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  1. Hears a noise down a darkened cellar Goes to down the said cellar armed just with a torch
  2. Neilston v Boness Scottish Cup early 1980s Boness scored a late goal to win 1-0 Lex Shields stood out as the outstanding player on the pitch. Umpteen fights all over the ground A guy got a bottle smashed over his heid right beside me Then more fights outside after the game
  3. Quite simple old runs of Sportscene between 80-86 The golden years before Souness
  4. Of course he fancies a return to Scotland He's heading to the East End of Glasgow soon
  5. 1974 Unlucky 1978 Should have done better. Bad planning,loyal to players out of form. Played our strongest team too late 1982 Again should have done better but too negative and gave teams too much respect 1986 Fecked up before we got there over Hansen. Dalglish spat the dummy and never went because of it. Weren't unlucky as we had a chance playing against 10 men for a full match and never looked like scoring 1990 No complaints just weren't good enough 1998 Same as above I thought we suffered a real hangover from 78 and affected the 82 team where we had a really good squad just Rough not the required standard
  6. Quite funny the scene with Bob from Emmerdale
  7. I thought it was a lot funnier than the others I give it a 5
  8. I agree We compete and give a good account but don't win games Little wonder when we continuely gift goals away like last night Especially the 2nd goal, a pub team would have dealt better Shambles
  9. He was brought on for his long throw since our defence are midgets and players in un natural poistions
  10. Results last night set the DUP back 10 years Back to 1680
  11. Shat out doing an interview on national radio All the other leaders were on the Jeeza Vine show
  12. 3) that Prince Edward isn't the worst actor in his family
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