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  1. I think we should try Lithgow back in for Guthrie, if he's fit. The rest of the team should stay the same. Can see this being 1-0 or 0-1.
  2. A truly abysmal record. You would fancy us to get through to the 5th round this year (for the first time in 12 years lol) but there are so many bad results in there.
  3. We have this conversation every year. If we lose in this round, it would piss me off. However, winning this, then losing in the next round and missing out on the Quarter Finals again would turn me into a seething mess. 15 years since we last made it which is mental given we have spent all but three seasons in the second tier or above.
  4. Don't rate Taylor Sinclair at all based on what I have seen so far. He shows zero urgency when tracking back leaving our left side exposed. Seems completely at odds to the rest of the team who all bust a gut to get back. Think we would have been A LOT better with Savane and I imagine we will find better free agents in January. I think Odoffin is a bit rough around the edges but has shown potential at times. While Devlin is out, I would have him at right-back and McMillan at left-back. When Lithgow is back, I would shift Lamie over to the left and McMillan to the right.
  5. Agree with the defending aspect - Guthrie too deep. As you say, difficult to tell from that angle and probably borderline either way.
  6. Great through ball there. Looks just onside.
  7. Agreed. Doubt he will be playing in March but for me, he is ahead of McKenna now.
  8. Willie Miller hyping the Aberdeen centre half pairing and Stephen O'Donnell.
  9. Pretty good result considering the call offs. Was impressed with Gallagher, Christie and Palmer. Not convinced McGregor or McKenna should be starting if we have all options available. Yet to see either play to their much heralded ability for Scotland.
  10. Nick Walsh has officiated a number of our biggest wins in recent seasons - Dundee United (Flood Meltdown), Dundee 4-0 and Hearts 5-0. As a result, I'm a big fan.
  11. From a positive perspective, we are 6th after playing every team once. I would also say that there has not been a game so far where we have got more points than we deserved but many where we have got less. I was wrong in the summer - we need one more striker if we are to fulfil our potential this year. If some squad/loan players need to go to allow this to happen, so be it. We can not afford passengers.
  12. That penalty decision is a sickener.
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