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  1. Next Partick Thistle manager

    Some of my first memories of the internet were on ptfc.net thinking who is this fucking clown red monkey. Clearly still a fucking roaster. Tragic.
  2. Next Partick Thistle manager

    Give us this well articulated case then you fucking red rocket.
  3. Week 4

    yeah they really did, should never have gone to OT
  4. Week 4

    Got the Brown's on a line that's otherwise in, f**k work.
  5. Week 4

    Beathard beating the bolts.
  6. Week 4

    been watching the game in green bay, the bills fucking suck.
  7. Partick Thistle vs Ross County

    First real test in the league at home, I think we lose comfortably here.
  8. 2018/19 Betting Thread

    Bills to beat Packers Jags to beat Jets Saints to beat Giants Brown's to beat Raiders £10 returns £206
  9. Parz v Jagz 28/09/18

    what's that wee row of terracing on the left as you look at the main stand? have those people paid to stand there? this is exciting. oooh a chance just happened!
  10. Parz v Jagz 28/09/18

    Came from the amatuers and scored the winner under the floodlights at a full Firhill to win us the Championship against perennial bottle merchants Greenock Morton. Came to the pub in Maryhill after the win at Falkirk where we lifted the trophy. He has his place in Thistle history. Somewhat surprised to hear he's a full back but he we have Christie Elliot playing there, seems like that's where you end up when you work hard but aren't really very good.
  11. Week 3

    Beathard is the boi
  12. Week 3

    Jimmy G does himself a mischief by not going out of bounds and lowering his throwing shoulder into the tackle. Silly boy.
  13. Week 3

    Out of nowhere 9ers back in this, 2 score game. very good second half on both sides of the ball
  14. Week 3

    Chiefs to win it all this year
  15. Week 3

    Nothing on the opening drive, Arrowhead buzzing and the Chiefs moving the ball into the red zone. Long night awaits I fear.