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  1. I'm a lot more relaxed about the situation now based on the performances of the new players in the first two games. I'd still hope that we're still in the market for another versatile defender in the mould of Paul McGinn and possibly a striker.
  2. I agree re McLoughlin - early days but he looks a very capable CB.
  3. I'm sure @Demented Zebra will soon announce that we will go bust shortly 😛
  4. Think Alloa had him on a permanent deal when he left Celtic. JG has played with, and managed him there.
  5. Calum Waters has apparently signed for us this afternoon.
  6. That Marciano makes Jack Hamilton look like Buffon.
  7. Agreed - high balls to Stevie Mallan all day what a fucking nightmare.
  8. Would be good to see Obika coming on at some point - Hibernian are shite.
  9. Decent going forward but utterly useless defensively.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonet Two year deal.
  11. Young Kyle Gunn has suggested that there may be one in today, one tomorrow and two Friday.
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