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  1. Full Time Lochee United 1 Neilston 3 Paul Stewart, Mark Archdeacon, Dylan Fletcher
  2. IIRC the tracks still ran to just about the back end of Brig O'Lea into the early 1980s. I'm sure the trains used to run up there to switch tracks for the return trip to Glasgow. I'll get my anorak. Spot on Peasy23, the trains did used to come up to right behind the top goal before being switched onto the up track to return to Glasgow. I think the points were maybe moved down a bit after Neilston signal box closed and the traffic was signalled from the Cathcart Power Box.
  3. Chris Cameron & Derek Carson at Neilston. Could still do a turn!
  4. We had a game called off quite late in the season when a freak hailstone storm hit half the village. Neilston was clear from when you first enter all the way to beyond the shops in the Main Street. Then there was a white division where the far half of the village was a complete whiteout. I tweeted the game was off and folk from the other end of Neilston were messaging me with disbelief. I suppose the weather has to stop somewhere! Then there was the time in the final day of the season, we were at the Show Park, East Kilbride where torrential rain meant a fairly late postponement. After getting the appropriate permission, both teams, fans and the ref all jumped in cars etc and we all headed over to Brig O'Lea and got the game on at very, very short notice.
  5. The SJFA rules say there will only be linesmen from the 4th round onwards unless either the secretary requests them or both clubs agree to request them.
  6. Neilston manager Robert Fox "Ref! Ref! Ref! Sub!" Ref runs over "who's coming off?" Foxy "you ya c***""
  7. Here it from 1913 and 1947 when Neilston had won it.
  8. Thanks for this, no idea how it's ended up in Maryhill right enough That's what we thought too! :)
  9. The winners of the Erskine Cup would play the winners of the Maryhill Charity Cup for the McGregor Cup. After winning the 1991 Erskine Cup, we won the 1991 McGregor Cup beating Maryhill 4-3 at Tinto Park. Here we were after the 1991 and 1994 win, the last one.
  10. We are re-jigging our programme this season and going full colour glossy. The old boys who can't access the club app or facebook page still welcome it. Many of our supporters see it as a way of giving us another donation along with the Golden Goal.
  11. Have a look in the Evening Times archive Vincent. All the Saturday night football papers are here. You know you are at a Saturday date if the next day has no Evening Times (it's a Sunday!). Just pick the decade, year, month etc from the drop down menu at the top left. When on a Saturday, scroll right through to the football edition as it starts with the early Saturday edition. And hit the wee magnifying glass to make it bigger. You'll get loads like this which I found by just picking a random Saturday in August 1966. https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2mus-XyGPC0C
  12. Brig O'Lea yesterday after three games in a week followed by days and days of torrential rain. Credit to the boys who do the pitch.
  13. Was it not this footage of the 1925 Junior Cup Final between Saltcoats Vics and St Anthonys. This film has footage of all three games and the McLellan brothers played in all three. https://movingimage.nls.uk/film/0577 23rd May 1925 - St Anthony's 1 Saltcoats 1 (James McLellan) Replay 30th May 1925 - St Anthony's 3 Saltcoats 3 (William McLellan 2, James McLellan) 2nd replay 6th June 1925 - St Anthony's 1 Saltcoats 2 (Barr, Brunton)
  14. It's not unlikely that the defender commits the red card offence 25 yards out, the attacking team take the quick free kick, the ball stays in play for a god bit then the offending player touches the ball in the 6 yard box. The FIFA example they showed us last night had the quickly taken free kick further out than that. The point remains that the offending player could be receiving a red card several minutes later and 30 yards nearer to goal.
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