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  1. I take what was written as a striker like him, not necessarily him...
  2. Not sure I believe the wanted to drop out and cooperation with the race organisers statement - that coming from someone well involved in community running is pretty disappointing - you wouldn't pose for photos and take your prize before you're found out.
  3. Season has been fine, nothing particularly great or dreadful but that's a big improvement on the form from the second half of last season. Had to deal with a massive injury list, a budget mostly eaten up by contracts issued by the previous manager with automatic increases and lack of strikers who can actually score goals but room for improvement next year with potential investment coming in.
  4. Fairly standard for clubs to note when a team has won their league?
  5. Compared to the rest of the league, our goals conceded isn't too bad. Comparing to the three teams in the playoffs, we've lost 44 compared to 45, 40 and 41 for Queen's Park, Partick and Ayr. The difference comes down to goals scored - 43 for us compared to 58, 58 and 57 for those teams mentioned.
  6. An unsurprising draw given how long we'd dug in. I assume we now go to a replay?
  7. In for next season, hopefully relegated into a league I won't get outplayed in!
  8. From looking through, a couple of results missing from the spreadsheet: Wk7: markf268 beat PnBmathematics Wk14: pleslie99 beat markf268 Week 18 game up and running and challenges out for remaining games from weeks 13 and 17
  9. I picked up a pair of Nike Invincible 2s in the outlet shop a month or so ago for under £40(!) - definitely won't be running fast in them but feel like running on a cushion if that suits you.
  10. Last year had Saturday night, a double header Sunday and then Monday night.
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