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  1. I was like you and got into the habit of watching some of his videos, especially the ones in ex-soviet countries which were genuinely interesting. He has quite an abrupt personality although I think that is needed in order for him to produce the videos he does, he’s not shy of walking in to places where he’s probably not welcome which made the videos entertaining to watch. I didn’t know anything about the rape stuff until reading your post but I can’t say I’m surprised to hear it. There was a couple of videos he done where it was quite difficult to watch, and he seemed to be seeking out the most deprived or dangerous places he could find in order to try and instigate a situation that would get him more views. The video where he is walking about a slum in India with his go-pro out in front of him, pointing it into peoples faces and standing filming the locals as they went about their business, just came across as ignorant. Can’t imagine how it would feel for the locals to have some rich white man parading about the streets with his fancy camera in order to show the world the poverty they are living in. There’s another guy on YouTube, Harold Baldr I think he’s called, who does the same routine. There’s a video where he goes to a street market in Pakistan and tries to order some food. The locals don’t hide their contempt for the guy and basically spend 10 minutes laughing at him before telling him to f**k off. Both him and Bald and Bankrupt are definitely ones for the watching.
  2. The complexities of the league system seem to go over the head of the majority of pundits in this country. Unless a club suffers administration or a points deduction, it’s impossible for a team to end up playing League 1 football, unless they happen to finish in the bottom 2 of the Championship. For all their faults, the English media seem to embrace smaller teams like Bournemouth punching above their weight in the Premier League. I’ve never heard one of their pundits saying things like ‘Nottingham Forest are a Premier League team’ or ‘Sunderland deserve to be in the top league because they get big crowds’. Guys like Willie Miller won’t be happy until our top league is made up only of teams that he deems to be deserving, whatever that means.
  3. Unless I’m unaware, does where the ball comes to rest have any bearing on wether it’s a foul or not. If a midfielder standing on the half way line was to misplace a pass into the stand, and then have an opponent clean him out after the ball was away, would it not be a foul? You can’t slide in around a players legs with the ball nowhere in the vicinity and then be surprised if it ends up as a foul. To be fair to Rice, that sort of situation where the attacker balloons a shot out of play then gets tackled after is usually never given as a penalty, so I can understand his frustration. I think St Mirren got an almost identical decision to that a few weeks ago, at home to Kilmarnock I think, but apart from those two incidents I don’t recall any others being given as penalties, even though in my opinion it should be.
  4. That’s very true, I’m sure Channel 5 were hoping for him to burst in to tears or break down with emotion during the interview. It’s testament to the character of Frampton that he called out the interviewer and asked why he wasn’t speaking with the winner.
  5. Was out on Thursday for a complimentary round at a course me and my friend are thinking of joining. After saying on here about my troubles off the tee, I went and played my best round of golf for probably 6 or 7 years. Played 16 holes with the same ball before sticking an 8 iron over the green and into the trees on the 17th, which was more to do with a bad judgement of distance than my swing. It really can’t be understated what confidence can do for a golf swing, every tee I stood on I was certain I was going to hit it well. I had watched a YouTube video that showed a good pre-shot routine to use before driving, and I think that helped immensely. It instructed you to lay the club behind the ball first, lining up the face with your intended target and getting the shaft in a more vertical position, then taking your stance off the position of the club. Once I had done that I would take a half step back and have a practice swing, with the only thought in my head being ‘slow back and watch the ball get hit’ (I’m bad for lifting my head and trying to look for my ball before it’s hit). I’m sure this is amateur hour to most of the golfers on here but I’m over the moon with how much it helped, I’m back out tomorrow if the weather is okay and hope I can replicate it. We had to play straight into a strong wind off 4 or 5 of the tees, which is something that has turned me into a crumbling mess in the past, but I was still getting the ball away well. Due to my new found confidence off the tee, I pulled out my 5 wood on a couple of the shorter holes as it’s a club I usually hit well and pretty straight at the driving range, but one I rarely use on the course. What I found was the 5 wood only ended up 10-20 yards shorter than the driver. I’m about 210-230 yards with the driver but was hitting about 200 yards with the 5 wood, although with a much lower ball flight and more run. Good to have another option off the tee though.
