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  1. A few years back there was a group of guys going about who were using one of their 11 year old sons to fit through windows that had been left slightly open, in order to steal car keys and rob the motors right off the drive. A woman my mum knew had a conservatory that had those small rectangle windows at the top of it. She had left one of them open and they had managed to fit the young boy through, find the car keys and drive her car out the drive without her waking up out her bed.
  2. What took Zalatoris so long to pick that ball up he couldn’t have got his wedge to the bottom half of the ball due to the brick work. I was sort of hoping he gave it a go.
  3. Aye I don’t think they are going to disappear anytime soon, but in the last few years there has definitely been a move away from the subscription model Sky use, towards platforms like Amazon, Dazn etc., who might not show as much content but price themselves accordingly. There’s also the problem of IPTV/illegal streaming to contend with, which is always going to be a problem, but another long term contract with Sky is going to push more people down that road. I’m 90 odd quid a month for my Sky package, 12 for Premier and 25 odd for BT. I think it’s something like £20 a month for IPTV and the streams are getting better and more reliable now. As I say it’s hard to comment without knowing the ins and outs, but I would be seriously underwhelmed if we sign another contract with Sky without tender, and have to put up with their pitiful coverage of our game for another 8 years. Kris Boyd, John Hartson and Ian Crocker on our screens every week for the next 8 years, it would make you sick.
  4. At a time when inflation is at an all time high, and almost every product and commodity is being sold for a higher price than what it was 12 months ago, Doncaster manages to go and do a deal with Sky that brings in less money than the previous deal. The guy needs hunted.
  5. Is there any chance of ViaPlay coming in with a bid for the rights? They seem to come with a good reputation and are in the process of taking over Premier Sports, as well as having the rights to the Scottish internationals. From what I’ve read online the SPFL don’t intend to put the rights out to tender, which seems like absolute lunacy if you want to be able to negotiate from any sort of position of power. Sky have got us over a barrel here because they know they are currently the only viable TV broadcaster with BT out the picture. I would rather see the SPFL do something that could maybe drag Scottish football into the modern technological world rather than sign another long term contract with Sky that completely undersells our game. By that I mean looking at the multitude of streaming services out there, realising that people are choosing to watch television in different ways nowadays and something like a Sky subscription is going to be stuff of the past soon. DAZN recently launched in the UK and mainly show boxing, but they are a worldwide company who hold the rights for leagues like the EPL and La Liga in other countries. You also have platforms like Amazon and Discovery+ who have been looking to onboard sports as part of their package. Obviously I don’t have the first clue if any of them are interested or not but to start dealing with Sky for a deal that runs until the turn of the next decade, without putting the contract out to tender, seems like idiocy to me. From the outside it just looks like a lazy, thoughtless decision, which is absolutely par for the course when it comes to Doncaster and the SPFL.
  6. I was about to jump on this post until I read your last line. Can you imagine what BBC Scotland would do with the Premiership rights, it’s not worth thinking about. I think after a season on BBC we would be pining for the fair and balanced coverage of Sky Sports.
  7. Anyone with half a brain wouldn’t be comparing the 5th placed team in the Eredivise to any team in our Premiership outside the OF. Financially they aren’t on the same level, and with all respect to Dundee United, the AZ team were evidently of a much higher calibre. That’s no sleight on United btw, who played brilliantly in the home leg. With the standard of the media in this country it’s no surprise to hear someone like McIntyre trying to distort the facts in order to put the boot in to one of our clubs. I very rarely listen to Sportsound, and I will be going out my way to avoid it from now on. It genuinely angers me that guys like Bonnar, Miller and McIntyre are taking wage from a publicly funded broadcaster. I always remember the reaction to Celtic getting pasted 7-1 off PSG, and how the media were falling over themselves to tell anyone who would listen that Celtic just can’t compete financially with teams like that. It’s funny they never happened to mention the gulf in finances when Celtics £30,000,000 squad put 7 past St Mirren last season.
  8. They definitely don’t see the irony. I stay about a 15 minute drive from Glasgow and there’s supporters buses that leave from my town to go to OF home games. You would think when you need to get a supporters bus to a HOME game, there might be ulterior motives as to why you support that particular team.
