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  1. PPV not working it seems. Hopefully not £10 down the drain
  2. Take a drink every time Griffin says “that’s a free kick ref”
  3. Has Kasper Schmeichel even touched the ball yet?
  4. Fitzwater may just be the slowest defender I have ever seen
  5. Massive let down considering all the build up. Congratulations to St. Johnstone who deserved it.
  6. ATS has been pretty inept so far. This might be a game where someone like Kabia might be needed to get back into the game
  7. This is a brutal watch. A team lacking in any sort of game plan. Hit and hope football. Always playing the safe option
  8. I know the conditions have been a big factor in the 1st half, but this performance has been awful.
  9. Oh well its been a struggle all season and the inevitable has happened. Wouldn't be surprised if we do not make next season as surely our luck has run out. Congratulation's to Stranraer who thoroughly deserved to go through over the course of the tie.
  10. Very frustrating afternoon yesterday. Appeared to start very brightly and forced a number of corners without capitalizing on them. Raith's first goal was a free kick off the training ground which we did not switch on for and we found ourselves 1-0 down. The 2nd goal was very contentious as it appeared the ball struck our player with his hands down by his side at very close range. I think the fact that the play seemed to go on for around 10 seconds afterwards before being brought back was more confusing. 2-0 at half time was very harsh, but we seem to have continued off from last season by not converting any of the chances we create. 2nd half we spent chasing the game without looking too much like scoring, and could have found ourselves further behind before the 3rd goal went in. Need to improve vastly next week against Queens.
  11. That was horrific to watch. I ask anybody who claims to enjoy watching football to view a tape of that game and see if they still have the same opinion. McGlynn's hoofball tactics are chronic to watch, and that mixed in with a team with no confidence and very little ability is just a terrible mix.
  12. Russell does take his fair share of kicks during a game, but he also spends a fair amount of time on the deck after falling to ground too easily. Would rather have him in my team, than playing against me mind you.
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