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  1. He’ll definitely be remembered for the Celtic performance. He was excellent that night. However, he was generally poor aside from that and had a disappointing spell at Raith Rovers when he had a run of games. Just because Urminsky/Smith haven’t played in our first team doesn’t mean they would be any worse or better than what Lyness would offer. We are yet to see either of them play but realistically, they’re going to be better than Lyness and it’s a much cheaper option too. It’s a bigger gamble holding onto Lyness IMO as he’s proven himself to be poor at both Premiership and League One level and already behind Urminsky in the pecking order this season. Shame, as he appears to be a good guy to have about the place but it makes sense to get shot of him at this stage.
  2. Kenzie Smith will be 18 in January and extremely highly rated in the academy, in what way is it a gamble? That he might play in a freak situation where neither Carson or Urminsky is available? I’d look forward to seeing him get a chance. That said it is unlikely as even with Lyness away, we’re quite well stocked in the GK department. Lyness was a decent enough goalkeeper that done us a turn but it’s all about being able to develop our own.
  3. Thomson and Ferguson are dreadful shouts FFS. Not a chance. Fully expect Billy Davies, Paul Lambert & Steve Evans to be added to the shite manager tombola. We need to pull out all stops to get Jack Ross back IMO.
  4. Bit of a bizarre comparison here between two different styles of midfielders. FWIW, Erhahon made his debut against Rangers in 2018, a year before McCann leapt onto the scene on loan at Stranraer & Erhahon is also more than a year younger than him. McCann is a decent young player who’s had a good season but certainly not a player with more potential. I think St Johnstone fans are overly excited because they don’t churn out anywhere near the quality of young academy players. I wouldn’t value NI caps as something to brag about either, they are picking players from the likes of Accrington Stanley and Rochdale in recent squads.
  5. Decent backup signing if it goes through. Brophy and Dennis will obviously be first picks and both of them could do with a “wrecking ball” strike partner, Brophy in particular.
  6. Are we allowed to sign loan players just now? Would be surprised if we found any match fit free agents at this stage of the season, unless it's a termination from another club.
  7. Apparently hasn't played any competitive football since October 2019 in the reserve team - credit to him willing to sit on the bench 99% of the time and still turn out good performances as and when required.
  8. Do you think the attacker will be dependent on others leaving? Would be surprised if Erwin is still with us when the deadline passes..
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