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  1. Think we've made the right call on all of those. Sibbald, McMillan and Pignatiello need to play and I don't think the others are at the level required. Martindale mentioned keeping Jacobs on as back-up before so wouldn't have surprised me if he turned down that opportunity to play regularly elsewhere. A big loss in the dressing room and it's sad to see a genuine legend leaving. Agree with the call on Bailey coming back. Seething that Tom Parkes' incentives extension (up to 2 additional years) have been triggered without any mention. He will be the new Pignatiello in my squad lists.
  2. Silly from him and the staff regardless of Maley coming on. Hope he's not fucked himself too badly as he looks a good player on the ball and in the air. That game was a lot better than against St. Johnstone last week. Promising performance from Montano that bodes well for next season with Forrest and Bailey leaving. Aside from that, some decent football and a fairly comfortable performance when we stepped it up. Can't complain.
  3. Might be wrong but I could see Parkes moving on (despite Davie's comments) due to Cancar signing. Don't think we need a fifth centre back unless we've had clubs reaching out about Fitzwater.
  4. Goalkeepers 30. Brian Schwake - 2023 31. Ivan Konovalov - 2023 (1 year extension option) 32. Max Stryjek - 2024 Defenders 2. Nicky Devlin - 2023 3. Jackson Longridge - 2023 4. Tom Parkes - 2023 (?) 5. Jack Fitzwater - 2023 6. Ayo Obileye - 2023 (1 year extension option) 15. Morgan Boyes - 2023 (1 year extension option) 25. Phillip Cancar - 2024 (1 year extension option) 29. James Penrice - 2024 Jamie Brandon - 2025 Midfielders 8. Scott Pittman - 2023 18. Jason Holt - 2023 20. Scott Bitsindou - 2024 (1 year extension option) 24. Sean Kelly - 2024 33. Stephane Omeonga - 2023 38. Harrison Clark - 2023 (?) Forwards 9. Bruce Anderson - 2024 11. Cristian Montano - 2023 (1 year extension option) 14. Josh Mullin - 2023 19. Joel Nouble - 2023 (1 year extension option) 22. Andrew Shinnie - 2023 37. Jaze Kabia - 2023 Out of Contract Alan Forrest Jack Hamilton In Scott Bitsindou - KSK Lierse Kempenzonen Jamie Brandon - Heart of Midlothian Phillip Cancar - Western Sydney Wanderers Out Odin Bailey - Birmingham City (Loan return) Daniel Barden - Norwich City (Loan return) Caleb Chukwuemeka - Aston Villa (Loan return) Keaghan Jacobs Adam Lewis - Liverpool (Loan return) Gary Maley - Retiring Jack McMillan Carlo Pignatiello - Greenock Morton Matej Poplatnik Craig Sibbald Sebastian Soto - Norwich City (Loan return) Gavin Reilly
  5. Sounds like we'll be playing players that won't be with us next season against Dundee (a lot of fringe). Could get interesting if St. Johnstone don't do the business tonight.
  6. McMillan & Sibbald going. Wish the best for both of them, good players who will thrive elsewhere. Hopefully Sibbald going means Omeonga staying (it's all gone a bit quiet on him).
  7. The guy needs to play games, it's probably the right time to cut the cord for his sake as much as I would like him to stay. I think he will be a very solid player wherever he goes.
  8. Justice done with the point but we were very flat today. Main positive for us was Konovalov looking like a very useful keeper.
  9. Apparently one of the pre contracts is from the UK rather than being foreign based. Martindale said they had two awaiting 'GBE' approval and one is here.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61332811 3 signed on pre-contracts while Martindale wants to add 4 players in forward areas. Suggests there will be quite a bit of turnover unless we want to run with a massive squad.
  11. Worth highlighting how brilliant his finish was as well. Totally flummoxed the keeper by going near post rather than the very open far post. Martindale says he should be aiming for 8-10 goals a season and I agree with that with the positions he takes up. If he can consistently finish like that, he will get there.
  12. We've defended pretty well as a positive but a number of our players have been lazy and very sloppy at points when under no pressure. Also don't think our forward line is working very well, possibly too fluid and it seems like they aren't giving the full backs options to pass to.
  13. Not sure if he got it getting involved afterwards? He seemed to stay out of it.
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