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  1. Not listed as suspended on the SFA website, must be ok.
  2. How many good games can you actually point to Forrest having? Struggling to go beyond those two games within a week which is shocking for a guy with more than 30 caps.
  3. All on McGinn that goal for me, completely ignores the run into the back post.
  4. Fair, but it is Davie Provan sitting with Crocker.
  5. Particularly when, by waiting until Sunday morning to make a decision, they are forcing the Scotland team and fans to travel towards the typhoon.
  6. Unlikely other option but, in theory, just win following Ireland failing to beat Samoa.
  7. Tried that one week, it didn't work! At this rate, I'm going to end up picking the three shortest odds to try and get off the mark.
  8. Could in theory Bury still play as (as far I know) they haven't actually went bust yet?
  9. I think the point is so that you can get directly to categories that you're interested in, rather than having to scroll past what Netflix are pushing that day.
  10. Do us all a favour and give this a rest.
  11. Yes, but only an idiot would consider which bit at the back of the stand you hand your money over to make any difference.
  12. I normally go for Buchanan Galleries - car park opens at 9 and it's £4 for the full day. Great running, good to see that you're back.
  13. Unlikely, the NHBC guarantee is 10 years.
  14. It's almost like it isn't the BBC or Sky getting it wrong, rather whatever (clearly dreadful) company they outsource doing the fixtures to.
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