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  1. Seems Oan Djorkaeff is training with yourselves.
  2. Agree with majority of this. However, Paul McGinn is a huge player for us. We would struggle to find a better RB within our budget and he’s been the best we’ve had in years IMO.
  3. I thought Wallace had converted to LB in the latter stages of his career? Would be quite happy with us offering a short term deal. Eta: I see Stu alluded to this in his post.
  4. Can't see us getting trounced tonight with Hladky in goals, however can't see us getting a goal either. Best case scenario 0-0, most likely 2-0 home win.
  5. BBC Alba showing the full game just now.
  6. Damn, I forgot those two things made him rubbish at football.
  7. When I used to use B&WA, if I'd seen a post by you, Shull or faraway saint, I knew that it was generally going to be repetitive, petty scoring nonsense. Both Drooper and Pozbaird actually make/made meaningful contributions as posters on both sites.
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