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  1. Yeah I was slightly uneasy with us playing on but referee should have stopped the game. He didn't have a good game at all.
  2. Everything went our way, can't believe we got out of that with a clean sheet... That said, totally deserved given how dangerous we looked on the break again and again. Bailey, Anderson and Forrest at the end were brilliant. We also look so much better with Pittman in the team, he has been much missed. Efe Ambrose was hopeless. As I said before, he looked done at the end of last season was glad we didn't give him a new contract. Looks to have been justified based on today's performance.
  3. Two really nice finishes and an attacking performance I have not seen from us all season. Did not see this coming. Still look a shaky at the back, we need to calm down a bit. Can see us sitting back and shelling long balls at Ambrose in the second half but I hope we don't as Bailey and Anderson have been great with the ball at their feet.
  4. Tell us more Haha yes, terrible shout from me. We look really good going forward, that was a really nice goal.
  5. Don't like that team at all. Think we will lose without scoring.
  6. It may have been mentioned already but it was Steven Saunders who was picked over Lithgow in the back 3, not Brown.
  7. Yeah Brown didn't get a chance with us. Steven Lawless played RWB for majority of that season and it worked out pretty well for us.
  8. Barden is back to Norwich. Parkes is the other player back in training.
  9. I can watch Livingston home games in England on my season ticket. Imagine St. Johnstone would be the same? You can't buy PPV in England.
  10. Our first potato match can't be too far away now, can't wait to see what happens. Given our rotten 05/06, there is a good chance we will have the worst PPS (Potatoes per spell) ratio in Scottish football.
  11. Bartley has just been racially abused and he chooses this moment to try and point score on Livingston's recruitment. Can tell he really cares about the woman and women's rights in general.
  12. Hamilton/Panayiotou instead of Anderson and you've sold me.
  13. Just going to green dot all your posts today. 100% agree with this. Longridge looked capable in a back 3 towards the end of last season. Would have to be very last resort but I'd feel a lot more comfortable with him in a back 4 at LCB than Kelly. Problem is that Penrice doesn't look great at left back, so you would need better cover there as well.
  14. Had some good games with us but some stinkers as well. Was happy to see us get rid provided we got a good replacement but instead we signed Sean Kelly. Would have been fine as a backup, in hindsight.
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