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  1. Are we allowed to sign loan players just now? Would be surprised if we found any match fit free agents at this stage of the season, unless it's a termination from another club.
  2. Apparently hasn't played any competitive football since October 2019 in the reserve team - credit to him willing to sit on the bench 99% of the time and still turn out good performances as and when required.
  3. Do you think the attacker will be dependent on others leaving? Would be surprised if Erwin is still with us when the deadline passes..
  4. What a result, not a poor performance in a black and white shirt. Can we play against Connolly every week?
  5. That looks like a very decent signing, highly rated by Huddersfield supporters by all accounts.
  6. Hope JDH will sign the extension but imagine there will be teams looking to take him this month. Have we ever lost a player that quickly (without us punting them due to being shite?). We only managed to hold onto Adam Hammill for a month or two but think he only signed a very short term contract.
  7. Would imagine Erwin or Dennis would be the only ones we’d be willing to part with. Erwin played at Killie with Clarke and Dyer in his first season.
  8. Has anyone managed to get a pre order for the next gen consoles recently? I've decided to move to Xbox after being a Playstation user since Xbox 360. They seem to be sold out everywhere, though. Wonder if there will be more stock on release day.
  9. RossC93

    FIFA 21

    After playing through placement matches I've ended up winning the five games and put in division two. This is only because 3/5 placement matches the opponent was chucking own goals. I assume this is to avoid being put in a higher division? I'm now getting smashed in every match. Is there any way around this short of waiting to be put down to my actual level?
  10. RossC93

    FIFA 21

    Packed Aubameyang and sold for 350k from the marquee match ups SBC.
  11. Just a huge picture of the heartbreaker at the moment.
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