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  1. Ye reckon this might have something to do with the Mango Mussolini's about face on Jyna? https://thinkprogress.org/white-house-chinese-financing-trump-project-violate-constitution-76456a21225a/
  2. Aye cos the first thing Mueller is going to do when he finds any evidence is blab to the media about it. Gerragripman!
  3. The phrase "too small, too poor, too stupid" pretty much sums up Labour in Scotland.
  4. Maybe, just maybe Nike dont want their brand associated with bigotry. The "free" in free speech does not refer to the consequences.
  5. Aye, you should always seek the permission of others before exercising your right to self-determination.
  6. Aye just imagine setting a precedent of allowing a democratic vote. Heaven forbid!
  7. If "most people in Catalonia want to stay in Spain" why does Madrid not just let the vote go ahead and encourage No voters to get to the polls? The way they are acting suggests that they know they would lose the vote.
  8. Maybe you shpuld get behind universal healthcare then ya fuckin twonk!
  9. There's nothing controversial about calling Trump a white supremacist.
  10. True. Only some of them hated jews. Others hated blacks and others hated jews and blacks. It was a real mixed bag.
  11. There's no such group so what they're essentially saying is that its now illegal to protest against fascist ideaology. God bless the Trump Reich.
  12. Do you really want to open up a debate on the effect of white immigration to North America had on the native population or are you one of these idiots that believe whites are native?
  13. Two words for you: Anas Sarwar
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