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  1. Made a pigs ear of the end of the half there, schoolboy shit.
  2. Ser when you bet on a team you really dont like and they're 21-0 half way through the second quarter. Detroit fucking my early coupon as always.
  3. This is a big turning point for the club. Low and Caldwell gone. Both absolute charlatans with delusions of grandeur who were taking us to the dogs.
  4. Needed the Chargers for my coupon, disaster
  5. Dalton intercepted, 9ers got a chance to get real distance before half time
  6. 49ers looking efficient on offense / Cinci looking meh on defence. 7 - 14 9ers
  7. We stank the place out, Caldwell can naff off. Steak and black pudding pie was quality gear.
  8. If we lose this surely its curtains for Caldwell, desperately need 3 points soon or we're gonna struggle for the (promotion) playoffs.
  9. I've just returned to Glasgow and have a shop for Morton's rolls and a butcher for square sausage a stones through from my house. Absolutely fucking delightful after years of soft Edinburgh rolls and supermarket bought square. I do miss the haggis and tattie scone roll from my old works canteen, even if it was served in some bappy pish. Morton's rolls are the best in Scotland.
  10. Very excited for my first trip to Gayfield, less excited about our prospects of victory. Recommendations for pubs and a steer towards the best curry in Arbroath appreciated.
  11. Richard Sherman, 20-7 49ers
  12. 9ers TD for the lead, 13-7
  13. Ugly game in Tampa, 4 TDs taken off the board for penalties, interceptions and fumbles all over the place. 9ers squandered some great field position towards the end of the first half.
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