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  1. I physically boak when I see guys with sandals on, especially when it’s somewhere like a supermarket. I can just about stomach it on holiday, but the last thing I want to see in the frozen meat aisle of Tesco is a grown mans toes literally yards from my face. I was on a golf trip in Portugal a couple of years ago with about 10 other guys around my age, and I was the only one that had the decency to keep my toes enclosed for the full trip. Genuinely struggled to eat my dinner knowing the horror that was hiding under the table.
  2. Are you buying new or looking for pre-owned? Full set with driver, irons, wedges, putter etc.? My advice to anyone looking for a set of clubs as a beginner is to get on eBay/Gumtree and just type in ‘golf clubs full set’, or something of that nature. Friend of mine has just started out and I advised him to get a pre owned set initially. I was keeping an eye on EBay for him and he ended up buying a full set of Wilson irons, a Mizuno driver, Wilson putter and an old Taylormade lob wedge, for £120 including postage (there was an old bag thrown in that looked like it was once owned by Old Tom Morris, so he bought a new stand bag for £80). I would guess the clubs are around 15-20 years old, possibly older, but perfect for a beginner. The set actually came with a 3 iron, which is rare these days, and I hit a few balls with it at the range that I struck cleaner than my own irons which didn’t cost 120 quid. What I would say is if you are able to see the clubs before you buy them I would recommend doing that. We took a chance on that set as they were coming from England somewhere, but the seller had put up plenty of pictures and I could tell the clubs were in a good condition. Edit - I should have said, when looking for a set online obviously try and stick to the more well known brands. There’s some chancers out there selling Donnay clubs that arent worth 2 bob. Wilson seems to be the most regular brand I seen being sold, which will be fine if in good condition.
  3. I know there’s not any chance of that happening, but that would be the biggest upgrade since I went from a Samsung D700 to an iPhone. McAllister can barely last 60 minutes and Erwins first touch has the girls in the West Bank pie stall diving for cover.
  4. I think Sky do a pretty good job, especially when it comes to the week of the Open. Live coverage from the very first ball on Thursday morning right through to the finish, and they seem to be fairer with their coverage of the whole field instead of focusing on ‘feature groups’. When watching an American broadcast, if they cut away to show you one of the lesser known players hitting an iron from 150 yards away, you can bet your house it’s either going in the hole or very close. The Swing Zone is also a good feature they have and they seem to be able to get most of the players involved.
  5. I don’t think McAllister would be any loss at all, as sad as that is to say about a guy that came through our own academy, and someone that all the fans had high hopes for. The move to Derby and subsequent move back to St Mirren has always struck me as odd. It’s never been confirmed but I did hear rumours that Derby’s medical team had found some issues that meant they weren’t willing to keep and develop him. Since he’s came back you could count on the one hand how many good games he has had. The goal he scored against Spartans that a poster alluded to earlier, where he ran from the halfway line and fired in from the edge of the box was one of his highlights, but I think he was about 17 when he did that.
  6. I’m surprised he hasn’t trademarked it as ‘The Trump Turnberry Duel in the Sun’. Sorry to keep going on about Turnberry, but I found it quite funny whilst having a look at the pictures hung around the clubhouse, that a good 50 percent of them are Donald and his family members. One of the first I seen that greets you as you walk up the stairs is a picture of Trump with his thumbs up, standing on the grounds of the hotel with a helicopter in the background There is some very interesting photos and artwork amongst them though which do relate to the game of golf. Edit- Found the picture.
  7. Everyone’s different, and we are lucky enough in Scotland that we have plenty of amazing courses that don’t need to break the bank. I’ve paid 100+ a few times for a round, but only when I think it’s justifiable. I paid £195 for St Andrews a couple of weeks ago, but the memories I have for the rest of my life every time I see that course on TV justify that price for me. Next year when the Open is at St Andrews I will be watching the professionals on the same fairways and greens that I was, and the last thing I will be thinking about is how much it cost me to play it.
  8. We got lucky in that we didn’t have to pay for the round although the member we were with takes a caddy out with him, so the only expense was a tip for the caddy at the end of the round (which was very much earned due to the amount of times he found my ball in the rough for me). I could imagine why it wouldn’t be the best host venue with regards to the infrastructure around the course, it’s sort of boxed in between the hotel and the sea, but as a course it definitely deserves its place in my opinion. Have you played the RtB course?
  9. Day out on the Ailsa at Turnberry on Thursday thanks to a friend of a friend who is a member down there. By a country mile the best course I’ve ever played, and we got lucky with the weather as well. Extremely jealous of anyone with the funds to be a member, hopefully one day I will be able to justify it as well. The holes around the lighthouse are brilliant to play due to the views out across the ocean with the Ailsa Craig in view. Stopped at the lighthouse for a sausage roll, bottle of juice and a pee. This turned out to be the most expensive sausage roll I’ve ever bought at a cost of £7.50, but after seeing the quality of the toilet pictured below, I quickly forgot about it. Really sad that it’s not on the Open rota due to Mr Trump but hopefully one day it will be again. Next plan is to go and play the Robert the Bruce course which looks in fantastic condition as well from what we seen. Speaking to a couple of members in the restaurant after the round and they both spoke very highly of it.
