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  1. So apparently its;

    Tomorrow: Neilson, Stubbs & McIntyre

    Wednesday: Guti, Caldwell & Kearney

    Realistically, my number one choice would be Neilson. McIntyre & Caldwell can GTF. 

    Can't really see us stump up compensation for Kearney unless he shows up incredibly well. Stubbs wouldn't be the most inspiring appointment but probably still a better option than McIntyre or Caldwell. Guti. 

    I'd fucking love us to take a punt on Guti with an experienced assistant. 

  2. 54 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

    Why? He said lots of correct things. 

    Is it the budget comment? He's absolutely correct. He said of ANY job he goes for that he'd want to know of the board's expectations match the budget put forward. 

    If the board want to push for top 6 (not saying they do) but have the second smallest budget in the league, that's not going to sit well with any prospective manger. 

    You really think he's going to say 'aye, give me peanuts to spend on players and I'll deliver European football'. 

    Come on! 

    As long as he's not referring to Fitzy's comments and expecting a budget fitting a top four team.. 

  3. Agree with much of the above. 

    JR has left us in a substantially better shape than when he took over. Although the only way for us at the beginning of last season (regardless of whether we were in League One or the Championship), nobody can deny the fact that he won us the league with exciting football and built a feel good factor about the club stronger than I've seen in years. If I was told 18 months ago that JR would be leaving us as a Premier League team with scope for his replacement to put together his own squad, I'd have bitten your hand off.

    The only gripe I have is if he has indeed spoken to Sunderland before speaking to Gordon Scott. I don't know the legalities around it (if there is any), but to do that after speaking so many times about honesty and integrity towards the club/chairman, it just sours it a little bit. 

    Going forward, my choice would be Robbie Neilson, along with an experienced assistant manager if he's interested. It's too early for Goodwin, IMO.

    I'm just glad that it looks like we're reaching the end of what has been a bizarre end of season saga before the new one starts.

    We're on our fucking way.

  4. 5 hours ago, Sittìng on the fence said:

    That was on Twitter yesterday afternoon saying it was Derby as they were contemplating sacking Rowett due to missing out in the play offs , Sunderland are the new name mentioned , but who would touch that ?

    There's only one man that would dream of it.


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