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  1. Deserved win for our brothers in arms. Showed a lot of heart after the ridiculous red card. Congrats!
  2. Don't buy that a win at St. Mirren will secure top 6. From the encounters this season, they look to have a team with a lot of heart and it wouldn't surprise me if they get a result at Tynecastle and smash Kilmarnock if they need the points and goals. The three remaining fixtures aren't as easy as is being made out and I can see us needing at least 4 points from those, regardless of what happens on 1st April. I would feel a lot better if we hadn't lost 2 points thanks to the officials in the Dundee United match.
  3. Anderson deserved a goal. Not sure why Martindale continues to take him off (particularly in this game where he would have been effective on the counter attack).
  4. The BBC live text says offside as well. Didn't help that Sportscene showed the worst possible camera angles.
  5. Why do we do this to ourselves every week? County totally out of the game, we concede a terrible goal and make things difficult.
  6. Would need to rewatch but I thought George had fouled Brophy on first watch. I thought we were hopeless before the first goal. Penrice on the right wasn't working up until his great bit of skill to cross for Nouble (nice finish as well). Second goal was rubbish defending from County but a nice hit from Devlin after his ridiculous attempt from 40 yards earlier in the game. Hope we can kill this off and get some confidence back which looked to be lacking in the last few games.
  7. I think we've been missing experience and enough calm heads on the park since Bartley stopped playing. I've said a number of times that I'd be looking at Scott Arfield but I'm not certain now that Kelly looks so good behind the strikers. I hope Martindale spends his budget wisely and brings in players who will clearly fit a system he wants to play. It has always felt like Shinnie has been shoehorned into a position that isn't his own.
  8. Definitely been better this season at crossing than in any of his other seasons. Should have had 10+ assists in his second season, he was always in the right positions before fluffing the cross. I am one of Devlin's biggest critics on here but still think this could be a loss for us. Very much relies on Brandon coming good and staying injury free. Next season will be a tough one for us, particularly if Nouble is sold. Top 6 this season might give us a bit of breathing room to bring in some better quality players.
  9. Some big games at the top this week: 14th March - Spartans vs. University of Stirling 17th March - Celtic B vs. Spartans
  10. Old man shouting at a cloud by this point but truly disgraceful officiating again.
  11. Pathetic second half from us. Didn't look like we wanted to win the game. That said, might help our chances if the officials start doing their jobs at some point.
  12. Whole refereeing team must have Dundee United on the coupon. Dreadful tackle and mental it wasn't upgraded. f**k VAR.
  13. I get it's different referees and I don't think two fouls should necessarily be two yellows but Omeonga being sent off for his 'challenges' when Freeman avoided two for a high tackle and a short pull is infuriating. Not getting much luck with the officials at the moment.
  14. Think the challenge was clumsy more than malicious but it shows that we are again getting mucked around by VAR while they upgrade our bad challenges to red cards. How the Pittman challenge is a red and that one isn't is beyond me. Far more dangerous.
  15. Martindale said it looked like a bad one. I'd be appealing the Fitzwater red to give us the extra option for this game.
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