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  1. Didn’t know Dumfries and Galloway spanned out as far as that. It must be pretty close to the border as I’m sure all the little villages you drive through along the coast coming from Turnberry are in South Ayrshire. I thought I was quite good on my Scottish geography but obviously not. It’s not an area I have visited very much.
  2. He is still getting picked by UEFA for Europa and Nations League games this season, god knows how they pick them. I’ve got a suspicion that getting to the top in the refereeing game is 50% how you perform on the pitch and 50% how friendly you are with whoever is grading you. I know Kenny Clark is involved with the SFA taking to do with the officials. Obviously Hugh Dallas aswell, who is the only reason Andrew Dallas is consistently refereeing games in our top flight instead of the Glasgow District U12s league where he actually belongs.
  3. So your only previous experience of Ayrshire was Nardinis then ! Is Cairnryan not in South Ayrshire? What council area does it fall under?
  4. Always get an exciting fight with Benn, but that’s mainly down to his horrific defence. Last time I seen him in the ring he was getting pasted about by some French jobber, and he came out saying his defence would be improved next time out. He’s winning this fight quite handily so far but he’s so open to the counter punch that a quality fighter would catch him eventually. Slim chance Formella does it here if he stays upright. He is so lazy with his hands after he throws a couple of punches, he never brings them back to anywhere near his chin and the majority of the time he brings them back to his hips. It might just be his style but bringing the gloves back to the chin is pretty basic stuff that would get drilled into juniors from an early age.
  5. No idea tbh, I didn’t actually think of that. I’m unsure what they would have done if I had just said I would take the fine and continue on my journey, I don’t think they had the powers to arrest me, they are probably assuming that getting pulled over and the threat of a fine is enough to make people turn round. The police were actually quite sound (as sound as a police officer can be), and said they had been given the authority to dish out these fines but that was something they were trying to avoid. They already knew my address as it would have came up when they got my plates, and they knew I was a fair distance from my house. If I had wanted to be a dick I could have said I was going to drop shopping off to an elderly relative and I don’t think there would have been anything they could have done to stop me. Maybe followed me around for the rest of the day as I went and picked up a shopping and dropped it off to a random persons house, but I don’t think that would have been worth the hassle tbh. I think a few posters on this sites head would have fell off if I came on and said i had done that.
  6. Certainly did 😂 People hold some strong views around Covid restrictions which I suppose is fair enough during these times.
  7. Ryan Jack is the vibe 2020 was waiting on... and I am HERE for it.
  8. I’ve been to every corner of Scotland enjoying the scenery, the walks and climbs. Grateful to have such a beautiful landscape within a few hours drive from my house. Thanks for thinking about me though. Just you stick to shouting out your window at people from the central belt with the audacity to walk close to your house.
  9. Tbf folk living there didn't ask for the NC500 clusterfuck and it generates absolute buttons for the local economy. The disrespect and damage to the local environment has been particularly dreadful this year. I did see some pictures of the damage left behind and I do sympathise, some people just don’t care.
  10. 😂😂😂 he does. Find it hard to slag him too much though. Anyone who is able to find that sort of enthusiasm filming a video from the car park of the Excelsior stadium on a non match day deserves some sort of respect, it wouldn’t be me.
  11. One of his videos was suggested to me where he was standing on a cycle track beside Cliftonhill, peering into the ground like he was seeing the Maracana for the first time. He seems harmless enough and talks up lower league Scottish football so good luck to him.
  12. What a miserable existence you must lead. Living in one of the most scenic parts of our country and your losing the rag about people visiting and taking pictures. I realise it’s not set up for large amounts of visitors and I sympathise that some of the visitors don’t respect the area, but again you have done nothing to claim any sort of ownership of it other than just living near it.
  13. Ok I think we can leave it there now. Thanks for all the attempts to feign ignorance aboutfeign ignorance [sic].
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