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  1. That probably means that one person has put a fiver on it.
  2. Could we create a Google Doc that we all have access to? Only work would be setting up the spreadsheet to create the tables (I can help with this) and setting out a fixture calendar at the start of the season.
  3. Not sure anyone could paint a shove in the back as a genuine attempt to win the ball.
  4. Hopefully it's set so the top seed plays in the first two games - much more likely then to have the last game being a decider with less chance of dodgy goings on.
  5. @Detective Jimmy McNulty Late transfers - out Finau and English, in Spieth and Scheffler. Also a change of captain from Reed to Morikawa
  6. Think he had his arm in a sling yesterday, so guess a return isn't imminent.
  7. Might be being cynical, but all of the SPFL's advertising for the game lists it as Rovers v QoS which would suggest that we were the designated "home" team - giving the option to pick our home shirt to play in.
  8. Turkey miss a penalty that would have levelled it up against Portugal
  9. Based on the media reports around the St Mirren job, it wouldn't surprise me if Steven Naismith was one of the contenders if McGlynn did leave - has been coaching Hearts U18 and I suspect wouldn't be against teaming up with Berra. Whether he'd be any good is a different debate.
  10. I'm not sure they get anything specifically for a game being on. Pretty sure it all goes into the pot with the Sky deal and all other sponsorships to be paid out as prize money.
  11. That made a lot more sense when games were all being streamed so teams were missing out on PPV equally - should be a bit more flexibility added now.
  12. The weekly email says there will be a minute's silence.
  13. I assume that if we did pay him off, we could still hold on to his registration to allow us to claim some money back off any other team stupid enough to sign him?
  14. Still ends up back being our problem in the summer regardless I would think.
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