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  1. The only upside of this game is that, should we ever qualify for a World Cup, these players will be used to shiteing it against a middling African nation.
  2. I don't think it's that he's not interested, he looks absolutely dead on his feet.
  3. Used the create-a-club mode and edited a team into the East of Scotland league. Fucking hell it's good fun. Blindly signed 30 Scottish 16-17 year olds and ended up with some tremendous players. All of them are regens, all of them are of varying quality, one of them had 40 goals by January before he got signed by Dundee United.
  4. ginge123


    Can only agree with the stuff said about Isbell. Had went thinking I'd probably give his next couple of Scottish dates a miss after seeing him something like 5 times in a row. By Decoration Day, if he'd have been selling tickets for his next hundred gigs, I'd have bought them. There probably isn't a band out there with two better guitarists.
  5. Not really a cheat per se I don't think, but in some of the late 90's-early 00's FIFA games if you got anywhere close to goal and hit triangle, which played a through ball, the keeper wouldn't know what to do and you'd get a guaranteed goal.
  6. I reckon that now the WC Qualifiers are over, it'll go even further down hill. Some of the most interesting stuff they've spoken about is Argentina and what's been happening with them. Soon we'll be going back to "[south American player] has signed for Hull, what's he like?" Only for Tim Vickery to either, not know who he is because he's an absolute no mark or to just say that he's a decent player but that he's unsure he'll fit the style of football in England. That's not an issue with Vickery, it's an issue with morons that phone in.
  7. If it's the one I'm thinking of, she phoned in twice in the last 2 weeks the first time she was talking about how her team was Aldershot and how pleased she was that Man Utd had come to play them in a League Cup tie etc whilst in the same breath began talking about her team being Arsenal and some bollocks about the League Cup. I don't remember why she phoned in the second time. Some boy from Texas has started phoning in every week, with fairly boring questions but nothing too offensive. Adebayo forgets he's phoned in the previous week and keeps asking him if his family safe from the hurricane. Bizzare.
  8. If they replaced Adebayo and reduced the amount of people phoning in who can hardly string a sentence together, it's easily be the best football show about. Unfortunately, Adebayo isn't going anywhere anytime soon I'd imagine.
  9. The way EA and, in fairness a lot of other companies, have managed to convince people they need this stuff, is nothing short of astounding. Whoever came up with FUT and the various cash grabs that go with it should have their name above the EA door.
  10. I've only just started listening to it again after 4 or 5 years because of how annoying Dotun Adebayo is. His schtick hasn't remotely changed since I last listened. The callers are weirdos of the highest order as well, which induces just as many cringeworthy moments as Adebayo. Which all in all is a shame because the pundits are generally class and it's a bit different from listening to people talking about the PL for 45 minutes.
  11. Still playing my Galway game, won the league on GD last season which was great but the same thing that always happens after winning the league happened, I won the league by about 20 points. It always seems to become too easy after you win the league once.
  12. Called up to the under-21s today. I didn't realise that it would be his first under-21s cap if he plays.
  13. I think I read the tactical thing on STV's gossip column link, so it could of course be absolute bollocks.
  14. Crystal Palace is where he's being linked with. The Champions League thing is actually quite a good point. Why get rid of him when you're likely going to need him during the group stages? Their arguement is that he isn't adapting tactically, but what's the point of bringing someone new in to replace him when you risk the exact same thing happening? For someone that they apparently don't think is good enough, he played 25 times last year, admittedly most of them from the bench, and hasn't he featured fairly regularly during pre-season?
  15. It seems incredibly hasty to get rid of him permanently just now.
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