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  1. i vaguely recall being at the old Celtic Park watching the reserves v Hibs, who were wearing that awful purple away kit circa 93. The first game I can properly remember being at was a trip with my football team for what I believe was the first Scotland game at the new Hampden vs Holland. Pretty sure Bryan Roy scored in a 1-0 win.
  2. Marsh


    Anyone saying Fosters and Carling needs their palette repaired. 1. Moretti 2. Stella (Draught) 3. Drygate IPA 4. Hop House 5. Corona
  3. Fair comment, me and my mates used to go up to the local five a side complex on a Friday night and if there was pitches available, they'd let us on for a pound each, that was circa 97-02 right enough but you get the idea.
  4. The problem is endemic and it's not just one or 2 factors, its several. One of the gripes is about technology and video games, but every European country has technology and video games. The weather is horrendous obviously but it’s less horrendous than Iceland and Scandinavian countries but they seem to do ok. Also, boys can’t play for the school or local team if they play pro youth, which limits game time. There are coaching sessions run by idiot coaches where wee boys only get 5 or 6 touches in an hour session because the coach has picked a drill of YouTube that’s useless. Councils locking astro pitches so they can’t get on unless they pay a fiver a time is pricing kids out of playing too. In saying all that, there is a mentality problem as well. It's always been the same when boys hit 14/15 in this country, its not "cool" to be good at anything, so instead of putting all they've got into becoming the best they can be, they hit the bevvy and birds with their mates cos it's the easy option. To be a top professional, you need hard work and sacrifice and it's just not something a lot of our society is good at.
  5. We got married at 5pm and then just booked a function suite in a hotel nearby for a party. Hired a band, a buffet and a welcome drinks package and it was still very manageable cost wise. I know others will be different but going to a wedding for a 2pm start and sitting about waiting for the photos to get done, then the dinner, speeches etc is a long somewhat boring day. Ceremony, half an hour for photos whilst everyone else made their way to the hotel, speeches, cake, then party time, absolutely brilliant day.
  6. Pitch looks a damn sight better than it did for the South of Scotland Cup final a few weeks ago anyway.
  7. I think a lot of people are obsessing over the men being better than the women due to the recent claims that women should get paid the same. In the situation of national teams' prize money, I tend to agree the US should match the men due to the fact that they bring in the same if not more revenue from sponsorships etc. Anyone claiming the individual players' wages should be the same is way off the mark, players are only worth what clubs are willing to pay them and until the women catch up in worldwide appeal, that's just not gonna happen.
  8. Wee Leo, half Lhasa, half Maltese. Had his world turned upside down when our wee boy was born but apart from stealing his dummies he’s dealt with it brilliantly, doesn’t even mind his tash getting yanked!
  9. Shinnie absolutely dreadful, no wonder he doesn't play LB for Aberdeen.
  10. Caught the tail end of it last night after training. The guy who essentially got away with it due to supposed learning difficulties is a joke, showed no remorse and laughed through his interview. The text at the end said he lived in the community for 4 months after he was released but didn't say if any further action as taken.
  11. So is it Finland, final, then we’re in the Euros?
  12. ...."a whole 'nother" & "all the sudden" should be sent to forced labour camps.
  13. Did you hear about the cheese who painted his wife? He Double Gloucester.....
  14. Stupidity from Ntcham there, thoroughly deserved the red. Can we now give the favouritism line a bye lads, extremely tiresome.
  15. Haha tears in his eyes moaning it was a foul (it wasn’t), 2nd domestic game the result hasn’t went his way and he’s complained about officials.
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