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  1. I think the only difference is that those two have had their numbers replaced while Menga hasn't. They may all still be on the payroll as a result.
  2. It was behind the footage in the second half which was much preferable.
  3. From my viewing, Sibbald got up well to win the ball and his momentum took him over Durmus who was nowhere near winning the header. Really dangerous fall on his spine/back and I was stunned that the referee initially played on after it.
  4. Need to bin the 3 at the back...I get we have an abundance of defenders but Gary needs to stop trying to shoehorn them all in. The extra man at the back means dykes lacks the support up top Agreed. 3 at the back has been crap since we brought in back in last year. Our best results were all under 4-2-3-1.
  5. Alnwick, Shaughnessy & McCarthy were very good. Deserved win for them. Very one dimensional from us. Our set pieces were utter garbage. McMillan in for Devlin next week, please. Stream was very good aside from the commentary being out of sync.
  6. Goalkeepers 1. Robby McCrorie - 2021 30. Brian Schwake - 2021 (?) 32. Max Stryjek - 2023 40. Gary Maley - 2021 Ross Stewart - 2021 Defenders 2. Nicky Devlin - 2021 (1 year extension option) 3. Ciaron Brown - January 2021 (loan) 4. Alan Lithgow - 2021 5. Jack Fitzwater - 2023 21. Jack McMillan - 2022 25. Efe Ambrose - 2021 27. Jon Guthrie - 2021 (1 year extension option) 29. Aaron Taylor-Sinclair - 2021 Cece Pepe - 2021 (1 year extension option) Midfielders 6. Marvin Bartley - 2022 7. Keaghan Jacobs - 2022 8. Scott Pittman - 2021 10. Craig Sibbald - 2022 16. Robbie Crawford - 2021 33. Steve Lawson - 2021 39. Carlo Pignatiello - 2021(?) Forwards 9. Lyndon Dykes - 2022 11. Alan Forrest - 2022 15. Matej Poplatnik - 2022 (1 year extension option) 17. Scott Robinson - 2021 19. Salim Kouider-Aissa - 2022 (1 year extension option) 20. Aymen Souda - 2021 (1 year extension option) 22. Scott Tiffoney - 2021(?) 23. Raffaele De Vita - 2021 38. Jack Hamilton - 2022 Dolly Menga - 2021(?) In Ciaron Brown - Cardiff (Loan) Jack Fitzwater - West Bromich Albion Alan Forrest - Ayr United Salim Kouider-Aissa - Queen's Park Robby McCrorie - Rangers (Loan) Matej Poplatnik - Kerala Blasters Max Stryjek - Eastleigh Out Chris Erskine - East Kilbride Craig Henderson - East Stirlingshire Ricki Lamie - Motherwell Steven Lawless - Burton Albion Hakeem Odoffin - Hamilton Academical Ryan Schofield - Huddersfield (Loan Return) Updated with the Odoffin news. Happy we got some cash for him, even if it is likely a small amount. Pepe, Menga & Stewart have not been given numbers in the Roar magazine so I assume they are gone. 28 is closer to a sensible squad size. Was watching an interview with John Ward earlier on SSN and he mentioned that the club had brought in an in-house testing machine which meant they did not have to send off results like a lot of the other teams.
  7. Best post ah've see this year 👏👏👏🇬🇧 #beautiful #youreallyareapoet #HHGH Some guy condemning this shite was told he was being harsh as 'JP' was "only expressing his feelings not literally stating what folks should do". lol Imbeciles.
  8. I'm not disputing his success at all. It is just hilarious for him to use the phrase 'successful businessman' after he has been going on for weeks about how Ann Budge is a 'successful businesswoman' and as such her opinions should trusted completely.
  9. How is it disgraceful that Doncaster stated that the SPFL's actions were vindicated? What a hysterical fanny Levein is.
  10. Dave Cormack calling for an review of the governance of Scottish football. Tom English - "This is a very successful businessman" He's got to be trolling now.
  11. Not a peep from Leslie Deans yet sadly. Hoping today is the day that he crawls out from under his rock.
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