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  1. Horrible start for us. I feel like our result here will set the tone for the season.
  2. Had a quick look and I think I'm right in saying that Rangers won't post free to view highlights for this game?
  3. Two great wins on the bounce for the Strollers. Looking forward to getting to a game when I'm back in Edinburgh.
  4. Longridge, Pittman and Shinnie (and Jacobs...) not in the squad tonight.
  5. As good a draw we could have hoped for in the circumstances.
  6. There were 9 substitutes available to select last season? As you say, 5 of them could come on.
  7. Disappointing that Hamilton only got 30 minutes in the league cup games. Really unlucky with illness at a crucial period for him. If you don't count Maley and Bartley, it looks as though we will have 24 players to choose from on match days. I'm not sure if the Premiership is going back to 7 substitutes but that could leave a lot of players out with Mullin and Forrest due back next week.
  8. Richard Gordon laughing at Jay Emmanuel-Thomas having a good game on Thursday. Implied that Leanne Crichton also thought he would be shite. If you couldn't see his talent based on the 2nd part of last season, you have got to be a complete moron. The guy will stroll it with Aberdeen now he's had a full pre-season.
  9. Sounds like Kabia was excellent today. Hope the guy gets his chance.
  10. Through easily. Absolutely never in doubt. Absolutely not. We're back baybay.
  11. Low. I think we will concede a lot of goals.
  12. Absolutely seething if that's the case. A million centre midfielders and left backs but only 2 clear centre backs. Couldn't care less if others 'can do a job', we need better than that if either Parkes or Fitzwater gets injured. Really irresponsible squad building.
  13. Sell out, what's the capacity 1500-2000 max 2000.
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