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  1. If they do go for the 3 team groups, they should make sure that the top seeds play the first two games. In most cases this would mean that they'll be through and should mean that the last game is a playoff to get through.
  2. I suspect that they would be waiting until they had an alternative sign to replace it with, no point in hiring the cherry picker twice. Our commercial team actually finding someone however...
  3. Stuart Armstrong doesn't play a pass and takes the whole team out the game, probably game done.
  4. Stevie McLean who subsequently signed for Raith playing on an artificial pitch with no change in his fitness. Most of the time, the opinions against them regarding injuries come from footballing dinosaurs.
  5. Clearly more than £22 - which plenty teams in the Championship charge. From the last week for Raith a seat in the horrible main stand at Cappielow would have cost just that.
  6. Not exactly "in the SPFL" though. Most tinpot things in Scotland maybe...
  7. BBC live text has that it was given offside by the assistant (after the now usual delay when VAR in place) - and then checked given a potential penalty if he was onside.
  8. Certainly on world ranking, whoever came out of Europe for it will be the number 1 seed.
  9. markf268 loses to thekid1433 by resignation. Tried to find a clever way out of, at best, a pawn down - made it far, far worse.
  10. On the bench for Livingston following release from Morton.
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