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  1. 8 minutes ago, oaksoft said:

    Make no mistake. Posters like you and pozbaird were a very large part of the demise of that site.

    Don't start trying to re-write history here.

    When I used to use B&WA, if I'd seen a post by you, Shull or faraway saint, I knew that it was generally going to be repetitive, petty scoring nonsense.

    Both Drooper and Pozbaird actually make/made meaningful contributions as posters on both sites.

  2. 50 minutes ago, jm1 said:

    Sooooo...think we'll sign anyone else before Sunday or even before the window shuts?

    Goody seemed quite confident at the Q&A we'd have the budget to bring in one more (although he'd prefer two) and he thinks we're a bit short up front.

    I'm a lot more relaxed about the situation now based on the performances of the new players in the first two games. I'd still hope that we're still in the market for another versatile defender in the mould of Paul McGinn and possibly a striker. 

  3. 5 minutes ago, GAD said:

    We look good, the players we have signed look absolutely perfect for what we are trying to do. Early days of course but we attack with pace and purpose. Durmus looked very dangerous until he tired, then we were able to bring Mcallister on for him! Night and day from last season. Foley and Flynn are so solid in the midfield and Andreu just looks so classy (though that looked an absolute sitter he missed!). A bit of competition doesn't seem to have done Magennis any harm, and, possibly unpopular opinion here, I think Mcloughlin looks a better player than Popescu. 

    Obika probably had the toughest day. He's obviously not fit, but he performed a thankless task very well. Probably stayed on 10 minutes longer than he should have. 

    Finally the salty tears on Sportsound made the drive home extremely enjoyable.

    I agree re McLoughlin - early days but he looks a very capable CB. 

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