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  1. Can David Barron play centre half ? We're covered for full backs.

  2. That Watford/Football Manager joke got very old very quickly

    1. RossC93


      That Watford can just restart the game and try again lololololololololol

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  3. Lewis Coult signing for Airdrie ? Can't believe I'm saying this but he's better than that.

  4. Nearly 1000 profile views already, I feel popular.

  5. Becoming a St.Mirren supporter is looking more attractive by the day

  6. Best tumblr yet - http://t.co/z0wzpyHL #rctid

    1. RossC93


      Pictures of Sounders Fans From Before 2009. No posts yet.


  7. Father Ted Christmas Special just starting, brillant bit of comedy

    1. RossC93



      better get it on

  8. Santa Mirren with the early Christmas present, ho ho ho...

    1. RossC93


      I lost my voice today, and for Christmas. But it was fkkin worth it.

  9. dont think il be back on till after christmas so have a good christmas guysss ;)

  10. f**k sake, I only went to sleep 6 hours ago and I'm awake and canny sleep! I'm ill and should be sleeping more!

    1. RossC93


      never mind that shite. what about your achievements?

  11. Akward moment when your bb fb adds someone you want to reject, then you have to delete them. Then I think f**k it, I don't care!

    1. RossC93


      Awkward moment when someone spells awkward wrong.

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  12. Wooow. Watching the corner flags, big responsibility!

  13. tam mcmanus returns to ayr united on a one month contract apparently

  14. St Johnstone are on the rise..... Sandaza the best non Old Firm striker in the SPL?!

  15. good luck irvine boness and talbot, show the juniors are class

  16. Hi again @NicMontNevz do i need to send the transcripts to NCaa myself or do you guys do it ?

  17. Glad I didn't change my clothes before bathing Josh. Splash splash splash, I end up soaked. What a boy.

  18. I won 6 achievements in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for 121 trueachievement points - http://t.co/Nk86BdXo

  19. So Carlos Tevez plans to sue his boss Roberto Mancini. If his lawyer has any sense of humour, he'll refuse to come off the bench and defend for him.

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