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  1. Looking forward to red zone and a coupon in the early slot but I'm a little concerned about Trey Lance in the rain against the Shithawks later on especially given our recent record against them. Also, shout out to the queen for doing UK NFL fans a solid.
  2. Terrible performance from the 49ers, coupon bursting b*****ds
  3. Absolure banter conditions in Chicago and Deebo fumbles on the first drive.
  4. The Bunnet's bubble has burst and Arbroath look like a team that will struggle this season based on the last two games, and as much as I would lol at Campbell getting relegated it is unquestionably a great away day and those steak and black pies are top tier so let's spare them.
  5. Did you c***s not have online tickets for away fans last year? Every diddy in the championship managed it.
  6. Terrible trousers on the Rock here
  7. The lambs aren't that good either, I'm big on the Bengals bandwagon for this one.
  8. Watched the second half this morning, piss poor really, not just Jimmy G but the defense was poor too, dropping that INT was bad but the helmet to helmet right afterwards was when I had a feeling it was going down the toilet. Ah well, never expected to be anywhere near this game and now. Mon the Bengals.
  9. 3 points isn't going to cut it for the Bengals
  10. Two great looking games tonight although I fear for my ability to stay awake for the late one after too many beers yesterday. The 9ers will do the Rams for the third time this season, Shanahan has McVey in his back pocket and Deebo Samuel is the best player in football. Plus it'll be another home game.
  11. Fitting way to end the weekend if the Bills drive down for a game winning TD here. Also for the poster with the 4 away team coupon!
  12. That was an incredible victory, really feared the worst after the Packers opening drive and then how shite the offense was but what a performance by the defense and Deebo. Thought it was fucked again after that stupid Jimmy G interception down by the GB goal line. GIRFUY Rodgers.
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