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  1. Some good signs (strong and good in the air) but a bit naive. Too early to tell honestly.
  2. Stryjek Lawson Guthrie Brown Serrano Bartley Sibbald Mullin Pittman Forrest Tiffoney Subs: McCrorie, Devlin, McMillan, ATS, Ambrose, Holt, Robinson, Poplatnik, JET Backup/Injured: Fitzwater, Pignatiello, Maley, Jacobs, Lithgow It won't happen but that's how I'd line up on Saturday. I really don't think we've benefited from our big squad so far this season, I think it's led to too many options and us not having a clear first 11.
  3. Lokotsch on loan to Raith until January. Makes sense given his recent lack of action.
  4. Rangers deserved to win but we should have ran them closer with the openings we wasted. Stryjek a lot more assured and far better at distribution than McCrorie. Very much hope he stays in next week along with Brown.
  5. As I suggested prior to yesterday's game Aitken has a history of being borderline crooked against us. In just the last 1 and bit years: 1) Yesterday's penalty. 2) Last season at home to Hearts, he misses a blatant penalty before sending one of our players off seconds later. 3) Books Steven Lawless for diving in a 1-2 loss to Dundee in 2019 while the game is at 1-1. Yellow card overturned on appeal. There was some ridiculous stat about the number of our players he had sent off in games (5 in 8 I believe at one point). It's hard to believe the guy does not have a bias against us at this point. Why the f**k he would, I have zero idea.
  6. Nothing went our way today. Kilmarnock defended well and deserved their win as a result.
  7. Refuse to believe McCrorie will be back in the team unless Stryjek has a disaster at Ibrox.
  8. Agree on both points. It hits one hand, then hits his other hand and goes right into the path of Tshibola.
  9. Sure. Admittedly I do not know the timelines on the testing. Given the first positive case announcement came on Thursday, presumably this was their planned testing for Saturday's game and a second round of targeted testing brought up today's announcement. I would suggest if they have been running with two keepers on the bench in the last two games that supplementing their testing with some youth players may have been worthwhile. If a whole bunch of players have been forced to quarantine today, maybe they have already been doing this.
  10. To Ric's point earlier about forcing players back, presumably they will confirm the amount of players out with Covid, out due to quarantine and out due to injury. Clearly if a large part of the squad has been ruled out at the last minute due to the first two, there can be no argument against the postponement. If St. Mirren have a smaller squad due to injuries, they could have presumably fleshed it out with youth players getting a test earlier in the week?
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