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  1. Aye but The best-laid schemes o' mice an 'men Gang aft agley, An'lea'e us nought but grief an' pain, For promis'd joy!
  2. As Teresa Brewer once sang in the Keg - "Put another nickel in to watch the Caledonian - the only team in the Scottish leagues to play football, football, football."
  3. I used "Plastic Whistle" as a term of endearment. Suggest you read again. The post was evidently from an Inverness perspective. Both Ridgers and Fox made a number of important stops. Inverness missed a spate of chances albeit from dead ball situations. The first half was dire. In the second half McCall "outplayed" Robbo. Two lines of four playing deep is "parking the bus" to me - but McCall noticed that we did not have the guile to break that down and the Plastic Whistle were very effective on the break. These are thing that win you games. I would have preferred Robbo to have gone for the hoof tactics. Merry feckin Xmas with your three point present.
  4. Agree with Mantis that 2-2 would have been a fair result based on pressure and possession. Plastic Whistle set out their store to park the bus, defend deep and in numbers. BUT we just did not have the guile or the finishing touch to punish them. We tried to play like Barcelona but ended up looking like a Sunday League team. That is not the tactics on a frckin freezing, gale force windy, pisssing rain, waterlogged playing surface day. And we NEVER used width or attacked the bye line. The only times that we looked like scoring was from dead balls hoofed into the goalmouth. And Ridgers made 4-5 excellent saves whereas Fox was rarely tested. At Alloa I discarded the Smileys as it was a 3-4 all round performance. I will refrain until the morning !! But put it like this my train has been delayed due to damage to overhead lined. I can be wholly assured that such damage could not have been inflicted by Jordan White but the replacement was as late as Robbo's substitutions. To me it is when other teams try to play football that we play football against them - and our defence and midfield relish. When we face teams that are defensive and encouraging US to take the initiative - we simply do not have the ammunition to blow the bestards away. Lets face it - Plastic Whistle were there for the taking. We simply have NOTHING up front. It has to be time to ditch White, Storey and Doran ? Oh and introduce Todorov, McGregor and Walsh (when fit)
  5. Brown, Proctor, Golabek, Mann, McCaffrey, Hart, Wilson, McBain, Ritchie, Keogh, Bingham. SUBS: Munro, Thomson, Hislop, McMillan, Fraser. The Tale of HMS Sneck (June 2004) - But the modernised and revitalised HMS Sneck will retain its dignity and sail proudly back into the choppy waters and its crew have vowed to remain true and loyal, irrespective of the future fathoms and lattitudes they may have to traverse. And as the sun sets and darkness arrives..a simple but solemn prayer eminates from the bowels of the HMS Sneck. "PLEASE GOD...LET COMMON SENSE AND FOOTBALL LOGIC PREVAIL FOR ONCE" - GOD BLESS HMS SNECK AND ALL WHO SAIL WITH HER. All now engraved in the annuls of history - Lets all look forward to Plastic Whistle v Caley Gristle 2019
  6. Cheers but think it is going to be some time before you ketchup with us. I have a Seer feeling about this - 3-2 Sneck.
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