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  1. 19 hours ago, RandomGuy. said:

    That Mariano is going to do some serious damage in the hands of better players than me. I'm shite but hes playing like a proper elite striker, absolutely rapid and just pings them in.


    Trying to get the left back now, getting assists with defenders is hard, but managed 1 in the 2 games I was trying it so might be possible.

    Guess after that itll be trying to improve on Ramos and Carvajal.

    I wont pack anyone decent ever so WL and Objectives only real hope of TOTS players.

    Mariano has been excellent for me too.

  2. Just got 94 Rashford in a pack.

    As I've only just started FUT this year, would people recommend using him or punting him? I don't have any other assets in my squad (only other decent players are TOTSSF GK from Plymouth, and untradable 89 Aguero and 89 TOTSSF Ayoze Perez).

  3. I've only just started playing UT this year (haven't used FUT in years) so I've only got a basic gold Serie A team worth about 10k. Is there any reason why every matched I get paired up with a squad full of icons and TOTS players? Granted, some of the players are shite but I thought it would match based on squad rating.

    Also planned on building a decent silver team - are silver/bronze only matches now done away with? Does this render anything other than golds/specials pretty much useless unless you're trading or using in squad building?

  4. 47 minutes ago, C. Muir said:

    Had a look at local games today since we dont play until tomorrow and this looks the most appealing. If I do decide to head along, will tickets be on sale up till kick off? Apologies if this has been covered previously but not read the thread

    Yes, available till KO.

  5. Just now, Wilbur said:

    What's the fuss ?

    It was a mistimed tackle that resulted in a foul by Miller, nothing malicious intended, Flynn was very unlucky to have sustained a nasty one.

    Nothing to see here, Miller didn't intend to inflict a serious injury.

    He got his comeuppance with the embarrassment of his appalling penalty kick.

    Let's all move on.

    It was a dangerous tackle, deserving of a red IMO. Some of the seethe from our end is over the top though. 

  6. 2 hours ago, NorthBank said:

    I accept he wasn't playing in his best position but the Premiership is no place to see how he gets on.

    Cammy is 21 and had a loan spell at Stranraer before getting his chance. I knew Cammy was out of position at right back however he looked confident and done a decent job IMHO. Ethan looked a bag of nerves when he played. I just do not think Ethan is ready. Ethan is still only 18. His time will come but not now. He needs to rough and tumble of lower league football to see how he gets on.

    Fair enough. I’d be more than happy for him to start off in the first team. Didn’t do the likes of McGinn/Morgan/Mallan/McAllister any harm. 

  7. 14 minutes ago, NorthBank said:

    I was about to agree until you mentioned Ethan. I do not think he is anywhere near ready for a starting slot in midfield. I certainly think he has to go on loan to give him much needed game time.

    And hopefully not serious but McGrath has picked up a knock so won't feature this week anyway. And for me Junior looks better playing wide than he does as a striker and with another striker coming in he may be playing in midfield more regularly. Like you I think we have it covered.

    We haven't had a proper look at Ethan in his correct position, I think he gets too much hassle for his performances at left back last season. It was the same when Cammy MacPherson came in at right back and people assumed he would be as poor in midfield as he was in defence. He's now turned into one of the first picks and I think Erhahon deserves the same opportunity. 

    Either way, I'm sure I seen a quote saying that Goodwin is in the market for a replacement for Magennis. 

  8. 45 minutes ago, sergie's no1 fan said:



    Must keep. Hladky(no chance) Flynn.


    Wouldn't mind keeping Paul McGinn as a squad player, can fill in a few positions but I feel we need to upgrade the right back position.


    Let go - Stephen McGinn (reluctantly), been a great club servant in both stints but sadly we look a much better team without him in the side. Mullen and Cooke. Mullen has scored some cracking goals and will maybe do a job for someone at the top end of the championship/bottom end of our league. Cooke seems a good lad and gives his all but I think we can find better.


    Agree with majority of this. However, Paul McGinn is a huge player for us. We would struggle to find a better RB within our budget and he’s been the best we’ve had in years IMO. 

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