension. Being our best centre back just now is no accolade at all. But it's not impossible to see him as part of a decent defence in a way you know McGinty or Saunders just wont be. And with apologies to Craig's da who we know is reading but Slater was a complete nothing.
  12. I quite like this chicken wing idea, are people just buying frozen ones to stick in the oven and pimping them with extra sauce? I forgot how shit hot dogs are until I made them for Championship weekend.
  13. Bookies have the Chiefs as favourites by the tiniest of margins. Some good old fashioned running of the football and an intense defence should be enough for the 49ers to stop Mahommes.
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