  6. Aye, when you look at the career then he’s got nothing to prove to anyone and his heart can never be questioned. It’s the boxers pride that has taken a hit tonight, and I feel bad for him that he won’t get the chance to avenge that, even though he is completely right to hang the gloves up. Im not too clued up on the history of Northern Irish fighters, but is there an argument to be made for him being their most successful boxer ever?
  7. I can’t argue with a word you or @J_Stewart are saying, but I also can’t help but feel that if I was in the same position as he was tonight I would be absolutely heart sick for my career to end like that. Boxers risk their life and future health every time they step through the ropes, and 99% of them have the mentality that if they are going to get beat then they go down swinging. I suppose you could say that he has probably continued on 2-3 fights longer than he should have, as it was clear he wasn’t getting back to anything near world level for a while now. But a beating like that and the towel coming in on your last fight would be hard to take imo, it’s something he will never be able to rewrite. In a few weeks time when the emotion has lessened and he’s spending the time with his wife and kids, it won’t be as big a deal. Im possibly over reacting as it’s very raw at the moment and feels like an undeserving way for a fighter like Frampton to end on.
  8. I’m not so much against the towel coming in for Framptons health, more that if I had lived the career that he has I would hate for it to be concluded in those circumstances.
  9. He’s an absolute class act as a fighter and a person. He was over for one of Taylors fights when they were both under McGuigan, and he used the gym I train in a couple of times while he was here. One of the times he was in the gym at the same time as a junior boxing class was going on. He had them all up in to the ring for a wee spar with him one by one, giving out advice and pointers to them. That was completely off his own back, no one had asked him to do that. I hope he can retire happy, healthy and very proud of the career he’s had.
  10. Never usually someone to criticise the towel coming in from the corner, but if I was Carl Frampton, with the career he has had and in possibly the final fight of his career, I would be absolutely spewing at that. Not saying it was the wrong decision with regards to Framptons health, but if I was in his shoes I would have liked to have went down swinging. He was almost certainly about to get stopped, but he was still throwing back and possibly could have managed to get back to his corner. If it was a guy in their 10th or 11th fight in the same position then fine, get the towel in. But for a fighter like Frampton to go out like that, after the career hes had and the heart he has shown previously, it will be very hard to stomach.
  11. That’s not a heavy knockdown, but Frampton literally walked straight on to that.
  12. Hope Frampton has dusted down the golf clubs, if he is true to his word he will be having a lot of free time in the coming months.
  13. Cashed out about 10 minutes before Livingston got an equaliser, so I could have possibly got £80-£100 if I had left it for a few minutes more. At 55 minutes all three of Clyde, Thistle and Raith were 1-0 up, although Clyde the only team that went on to win.
  14. Frampton just starting on Channel 5. Will admit to having never heard of his opponent and not kept up with the the build up to the fight, but the commentators have just said Frampton has stated he will retire if he gets beat so he must be confident.
  15. Anyone clued up on Sky Q, specifically the mini-boxes? Got the main Sky Q box in the living room and 2 mini boxes up stairs, which have been giving me grief since the day they were fitted. The mini boxes used to drop out when the main box went into stand by mode, which was understandable, but that issue has been sorted now. However the more mystifying issue now is that the main box is working away fine, and neither of the mini boxes will ‘connect to the network’, even though I can be standing in the same room with my WiFi working perfectly. Sky’s technical help is abysmal, and all they can tell me is that the issue is with my router; either the settings or the proximity to my boxes. I’m 99% sure that’s bullshit because I have a PC in one of the rooms that hasn’t dropped the WiFi connection for as long as I can remember. Anyone had a similar experience and know of a way to fix it? It’s infuriating as there is a box yards away which is working fine. I’ve googled this problem multiple times and yet to find a fix, it seems to be a common issue because the Sky Q forum is full of people pulling their hair out with the same problem.
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