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  1. Mr Excitement checks back in at Tynecastle for another dose of swashbuckling football. Probably not.
  2. A naive woman who is like that nouveau football fan from The Fast Show but ended up running the club. TOTALLY.DOES.NOT.GET.IT. She's also Hibs and her brothers construction company would f**k up building a garden shed.
  3. Our pleb tier citizens won't pick fruit but pleb tier from other loser countries will because it's still a decent wedge for them. Bring em over, once the job is done send em home with money in their pocket.
  4. Big Willie Miller's business and financial acumen was brought into play on today's show. How man chip shops of his went bankrupt again?
  5. As much as the end of this season is unprecedented, we have to acknowledge that if Hearts were a notch or two higher in the league we'd be voting Yes to that resolution vote last week too. The bold Ann would probably have flung in a decent lecture aimed at any clubs threatening to derail cash coming into the bank. Once the season has got up and running a side like ours with what has been spent on it should at no point be bottom of the league. She was only saying in Aug that the incumbent fanny of a manager, after a shocker the season before, was doing a great job. The fans have been left pulling their hair out at this woman. Keeping Levein in position for as long as she did, allowing that guiser MacPhee to take the team for as long as he did then fucking about for weeks on end getting a replacement have played a bigger part in our relegation than a virus. It is my own personal opinion formed after the St Mirren game that we were down. This situation is convenient in many way's because it's something to hide behind, that question of perhaps we would have stayed up? We will never know as thing's stand. One thing that was abundantly clear is we were on a downward trajectory long before some poor sod in China scoffed a scabby bat.
  6. Ann Budge, who'd have her back to the pitch if it wasn't for Craig Levein turning her round, is involved in restructuring Scottish Football.
  7. Van Halen - Ain't talkin bout love THAT GUITAR Shame wee Eddie is toiling the now.
  8. Something something 4 old firm games something something less tv revenue etc? I think wee Budge has had some crushing legal advice, if the vote doesn't go our way we'll just have to lump* it. Her rhetoric was all about fighting it all the way, now reality seems to be dawning. *By lump it I mean make childish 'am never gon back tae <insert side who voted to finish season now> again which, of course, won't be stuck to.
  9. All season teams haven't had to work very hard to score against us and we seem to have to toil like buggery for any goals we score. The St Mirren game is huge which is why we will draw. We've been saying for weeks we need to start winning and it's yet to happen. We'll struggle for the rest of the season and finish in the bottom two.
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