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  1. He's defended the belt more than anyone, beat both DC and JDS after losing 1st time, only loss not avenged is to Struve. Fedor vs Stipe would've been some fight to be fair.
  2. What a shit main event. Especially after Perry and Luque. Volkan has looked very good his last 2 fights. Nate Diaz back this week!! Very decent looking card.
  3. Hopefully a few more of these throughout the season!
  4. That was some fight to be fair. Loved it. Arlovski is actually looking decent now. Enjoyed the other 2 heavyweight fights aswell even though they finished quickly. Edwards is superb, was In complete control of that fight the whole time, Masvidal fight would be perfect. Covington next for the title if he beats Lawler.
  5. Hopefully nobody buys it. I wouldve been tempted if I wasnt working in the morning after. I'm pretty sure you cant record it and watch later which i usually do.
  6. That's terrible news, hadn't even seen that! Was just coming on to say how good a card it is tonight, Calderwood first up aswell in just over an hour or so. Ferguson Cerrone should be amazing.
  7. Lambert was nowhere near world class, that's a shocking shout. Fletcher probably not either but for a spell he maybe was and had 100times the ability of a water carrier like Lambert. Robertson is.
  8. Aye not good for Ray, getting kod by a 39 year old bjj guy who hasn't fought in over 3 years.
  9. Fisherman

    Game of Thrones

    The last 50 pages on here summed up in a couple of minutes
  10. Fisherman

    Game of Thrones

    Cringing at Eurons last words. Apart from that no real complaints, Was waiting on Arya reeling of her list with Dany on it! Cersei is going to be alive eh, crawling from the rubble next week.
  11. I have no idea, assumed with it not being main event it was 3.
  12. I like BJ, still the greatest LW of all time imo even though hes making that seem ridiculous the longer he drags his career out. Guida 'might' just be the perfect opponent, no power and terrible standup. He'll be desperate for the takedown early as always and will probably have BJ gassed out pretty quickly though. I'm not so sure about Lima MVP either, not looked at the odds but if Lima doesn't look for takedowns I'd give MVP a good chance, especially with it being 3 rounds.
  13. I watch every fight on every card and literally have zero clue what UFC 234 even was Haha. Just never as keen for the Brazillian cards for some reason. In other news, I just realised MVP is fighting tonight!! I knew Chandler Pitbull was the main event but had never seen anything else mentioned apart from Jake Hager? Wwe guy?! Sky sports 2am some fight that actually, surely Lima will want to stand, hopefully anyway.
  14. Worst PPV card in a long time for me, Aldo Volkanovski should be superb though.
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