  9. Without knowing the details of how the deal is negotiated I can’t really say too much with any certainty, although I agree with your point overall. What I would say is that Sky have to shoulder a portion of the blame, because ultimately they are in charge of the full production. It’s not like Sky are some cowboy outfit, they are the biggest broadcaster in the country and should at the very least be upholding a standard of professionalism. There’s multiple examples of them using the wrong names, wrong badges, mistaking players etc. The SPFL should really be taking it as a given that an organisation such as Sky would strive to get these very simple details correct when awarding them a long term contract. Everything about the production is half arsed; the pundits they choose, the commentators (Crocker, Walker), there’s absolutely no attempt to do anything different that could improve the output. Crocker and Walker should have been sent packing years ago, their continued employment shows Sky arent willing to do anything other than the bare minimum. Not showing their full quota of games last season should have seen the SPFL going in to any meetings with Sky with the demand that it doesn’t happen again, but I’m not sure they even care either. That was a slap in the face to the teams out with the OF, that Sky had literally paid the money to broadcast the games and couldn’t be bothered to carry out the production.
  10. I didn’t know that so will row back on what I said ever so slightly. Last season however, it seemed like it was just a constant stream of ‘OF away from home’ on Sky, and I think they even passed up the opportunity of showing an Edinburgh derby and a Dundee derby as well, and as everyone is well aware of didn’t take up their full quota of live games even with a semi interesting relegation battle. If the SPFL genuinely cared about showcasing the full league there would be stipulations in the contract with regards to Sky’s promotion of the league. Sky Sports News is a channel that’s on Freeview, almost every household in the land has access to it, and sports like Boxing, F1 and Darts use it to their advantage to build excitement and drive viewers to the channels those sports are on. Apart from Old Firm week, you would hardly know Scottish football was something that Sky Sports hold the rights to. The WSL is promoted much more than the Premiership, and teams out with the OF get a token mention every now and then. On a Sunday morning when they are showing the goals from the Saturday games they still only show the Old Firm goals and just read out the rest. They only bother to get the highlights for the other games later in the day. Scottish football genuinely does deserve better.
  11. The video where he pretends to redeem $2000 worth of Amazon gift cards while the scammer watches on is brilliant. Very clever guys, who apparently have made these scammers very wary of continuing to work in those jobs due to how much personal information they are able to gather on them.
  12. I went off on a bit of a tangent there but I think we are making roughly the same point.
  13. I was up The Cobbler a month or so back and there was a guy and his young son rock climbing on that same face. Did you follow the path round the back and summit that way, then back down the front? The zigzags are the real killer when doing the Cobbler, Narnain or Ime. For some reason I always feel like it only takes 15-20 minutes on the way up to get out of the trees and on to the main path, but double that time on the way down.
  14. I remember 6 months or so back when Boris was going through a sticky spell in No. 10, I seen it mentioned that Liz Truss was favourite to be the next Conservative leader. I probably had a quick chuckle to myself and moved on, thinking there was no way that someone as incompetent as she is would ever manage to become leader of the Conservatives, let alone PM. She is the epitome of someone who only says what people want to hear, and somehow that’s got her in to this lofted position. She was a Liberal Democrat who wanted to abolish the monarchy, now she’s a Conservative and Unionist. She campaigned to remain in the EU, now she is pushing through the policies of the most ardent Brexiteers. She doesn’t have a single thought of her own, and is no more than a puppet for the wealthy Tory donors that have her in their back pocket. Politics in this country has been a shambles for a while now and it’s almost certainly about to get worse.
  15. I honestly don’t believe that there is many, if any, people in the hierarchy of the SPFL who hold ‘making the league more competitive’ as an important objective. I think they are quite happy using the OF as the carrot to bring in money, and having them two battling it out for the league season after season after season IS competitive in their eyes. We see it with the TV deal where it’s almost exclusively ‘diddy team at home to one of the OF’. Sky and Premier Sports don’t even try to hide the fact that they see the other 10 teams in the league as minor characters, only here to supply the OF with an opponent in order for the broadcasters to pick up OF fans subscriptions. I noticed on BT yesterday they were advertising Angers v Auxerre as one of their live games from Ligue 1. Not PSG v Lyon, or Marseille v Lille but a game between two of the ‘smaller’ clubs put out there for the world to watch. Imagine we had a TV deal that showed a match like Aberdeen v Motherwell in the opening weeks of the season? Even writing that down in black and white, our TV deal is so horrendously skewed towards two clubs having the vast majority of live games, that it’s actually unimaginable a game like that would be shown. It’s as if they are embarrassed to show games between two teams out with the OF, like having either Rangers or Celtic involved lends the live games some credibility and makes it look better for the ‘English audience’, who’s opinion our media seem to hold in such high regard.
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