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  1. Clexit, and the promotion/relegation implications

    I'm pretty sure the proposal stipulated that it would be Division 2 that would have 15 teams. I would say it should be 4 up and 3 down from each league all the way up.
  2. Just the juniors radio show

    There's a recurring theme on this thread.
  3. Neilston Juniors Statement

    The club is delighted to announce that Derek Carson and Chris Cameron have been appointed co-managers of Neilston Juniors FC and joining Derek and Chris in a coaching capacity will be David 'Disco' Gordon. All three have strong ties with Neilston Juniors and we wish them every success.
  4. Neilston Juniors Statement

    Neilston Juniors FC are inviting applicants for the position of team manager. Please send covering letter, CV etc to [email protected] by 5pm on Friday 16th November 2018. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified.
  5. Neilston Juniors Statement

    The club regrets to announce we have reluctantly accepted the resignation of co-manager Martin Campbell. Martin, along with co-manager John Paul Dow, successfully steered the club to promotion to the West Region Championship last season at only the second attempt. Martin and John Paul, who was leaving after this Saturday's match due to pressures of work, will take the team this coming Saturday for the last time. The committee would like to place on record that both Martin and John Paul along with John Boyd, Derek Carson and Billy McCorkindale, have given so much time and effort to Neilston Juniors over the last couple of seasons and we thank them both for leaving the club in such a good, solid footing. We wish them both all the best for the future in whatever they do and both Martin and JP will always be welcome at Brig O'Lea anytime. After next Saturday's match Derek Carson has agreed to be caretaker manager and the committee wish to thank Derek very much for this and will support him fully.
  6. "Contracts" In Junior Football

    There is a third status, professional non-contract. It is what it sounds like, a pro who is not on a contract and therefore receives no wages. Typically it happens when you sign a player who was previously on a contract at some time earlier in his career, or had been registered with a senior club earlier in his career. He retains his professional status unless he's happy to go amateur, in which case you need to reinstate him to amateur status. Anyway, if not reinstated to amateur, he retains his professional status but you can register him as a pro non-contract if you are not giving him a contract.
  7. Neilston Juniors 2018/19

    We are sorry to say that co-manager John Paul Dow will be leaving the club next month due to upcoming work commitments over the winter months. John Paul has been at Brig O'Lea since June 2016. His final game as co-manager will be on Saturday 10th November against Craigmark at Brig O'Lea. The committee wish to thank JP for all the hard work, time and passion he brought to the club. All the best for the future JP and don't be a stranger at Brig O'Lea. Once a Farmer's Boy......
  8. Oldest Junior Football Team?

    This is in agreement with Mark Donnelly's excellent "Scottish Junior Histories" book, a collection of articles written in 1932/33. Mr McPhee got the name 'Vale of Clyde' from the side of a Govan tramcar. Don't know where Vale Of Clyde are getting their 1873 from?
  9. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Thank you, absolutely tragic and happening far too often.
  10. Lack of Officials

    The only league games we haven't had linesmen were away to Girvan and away to Craigmark so is south Ayrshire not so well covered?
  11. Referees

    I make a point now of checking if there's a referee supervisor appointed so the management team can warn the players in advance. That's how bad the refs are when watched. Don't know why the referee supervisors can't just turn up unannounced?
  12. Lack of Officials

    Unlike years ago when the juniors had their own referees, the junior grade is dependent on the SFA for referees. It's the Referee Department at Hampden who allocate the games. They may well argue that the top tiers in the West Region have 4 extra games from previous years with the two leagues expanding from 12 to 16 teams this season.
  13. QP moving to lesser hampden good for junior clubs?

    When Hampden opened in 1903, the original Lesser Hampden was a pitch in front of the old South Stand which was there for many years afterwards. In 1923, Queen's Park bought Clincart Farm and opened the present Lesser Hampden. The farmhouse and byre are the old white buildings still in use today. It's said they're the oldest buildings used in world football. Listed? Here's Hampden in the distance when Clincart Farm was still in existence before Lesser Hampden was built.
  14. Neilston Juniors 2018/19

    Aye mate, Morton from 2009 to 2013.
  15. Neilston Juniors 2018/19

    Now available, the new Neilston Juniors FC mobile app. Just put http://neilstonjuniors.beezer.com into your mobile's browser then add to home screen. Ensure notifications are turned on to receive the latest news on signings, bus times etc. on the home screen.