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  1. A lot of boys who could play U/21 are going straight to junior these days There are local clubs who are full of these players in their squads and don't play them But the players then don't come back as they think it's now beneath them The same problem that pro youth has created down at younger level Social media is full of teams going about their success Boys aren't going to teams unless it's a winning team I know boys who will hang around a successful team but get little game time These players would be better playing in average or poor teams who could get better but it's a waste of time That's the attitude these days if you don't win,don't bother Fitba is great in this country until the weans become teenagers i have found
  2. A very good footballer when allowed Interesting to see how he gets on in the rough and tumble of the juniors
  3. They are indeed an excellent team Their captain a standout
  4. It was like watching Frank Bruno all over again
  5. Great celebration by Skindog there
  6. Another away win We are the worst team in the league by some distance Would be nice to see a goal from us though
  7. He must be raging His Dandy Dons going backwards and Sevco looking to finish above them Should have been a man and not listen to his missus Dons to win 1 or 2 nil we can't buy a goal these days
  8. Johnstone Burgh U21 are looking for a team to play
  9. Was one of his coaches Never been in the senior set up before but is a hard worker and good listener Hope it works out for him
  10. How's Sharpy coming along? He took a big jump from 21s to senior
  11. Johnstone Burgh U21s are looking for a team to play on the 4th August We have a pitch booked
  12. Paisley fc 2002 Looking for players to play in the P&D first division which is a very high standard We play Sat afternoon If interested pm
  13. Looking for a decent Amateur team for a game on 4th Aug We have a park booked We are Johnstone Burgh 21 Pm if interested
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