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  1. With regard to the Shimano shoes and pedals, I am pretty sure that the cleats came with the shoes when I bought them, NOT the pedals. EDIT: Just checked - they came with the pedals, my bad. But the cleats are included with the pedals from Wiggle http://www.wiggle.co.uk/shimano-pd-r540-spd-sl-sport-pedals/
  2. There's a lot of ifs and buts in the situation because - as far as I am aware - the HIE dangled a fair financial carrot in front of a merged ICT, and I am not sure that they would have done that in front of either Caley or Thistle as individual clubs. I think Caley would have been the Invernesian team to progress into the SFL - they had the far better set-up of the three Inverness clubs at the time, and could easily have achieved much the same as the merged ICT did. As for Thistle, I think they would have done ok in the Highland League as they had a decent set-up, certainly regularly mid-table - but then again, Clach do struggle (other than their one title win) despite being the only semi-pro side in Inverness - so maybe not?
  3. As far as I am aware, Caledonian play in the Welfare League, not the Amateur League, as they played Hopeman recently in the Welfare Cup.
  4. I doubt that there would be any copyright on just 'Caledonian' but I would imagine that there is ownership of the name "Caledonian Football Club" and that probably lies with ICT. SFA Rules dictate that you can't have another football team with an identical name to one from the past, but you can get around it by subtly changing the trading name. Hence Clach are officially "Clachnacuddin (1991) Ltd" or something like that and Deveronvale are now "Deveronvale 1994" legally. There is a "Caledonian" playing in the Inverness Amateur or Welfare league though?
  5. PENDANT ALERT: Perth and Aberdeen ARE within a 100 mile radius of Inverness. The quoted distances are road distances, not actual distances.
  6. As far as I am aware, no. The only religious link that I can think of to the teams is that I think I once read that the land at Inverness Thistle's ground at Kingsmills was owned by the Church of Scotland?
  7. Read this in the Record today: From that it's obvious that Cuddle Cat did it.
  8. I recall at the time of the discussions about the merger it was once proposed that the new club be called "Inverness Caledonian" - taking the "Caledonian" from Caledonian FC and "Inverness" from Inverness Thistle FC. Strangely this proposal didn't find favour with those on the Thistle side of things.
  9. Nope, they both died unfortunately. I don't care what the ICT fans chant - to most folk they are ICT or just plain old Inverness - either way they are a club that was borne out of the strangulation of two proud old clubs in a political battle. Another Franchise FC. There is one hell of a gaping hole in the Highland League.
  10. I thought fans didn't vote for it though. I thought the vote was won by the pro-merger lobby bringing in a raft of new members to vote in favour of the merger?
  11. I miss Caley. They were one of the teams that made the HFL special and a trip to Telford Street or a visit from Caley were among the highlights of the season as you always felt it was a big game against a big club. Although I like the inclusion of Wick Academy and Inverurie Locos in the HFL these days, these clubs haven't replaced the likes of Caley and Elgin City - and I think the HFL is a lot poorer as a result. It's not the same anymore. Although what happened with the Caley and Inverness Thistle merger obviously affected you guys more than anyone as you actually lost your clubs, I think it was felt further afield through all fans of HFL fitba as well.
  12. England getting knocked out of World Cup or European Championship finals is an absolute nightmare down here as all hell breaks loose. Although you want to laugh at them, you daren't leave the house and it takes a brave man to go to the pub. You have to keep a low profile for a couple of days as if someone hears your accent they can get quite aggressive with all the 'who did you support then Jock' nonsense. But then I've seen them trash the place when they've won as well - take their 2002 win over Argentina for example. Loads of trouble and police out on the night after that. I was out in Birmingham that night and there was all sorts kicking off.
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