  10. When the Open is in Scotland I like to attend on the Saturday if I can. You usually get a few good pairings you can follow around at certain points if you pick out a couple of grandstands or tee boxes to head for, retire to the tented village as the day dies down and head for the train before it becomes a free for all. I would never choose to go on a Sunday though, that’s a day for planting yourself in front of the TV. Although one of my best ever days at the golf, or anywhere for that matter, was on a Sunday. I’d got a ticket to the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles on the Sunday and ended up hearing the winning putt on a German guys portable radio, even though it was happening live about 500 yards from me. Seen a couple of good moments live; Poulter chipping in against Webb Simpson I think, and was about 5 feet from Garcia as he chopped out the rough on one of the mounds to an inch from the hole. They had ran out of beer by about 11am that day and the only options were whisky or wine. I didn’t fancy the whisky at that time of the morning so I was stoating about the course with two bottles of cheap Ryder Cup branded rosè, that cost me about 70 quid into the bargain, talking to anyone who would listen (and probably some people who didn’t want to listen). Had so many great encounters that day with people of all nationalities, but the best was a sound guy from Dundee that I was chatting away to as we headed for the train station. He had been a steward and was wearing all the official gear, lanyard round his neck etc. He was saying he was gutted he couldn’t stay for the party and free bar that was getting put on for all the volunteers as he had to head home sharp. He had obviously noticed I was a bit merry and just as our train was pulling up he handed me his lanyard and official Ryder Cup anorak and told me to go and chance it at the door of the big tent beside the first fairway. I didn’t have much time to tell him how appreciative I was but I stuck the jacket and the lanyard on, ran back on to the course and up the ramp of the hospitality area, flashed my lanyard to the guy at the door who never took a second look, and spent the next few hours at a free bar mingling with the real, deserving, volunteers. I think I told a good 70 percent of them that I had just got the jacket and lanyard from a sound guy at the train station, and I had no right being there, but they didn’t seem to mind. Neil Lennon was in there drinking cans of Red Stripe with Martin Kaymers caddy and a few other very fat Irish guys. I went over and tried to have a chat with him about football, but he put his hand round the back of my neck, pushed it down, and said ‘listen what’s your problem mate?’, in an accent that can only be described as very very similar to Gerry Adams. I moved away from his group and proceeded to tell everyone else I spoke to that I had just heard Lennon use sectarian language, and in an act of spite tweeted a picture that I had took of him to a Daily Record journalist. It was a truly great night, and if anyone on here knows a volunteer at that Ryder Cup from Dundee who had to leave early, please send him my regards.
  11. One of my first interactions when I worked in the north east was a guy from Fraserburgh, after asking him where something was, he replied ‘Ben eh hoose’ (good chance that’s not the correct spelling). I stood there utterly bemused and oblivious to what the f**k he was talking about. I came to learn that it means ‘through there’, or something similar.
  12. Anyone go in for the ballot for St Andrews next year, the 150th Open? I’ve applied for 4 Saturday tickets which they are pricing at £95 each, which I think is 25 odd quid dearer than the last Open at St Andrews I was at, the year it went on to the Monday.
  13. Put some respect on Jim Clark’s name please, whoever he is and whatever sport it was he played. Some shout to be heralding him as Scotlands greatest ever sportsman when 95% of the country don’t have a clue who he is. For someone to be considered as Scotland’s greatest ever, I would put ‘people knowing who he is’ high up on the list of qualities needed. Edit - Just seen he was a racing driver, driving a car is not a sport. I’m sure it’s not easy, and would be mentally and physically demanding, but if me and my friend were to race around the backroads at 120mph I wouldn’t jump out the motor and say I had just played a sport.
  14. I’ve actually been recommended that before and it hasn’t crossed my mind, that’s a good shout cheers. We were going to book Barrassie which I know is good but I played it years ago, trying to find somewhere none of us have played and I think West Kilbride fits that bill. For any east coasters through this neck of the woods, Irvine is a cracking course that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like the Gailes or Dundonald, although admittedly great courses. £50 I think it is for a round. If I stayed 20 minutes further west I would be joining Irvine in a heartbeat, but it’s just slightly too far away for me to be getting down there after work.
  15. Anyone got a recommendation for a nice course down Ayrshire way that isn’t £100+? Playing Irvine Bogside on Wednesday and my friend has managed to get us a game at Turnberry on the Ailsa course on Thursday through a member. Played Prestwick St Cuthberts a few weeks ago and wasn’t impressed with it for the money they are charging, and have played the municipals at Troon multiple times, so any courses apart from them?
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