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  1. Who's the best heavyweight boxer?

    As much as I want it to be Fury, until Joshua is beaten in the ring it has to be him. Don’t particularly like the guy but he has a better record in fewer fights. Think he beats Wilder easily and the Fury fight is 50/50 for me Disappointed in Fury not going straight into either a fight with Joshua or Wilder rematch. If Joshua had done what Fury has done he would be getting slaughtered.
  2. This time with Alan Partridge

    It’s a tortoise, I’m pretty sure these are illegal. Where did you get it? If you want anymore you come see me. She doesn’t want any more she’s asking you where you got it. I’ve a friend in County Kildare does them, but you talk to me. A lovely Irish gesture.
  3. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    I imagine the people who produce Sportsound see League 1 and 2 as the equivalent of the Juniors. Probably too busy changing their EPL fantasy teams and looking forward to next weeks Sky Super Sunday to bother reporting on them.
  4. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Was working in Southampton last weekend and went to Eastleigh V Barrow. Not a bad game but the fans don’t seem to get very animated. The goal was celebrated like they were watching a putt go in for Par at the Open.
  5. This time with Alan Partridge

    I’d heard the Black and Tans song before but not the other. I know the bit your talking about Another bit from that episode that had me laughing was when he just kept repeating ‘you go ahead’ when he was trying to deal with the time delay.
  6. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    Does she say a black eye after the ‘Rangers News’?
  7. Still Game & Best Bits

    Was searching for Swottin. How that missed out to the recent dross is a mystery. Just thinking about Jack and Victors face when the woman answers ‘livers’ when the teacher points to the kidneys in the first aid class has me laughing out loud. Most recent episode was almost back to what it used to be. A few genuine laughs and loads of other wee bits that will probably improve with time. Winston wafting his fart towards Stevie as he left the bookies was a highlight. Not laugh out loud funny but a solid bit of patter that Still Game used to be known for.
  8. This time with Alan Partridge

    I genuinely woke up the other morning and the first thing that popped into my head was ‘armoured cars and tanks and guns...’ I had never heard the song before hearing it on the show
  9. Boxing Thread

    It’s a shame that the HW division looked so close to at the very least the top 3 fighting off against each other after Fury Wilder, and now we seem as far away as ever. I don’t blame AJ at this juncture as it seems to be both Fury and Wilder who have went off to fight other guys down the ranks, wether that’s to do with TV deals or not. I just don’t believe Joshua is afraid to fight either of them although I believe (and hope) Fury could outbox him. Just caught up with the match room card. The scoring on the Ritson fight was a shambles. One judge scoring the fight 99-91 is up there with Adelaide Byrd. You can’t get into a position to judge a fight of that standing and score the fight like that it just wasn’t there. Foreign fighters must be seeing that and saying there is no way they are coming to the UK to fight in any meaningful fight on a matchroom card it’s a sham and has been for a while. Burns Beltran fight being one of the worst.
  10. A View From The Terrace.

    I liked it to start with but I can see how much it’s improved. Really enjoy catching up with it. Liking the wee bits of highlights they show from the club’s social media channels too. Strange to see people on BBC talking about potential Arbroath signings for next year. I would be surprised if Pat Bonner could point Arbroath out on a map of Tayside. Infact I would be surprised if he could spell Arbroath. If they are looking for a partisan club commentary then they should look no further that Celtic TV when Tom Boyd is commentating. Even as a Celtic fan his commentary is unreal. A Celtic player could walk on with a metal baseball bat and pound a Dundee player to the ground with 6 heavy blows to the head, and Boyd would claim a yellow to be harsh. However a nothing tackle in the middle of the pitch where a St Mirren player clips James Forrest’s ankle...well that’s nothing short of assault according to Boyd and an absolute travesty that the referee hasn’t pulled out a yellow card for this 4th minute tackle. Edit - Also fair play for managing to show the highlights from Arbroath v Airdrie in a way which never actually showed footage of any goal, but also managed to be better presented than any highlights package that Sportscene have ever shown.
  11. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    McGinn He was pathetic.
  12. This time with Alan Partridge

    Last nights was the best for me. Love going back and rewatching a couple of more times as there is always a couple of gems you miss. ‘You should make that a monthly thing, like checking the batteries in your smoke alarm or asking your cleaner how she’s getting on with her chemo.’
  13. Dundee v Celtic

    Andy Walker saying Sinclair was entitled to go down in the box when he felt a hand on his shoulder ‘to give the referee a decision to make’ infuriates me. The only time Sinclair is ‘entitled’ to go down is when he is fouled and his run is impeded. Your legs don’t give way when someone puts a hand on your back.
  14. The Leeds Thread

    See Barry Douglas taking a bit of a pounding on twitter from the Leeds fans. By all accounts he was one of the best left backs in the Championship last year but they don’t seen to rate him.
  15. F1 2019

    I forgot I had paused the race back at the start and accidentally hit my Sky remote and it jumped to the live pictures showing the drivers on the podium. Waste of a morning.