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  1. Wild guess at Danny Fox? Ex-Coventry & out the picture at Wigan. He's more a full back than a wing back though IIRC. ETA: Junior Brown?
  2. We will receive a decent chunk of the fee - £2m+ please.
  3. The only way we’d have Fraser at CB is if we had at least two of Shaughnessy, McCarthy, Tait, Foley & Nick McAllister all ineligible & a few additional variables in the full back positions. As I said previously, a Foley CM/CB type player would be ideal - possibly a LB squad player, but there’s definitely no reason to be worrying at this stage. It’s the classic “St Mirren da’” type scenario to be getting stressed about the situation we’re in - we’re in our best shape in years in terms of squad depth. As long as we keep a squad in our preferred formation and not change it like we did on Saturday, we’ll be absolutely fine.
  4. Reshuffling is inevitable with injuries and suspensions but like most other teams in the league, we can’t afford to have cover in every position. Goodwin has probably spent the majority of the budget getting quality first choices especially with Fraser and Shaughnessy CB and I think that’s absolutely fine. In that scenario for example, I’d be fine with Flynn RB, Fraser CB with Foley moving back and have Magennis/MacPherson moving into midfield. As in previous post though I’d like us to sign another Foley type midfielder but its nowhere near as bad as being made out. Agree on Erhahon - he’s a good young player but not a left back. Don’t think we need another striker but a CM/CB or a left back would do nicely.
  5. I think we are reasonably covered in defence even if it requires reshuffling regularly. Young Nick McAllister is quite highly rated and remains at the club. Perhaps cover at LB although nobody will get a look in with the way Tait is performing at the moment. LB: Tait, Erhahon CB: McCarthy, Shaughnessy, Foley, Fraser, McAllister RB: Fraser, Tait, Flynn, MacPherson I don't think we really need another striker unless Junior is going out the door, though. I thought our main priority would be another Foley type midfielder for when he drops into defence. Early days yet but not sold on Sheron.
  6. Would be good to get Akin Famewo back to cover LB and CB although I'd assume he'll be wanting to play every week.
  7. He's only spent two seasons at that level, rest of his career has been League One/Two. Foley also spent two seasons in the conference.
  8. Mine had been like that pre match but has gotten a bit better now. I’m on home team stream 1.
  9. 1-2 One off Shaughnessy's napper and Obika winner after a Lee Hodson overhead kick from the halfway line opener.
  10. Nigel Hasselbaink, too. This one probably has next to no chance of coming off considering the interest from bigger clubs, but would I be right in saying I haven't bothered watching his YouTube highlight reel? Absolutely not.
  11. Jakubiak was very over rated IMO. Decent enough foil for Obika in the sense that he could actually make decent runs off him - very poor finisher though.
  12. A bit over the top spending over £9m just to get past our new look defence on Sunday.
  13. Absolutely. McAllister is still a very raw young player but still in the same mould as McGinn/Mallan/McLean. He's just been hampered by a number of chronic injuries which are being well managed by the club - we wouldn't have resigned him if we didn't think it was worth it. Morias misplaced a couple of passes when he came on but helped us hugely in seeing the game out. He's also very good at getting himself into goalscoring opportiunities, obviously we prefer Obika based on our style of play but Morias is still a very good player for us.
  14. Would be interesting to find out what this might be - I remember Hamilton bringing through 14/15 year olds in the last few years.
  15. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. All he really says is there's a space in the top 6 after the OF, Aberdeen, Motherwell & Hibs this season. There's no reason why we shouldn't have that mindset, when you see the likes of Livi, Killie & St Johnstone punching well above their weight in recent years. He isn't putting JG under pressure to do achieve top four or top six, he just has the ambition to reach that level a few years down the line. He talks a lot about gradually moving forward and referenced coming up from the Championship and remaining the Premiership in the last couple of years. It also draws a lot of seethe from other supporters, which is always a bonus too.
  16. He was a fairly highly rated central midfielder here and made a couple of appearances around Christmas time as an emergency CB. I was quite surprised we'd let him go as he'd been captain of the reserves.
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