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  1. Would a later kick off have made that much difference to Aberdeen fans, particularly given train isn't an option? Outside of that, the only other option would have been a Monday night - which would be worse than what we have.
  2. A pretty tinpot preview article on the BBC, playing into stereotypes Scottish Premiership: Why you should embrace the bedlam of Scotland's top flight - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57821757
  3. TV might make it a Monday night, which would be less than ideal.
  4. Do we know how many games will be picked for TV? Just trying to work out whether avoiding Rangers and Celtic means you can be fairly certain of kick off time.
  5. That was an absolute robbery as well - we'd been battered for 88 minutes.
  6. Mentioned on here before, but the ONS stats for England and Wales show the difference between those whose death certificate shows the difference between those where Covid was an underlying cause of death, compared to the total. If I remember rightly (not been at work this week, so not looking) - it's roughly 60-70% of deaths where it's underlying rather than just included. This compares to about 80-90% if you go back to January.
  7. Available, affordable, experienced but non-journeyman midfielders isn't exactly a large circle in the Venn diagram of players.
  8. I'm fine with wearing one, but what's so special about December for changing the advice?
  9. Nightclubs can open but only until midnight? [emoji23]
  10. And finished with a win over cols407 by a long grinding down of wills. A game that could have went either way - certainly the game report on my side showed some blunders that could have sent it the other way.
  11. Hardly a shock that they'd want it printed up just in case so it's ready to go first thing tomorrow morning if/when it's needed. The money being placed if it's Italy v England would be considerably more than Italy v Denmark.
  12. Looks like a random draw - would have been better to tag that on to the initial draw rather than tweet a video the following day after the draw came out.
  13. An end of season win over DieHardDoonhamer in Division C by checkmate. Game that swung about a bit but did miss a chance to finish it off a little earlier than I did. Good game. Just the one game to finish for the season to me against cols407 - into a tight end game.
  14. Yeah, that seemed a little dodgy - surely it should just be North 1 v South 1, etc (or some variation) and it could be announced straight away.
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