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  1. Is there not a part of it that the Millennium Stadium is still set up as a hospital so it needs to go elsewhere?
  2. Surely he should have been booked for jumping into the crowd to celebrate!
  3. Stranraer will be fine - they're (sensibly) not involved in it. On the off chance that Hearts won some compensation they could then put in a follow up claim based on it.
  4. Unlikely, but there could be scope for friendlies and playing a couple of rounds of the Challenge Cup if it was really clear.
  5. There's never an answer about how this would fit in with the Scottish Cup winner's place - either the playoffs have to happen after the cup final, which means playing them into June (and removing the final being the end of the season) or they potentially get played through and then you have to change the outcome based on the final. It works in other countries where the cup final happens in March so the outcome is known in advance.
  6. It could have been done 2 months ago, teams would likely have backed it and it was an option - doing it 5 weeks before the season was way too late.
  7. Could you not use a post office if it's closer? They have the facilities to take pay ins. On the other hand, does the RBS mobile app allow paying in cheques? I know other banks do.
  8. Do the rules not state 90% rather than 11-1? So would be 13-1 unless that rule is changed along with it.
  9. Also the one that annoyed me most was when Hakimi was clean through in the first half - no change from the "fans" and then a round of applause for the save which was still going as Sancho tried to put it back across goal. It's dreadful and distracting. The silence is much better and will be a choice being taken every time I can. (New one on it from the Celta v Villarreal - raucous applause as the ball is given back following an injury)
  10. In (slight) fairness to Macclesfield, it seems a bit harsh to include their points penalty in the PPG calculation - it scales it up so that they're punished more, 13.67 points rather than the 11 they were deducted.
  11. Does anyone have the attendances for games Motherwell Colts played - he was quoted saying that every game had 1000 at it but I'm somewhat sceptical.
  12. Yeah, they introduced it as being added in and not in the stadium. Feels distracting to me so far - especially as audio seems to be ahead of the video.
  13. Quite a small sample to be fair - in Bundesliga 2 so far there's been 16 home wins and 8 away wins with the rest draws. On a separate note, crowd noise being pumped in for Leverkusen v Bayern - feels worse than nothing for me, doesn't even change when Leverkusen go in front so is more distracting than anything else.
  14. It was less that we were short in midfield, more that we were short in defence after Benedictus got injured against Ayr. Scott Robertson dropped back into centre half and Vaughan dropped into his role.
  15. The problem is that the figure that is officially announced bears no resemblance to the actual number of deaths that day - it's a count of how many additional deaths they have to add the total. For example, the other day added 450 deaths that had taken place from mid April. The only daily figure that is worth tracking is the ONS and NRS figures but obviously they come with a delay.
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