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  1. looking forwsrd to purchasing my Dundee season ticket.

  2. No problem mate, you made a very valid point and I totally agreed with it.

  3. Cheers for backin me up mate! Would say this in the thread, but after my resignation, i dont want to give 'Deesign for life' any excuse for another pop at me ;) Also, got you on my coupon at Annan tomorrow, 'mon the Dee! Then fall apart against us in the final. Nice.

  4. Exactly mate, the finances are worrying and there is a lot that hinges on these figures i.e crowds which create revenue on match days. The outgoings far outstrip the ingoings and that is the worrying aspect.
  5. Livingston will continue to run as a full time club according to the BBC website. I fear a bit for them because will all due respect to the third division, the revenue is not very good and if Livi were struggling to make ends meet in the first division then how can they afford to pay the full time contracts of their players on such a pittance of revenue and also pay rent towards the council for the use of Almondvale? Messrs McDougall, Rankine and Nixon are going to have to pump in a substantial amount of money to keep Livi afloat. It's going to be a difficult road for Livingston but if they can work their way out of the third division with the squad they have (which they should walk the league...well on paper anyway) and begin to climb the leagues again, then there might just be a chance for a long term future for the club. It's worrying times for Livi and they are not out of the woods yet. If I were a Livi fan, I would be hoping that the new consortium will be ploughing cash into the club because if they don't then it will be curtains for Livingston Football Club. A sign of hope however is the new sponsorship deal they have managed to get. This may allow for more trust to return from potential sponsors and investors to put money into the club.
  6. It now looks as if things will settle down a bit and everyone gets back to the actual football. Livingston will now just have to dust themselves down and get on with the task of climbing the leagues again. They did it before, so they could do it again. Mind you, it all depends on how involved the new owners will be, i.e how much money there will be available for Boylan to strengthen the squad in January (wages, not transfer fees) and also how many fans will turn up to watch third division football (no disrespect to either Livi fans or the Third Division) It now allows Livi a chance to rebuild the club and start afresh. It'll allow both the club and it's fans to appreciate that they still have a club and that playing in the Third Division is not the end of the world, it could have been a lot worse (See Gretna FC) There is no point for Livi to go to the Courts of Arbitration because it will be a costly and lengthy procedure, one of which would put all of the season's results in limbo and would further add chaos to an already chaotic situation, something which the other SFL teams will take a dim view of if the results were scrapped based on the findings of the Court of Arbitration. I think Livingston FC will now have to accept the final verdict of their last appeal and get back to playing football.
  7. Mind you, I suppose that will probably be the next option as I don't think messrs Rankine and McDougall will be prepared to pay the appeal.
  8. Source please? All I can see on the BBC website is that they have relegated to the third.
  9. Well said mate. I think the fans and players have had a rough time of it lately and I don't think they deserve it. Whereas someone else get's off pretty scot-free with £50k in his pocket.
  10. The future of Livi again hangs in the balance today when there is the SFL meeting at Hampden to discuss the bond. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ton/8184564.stm
  11. That extra 50p you sent in surely means you have acquired the club? B)
  12. Yes that is true. But with Dundee we did have cooperation with the board to a large extent. Relations between the Livi fans and the Livi board are far from cordial. That's where we had the advantage to push on with our efforts to save our club, but for Livingston it will be difficult and I just hope that they can pull through it.
  13. Good ideas, you have to show them that the Livi fans have a voice and are not going to take any cr**p from the board, because that's what they have been shovelling you in the form of broken promises and warped dilusions. Personally I would back the above, show them and hopefully get them out! Good luck and I sincerely mean that.
  14. Doesn't do them any justice whatsoever, it actually makes them look more like plonkers.
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