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  1. Been looking for a while now so thought Id post here. Does anyone have any spare standing tickets for Slayer at the Academy? looking for 2, any help would be appreciated
  2. Thought we played well today and seemed to be a wee bit more creative. We applied alot of pressure early on, as we have done ( or tried to) all season the difference being we managed to get a goal out it. Marsh's goal was simple but thought he was very brave in going for it against the keeper. Marsh has to be a starter in midfield now for me, he adds alot in terms of covering ground and covering positions, simple things like that make a huge difference. Brisbane at QP offered Mitchell no protection and that is why QP had a alot of joy down his side. Marsh also makes a alot of late runs in the box which causes havoc for defenders, can see him hitting double figures if he gets a good run in that position. Fergie had a good game, but as said was going up against an out of position left back, but nearly scored a really tidy goal and was denied but an excellent save of the Mo goalie, hopefully onward and upward for him. However I am suprised by the praise being put on Gormley, as I have been very unimpressed with him so far. He looks a wee bit of the pace at the moment and should have pounced on a glorious chance after the keeper parried it in his direction after a Marsh header early on. Same thing happened against East Fife when the ball came across but he showed no intuition to get in front of his man for a tap in to which BF called him lazy. He also seems to take a while to do things that should happen faster, hes caught dribbling alot and ends up going backwards when he could have moved the ball a bit quicker. I cant question his work rate he runs alot and can hold the ball up well. Maybe being out wide isnt suited to his style of play? A confident performance from a team that looked gelled, albeit against a very understrength Montrose who have came on leaps and bounds this season. This could prove to be a very big game for us and we can hopefully push on from here.
  3. Black Dahlia Murder are playing the Cathouse on Jan 19th. Very good band and great live. Their latest effort Abysmal is really really solid. Not their best but still a good album.
  4. For me if Barry does go, then there is only one cheap and keen option for me, and thats Allan Moore. He was very keen to get the job when Duffy left and lives locally also. I feel like he could get the best out this team but also is smart enough to see the problems in the team, ie lack of width and lack of creativity in the center of the park. If thats not possible coud we do worse than give the likes of Sharpy and Paddy the reigns for this season?
  5. 3MB are one of the best things going just now
  6. No one would happen to have one or two spare standing tickets for Limp Bizkit on Sunday would they?
  7. Really curious about this. Rarely see someone leaving a Ghost show and hating it. Did he mention why he didnt like the vocalist per chance? Bleed from within were a bad choice for the tour. They would have went down huge in there own scene but to put them on a tour like that was just bizzare.
  8. Shocking announcements. The only positive I can take from this is that maybe the money has gone to Van Halen and Aerosmith as mentioned earlier. The thing is, I actually like all the bands announced so far, but FOB as a sub is a shocking announcement.Surely having them as a second stage headliner makes more sense.. Linkin Parks return is to soon. A7x and Rob Zombie I have no complaints about. A strong undercard is just as important as headliners which people forget, ill see how that turns out. Hopefully we get NIN, Tool and Motley Crue
  9. Theres plenty of really good newer (last ten years)bands out there. Ghost, Heart of a coward, The Sword, Hang the b*****d, Parkway Drive, Palm Reader, Hacktivist, Cancer Bats, Baby Godzilla , Crossfaith to name but a few
  10. I agree entirely. If you look at the U.K.s festival scene alone. In the last 5 years we had 3 festivals that are geared solely to a rock and metal audience. 2 of which were in the top tier of festivals in the country in Sonisphere and Download. Compare that to other festivals in the top group like say a TITP or V festival, which doesnt really have a set audience and just kind of throws everything in there to sell tickets- which by all means is not a bad thing- Then its amazing that there were two festivals purely geared toward rock and metal up there. Obviously we lost sonisphere but we still have bloodstock, which isnt up there with download, with regard to size but is still going strong and getting stronger each year. Its just a great time to be a fan of heavy music.
  11. Id say metal is in a great state at the moment. There are some great bands out there, alot more than say five years ago, when metal was really in a rut. There wont be bands of that size again, I agree on that. There havent been any in the last 10 years apart from Slipknot. Thats mostly down to the way that music has changed and downloading has taken over. Alot more music out there and alot of ways to get it. If we are talking pure fan boy dream scenarios. Id like to see this line up for future festival headliners/subs- Alter bridge/Ghost Mastodon/Gojira Lamb of God/Amon Amarth
  12. Just ordered it off amazon. Im with the people on here that will probably make their money back in a couple of weeks. No socialising for me for a few weeks I think. I just want to see the flamethrower come back
  13. Any of you heard the new Avenged Sevenfold album? I really wanted it to be good but unfortunatly I just cant get over how much they have ripped off other bands work pretty blatently. Its really sad, because this should have been their huge breakthrough- I mean fair enough they got to number 1 but they have became a bit of a laughing stock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SokRilLQcyU I mean this obviously is just sad but true by tallica.
  14. Cheers mate, hope you knock your interview out the park. I wish you all the best also mate.
  15. After having been graduated for over a year and having to continue to work my part time job of 7 years -as I searched for a new job- in which they refused to give me more hours then hired more people in my department and gave them more hours. Gave me more hours for a few weeks then took them off me because one of the managers sons didnt like working nightshift. Meaning I went from 22 hours to 9 hours. Having to do demeaning tasks and never being thanked for it. To never thanking me for covering their mistakes. To being treated like a toddler and being bullied by people who were bitter at the fact I had a chance to leave. Today I got offered a full time job within my degree field. I get to hand my notice in on Monday and start on the 16th. Ill now be making 5 times what I made in that shite job and ill make in a month what it took me 4 to make previously. I honestly couldnt be any fucking happier right now. :) ^^^^ Verge of tears. ( In a good way)
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