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  1. I don’t think it’s bait he’s been peddling this todd for years. I actually think he’s just quite simple.
  2. Why worrying viewing. Because that street has an above average amount of junkies hanging about it.
  3. The Kwang Tung is excellent, although it’s location couldn’t be worse. I’ve had a sit in meal a few times and watching the world pass by on George Street can be either excellent or worrying viewing. I was in primary school with the owners daughter and at Chinese New Year he would bring in food for all the children and show us how to use chop sticks etc, which was nice of him.
  4. Best bit of the show by far, it was filmed absolutely perfectly. The piece they done last week about the Raith Rovers fans on the supporters bus was also excellent. You hear old firm fans regularly shouting about being the best fans in the world, but these sort of fans that follow their team all over the country in the lower leagues deserve massive credit. It’s easy to follow a winning team all over the country, not as easy going to a midweek game to watch a loss to Peterhead.
  5. I think it was myself that said that, I trained in the same gym as him from before he first fought for the British title. I thought he did enough last week to win by a couple, especially considering the point off for McGregor, but I don’t think it’s the robbery some people are claiming, McGregor boxed well and pulled out a couple of good rounds at the end after looking exhausted, so fair play to him. I do still think Farooq will go further in the game than McGregor. Interesting to see Hearn say he has already spoke to Farooqs management about signing him, and last week was the first time he had seen him fight.
  6. Obviously I completely agree but sometimes I wonder if I’m watching the same person waffle through his interviews and speeches as the rest of the country. Boris Johnson couldn’t organise a game of pass the parcel at a 5 year olds birthday party, and usually I would say that in jest but I genuinely believe he couldn’t. I was watching ITV news on Wednesday where they were interviewing a few factory workers in Barrow-in-Furness. One guy turns to the camera and says he believes in Boris because ‘he’s for the working class’, this in a town where 40% of children are born into poverty. Reading through the comments in support of him on Twitter makes me seriously worried for this country’s future. Trump has trodden the path first and Johnson is now following him.
  7. It’s better when the song at the end is about the team that they support. Last weeks Albion Rovers one was class and obviously the Thistle one that’s all over Twitter is excellent as wel. I’m sure that racket at the end of tonight’s episode will be to some people’s taste, but with the guy being a St. Mirren fan, if he had played a heavy metal version of Oh When the Saints I would have enjoyed it much more. The lead singer shouting down the camera ‘You disgust me’ seemed slightly disconnected from the tone of the show. Edit - The rest of the show was good as always. 7.8/10
  8. The skills test is the best thing on television. Watching Marcus and Monica’s facial expressions when the chef starts to go wrong is hilarious. Last year a guy made a fish omelette and the judges point blank refused to eat it.
  9. He hadn't changed one bit in the game I saw, he only came on for the last 20mins or so and had a shin high tackle on brown, a kick out at brown after a challenge and a fly stamp on julliens foot as they waited for a corner to be taken, he got away with all 3 so how would I know hes not at it and getting away with it every game? so no, in my opinion he hasn't changed one bit. It’s stupidity to say his attitude hasn’t changed this season. As much as I grudge it he’s an excellent striker and wouldn’t be surprised to see a mid table English Premiership team come in for him this summer. Wether it’s been Gerrard or Defoe who have had a word with him, I think he’s now realised that teams of a higher standard aren’t going to take a chance on him if he’s getting sent off every third week because a centre half has been winding him up.
  10. Did they not do a piece on Clyde V Airdrie last week when Clyde came from 2-0 down to draw 2-2? Two of the presenters are lower league fans and there is always plenty of discussion about League 1 and League 2, it’s the only part of Scottish football media that’s able to talk about these leagues with any sort of knowledge.
  11. Yes, he has the same build and features of Monty Burns, and sits in the same awkward way as him. It’s a great show though and I hope they are getting the viewing figures to keep it going. Spoke to a few of my OF supporting pals about it and half of them like it the other half don’t, but the ones that don’t like are also the guys who have never been to Ibrox or Parkhead in their life but watch every game on BT sport and wear replica kits to the airport when they are going on holiday.
  12. Buying darts online is murder. Ask your friend if you can go along to one of the league nights and get a try of a few different sets. I’ve always preferred slim barrels as they feel better in my hand but you will never know what suits you until you have had a throw, and you don’t want to be throwing 20 or 30 quid away on a set you don’t like.
  13. Another story I remember from years ago was a running argument between two posters because one of them claimed their friend had completed the West Highland Way in a wheelchair. This post from Swampy over 12 years ago still pops into my head from the ‘Holiday in Strathclyde’ thread in the gold forum.
  14. I had a surreal interview a few years ago when I went for a job with an oil company who had an office in an industrial estate in Dundee. One of the questions was if I knew how many millimetres was in an inch and I incorrectly answered 25.6 (it’s 25.4). The guy who asked the question agreed with me and moved on before an argument broke out with the other guy saying it was 25.4. They went and found a steel rule from the workshop and brought it in to settle the argument.
  15. Been binging through all the Athletico Mince episodes recently, can’t believe I was so late to the party. I’m on trains to and from London twice a week and would usually download programmes to Netflix to pass the journey but listening to the podcasts is so much better. The recent crime files with Neil Hunt and Steve McLarens pet snake had me laughing out loud into the fold down table.
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