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  1. I still say 'bit more choke and she'd have started' after anyone cuts loose with an arseslapper of a fart to blank looks 99% of the time. Anyway, 'to you,to me,to you'
  2. The lesser spotted ffc anti-crowdwank maneuver. We're through the looking glass here people.
  3. Agree completely.If we're being serious about giving McCabe time this setup should have been in place from the start. A couple more centre halfs and a midfielder that knows what a tackle and hustle looks like would be a bonus.
  4. "Yankees with a professional performance to shoot down cleveland as expected" is the takeaway but doesn't tell the story of the series. Francona has built a team to put the shiters up the american league in the post-season which is good for a few get it roond ye giggles. 'Mon the philles/pads.
  5. The classic three outfielders chasing down one ball wipeout will never not be funny imo.
  6. Not the greatest start by the guardians, three runs down after the first.if the yankees get up a head of steam this could get messy.
  7. If you're a team that can grind out around 90 wins per regular season you deserve a swing at the title after 162 games jammed into a 30 week schedule imo.loving its the phillies vs pads for a swing at the nega-shiney trophy and cleveland has a punchers chance instead of a post season pile on team procession although I still reckon its the Astros crown to lose as it stands though. Rain delay for the yanks-guards wta showdown. Mon the Cleveland.
  8. And we're back to yankee stadium for the decider. Think that will be that for the Guardians after a decent run over the last 20 or so games to get us this far.This team has shown that they will scrap to the last out all season though so still a glimmer of hope.
  9. Bader's swagger from stepping into the batting box to knocking f**k out of the first pitch is a grudged doff of the cap.p***k.
  10. 'Mon the Cleveland, put them to bed plz. Gotta love being on nightshift during post season.
  11. 4-2 guardians after ten ties it up to head home. Fxckin yass. Shane Bieber gave up two in the first but apart from that him and the bullpen were superb tonight,Classe came out for about twenty pitches finishing off.A few errors from the yankees defence late in the game definitely helped but the top of the tenth was delicious to watch.
  12. The silence inside yankee stadium as the guards take a two run no out lead in the top of the tenth is giving me strong 'bend it round ye' happy vibes. The closeups on the yankee players and fans glum faces is just gravy.
  13. Unsure what to expect from this one.Last week against Kelty was as bad as we've been in a long while where we just didnt look capable of doing the basics let alone anything else. A bit of fight shown against Mo at least however shipping four goals isn't filling me with much confidence for tomorrow,would settle for any kind of win we can muster to halt this honking run we're on.
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