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  1. That was not what was asked. What was said was to put up your hand if you would like to stay together. It was just a show of hands Question Time style at the very start of the presentation.
  2. We're upbeat too up at Neilston. https://www.barrheadnews.com/sport/18346956.neilston-juniors-apply-move-west-scotland-football-league/
  3. George Hunter (Celtic) Willie Bell (Leeds United) Tommy McMillan (Aberdeen) Jimmy McQuade (Stade Rennais) Paul Lovering (Hibs, Ayr United) Jimmy Ayton (Third Lanark, Leicester City) Peter Weir (St Mirren, Aberdeen) Ricky Gillies (St Mirren, Aberdeen) Barry Lavety (St Mirren, Hibs) Bobby Young (Motherwell, St Johnstone, Celtic) Dixie Deans (Motherwell, Celtic)
  4. George Fraser made it clear at the meeting in East Kilbride on the 12th March that the LL/EoSFL/SoSFL had absolutely no issue with WoSFL members holding dual memberships with other associations. If there was a barrier to that then that 's for other associations to deal with.
  5. Used to be like that. The Scottish Junior Cup used to be regional in the earlier rounds. I think maybe the first three rounds were regional. The clubs must've voted to change it. I know we didn't get a non-West team in the earlier rounds until we got Tranent in the first round in 1964.
  6. Fines are due, at the most, monthly. That includes point accumulation fines, straight red fines and cautions in cup games.
  7. Depends on the mix of distance and attendance. If we drew say Lochgelly Albert in the cup, being 66 miles away we'd get a guarantee of £120. So Lochgelly can only make any money after taking in £120 (for us) and £50 (for the ref). So if the gate was £200 in total, Lochgelly make £30. If the gate was £160, Lochgelly lose a tenner.
  8. There is a minimum guarantee you pay the visiting team based on a mileage scale. They get the guarantee if their share of the split gate (after ref costs) is less than the guarantee. One or the other.
  9. And that, I'd imagine, would be the case for the majority of West Region clubs.
  10. The park is playable right now with a 50% chance of showers forecast by kick off time. That can't be grounds for a postponement just now.
  11. Plainly it does or clubs would vote for it. The clubs are the West Region and if the majority of clubs want 2pm then that's the correct ko time.
  12. With 9 wins and a draw in our last 10 away games, we don't fear going on the road but we'll need to be right up for the fight just like the way we were away to Lochee United.
  13. It wasn't one man's private life. The issue was debated at an West Region AGM a few years ago and was voted down by the clubs. One of the main reasons against was that players and committee who are there every week, home and away, like to get home at a decent hour to enjoy their Saturday evening elsewhere, particularly on an away day. If crowds surged on non-league days I'm sure that might've swayed some, but they don't so it didn't. That's democracy. The same individual was dead set against the 16 team leagues of the all West Region league reconstruction. Democracy won there too.
  14. The club is deeply saddened to hear that honorary life member Hugh Blair passed away peacefully last night. Hugh had been on our committee for 65 years. His knowledge of Neilston Juniors was second to none and will be missed. Our sincerest condolences to Hugh's family and friends.
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