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  1. At a very quick glance, they look comparable to or not as good as Rovers' offering. This is what it costs... Tbh, a 3-course meal, match ticket, programme, prosecco, tea/coffee and a pie for £70 isn't that bad. Once you take out the pie, programme and tickets, where else are you getting a decent 3-course meal from for under £50 these days?? I'd agree it offers less value for STHs but it's hardly wildly over-priced.
  2. Dundee offers hospitality packages from £75 Morton £109 (£10 discount for STHs) Cove Rangers £75 for off-site hospitality Partick £105 (£15 discount for STHs) Looks to me like the club has the pricing right?? I'm sure you'll be aware of the external factors affecting customers and businesses alike? Something that will absolutely be impacting Raith Rovers, their supporters, local businesses and community in general?
  3. That and the pish being spouted on here about the aforementioned "issues"
  4. Absolutely sums up the knicker-wetting going on in here perfectly
  5. You're like a broken record. A boring one at that. Move on. The majority of people are trying to.
  6. Well this has escalated quickly. We've gone from having a thread bare squad to Murray must go, devious board room activities, pending financial peril, whistleblowing "board members" meeting fans for beers to dish the dirt and dragging up the whole Goodwillie debacle again... All because we've lost 2 games. It's a fucking riot supporting the Rovers. Really though, I think there's a few of you here that just aren't cut out for supporting a small club, maybe best for your own mental health if you find something else to occupy your time with.
  7. I assume you've never been unfortunate enough to suffer an ACL rupture?
  8. This Cannot understand the mentality of people who buy a ticket for one seat, then proceed to sit somewhere else completely different, especially when you get to pick the seat the ticket is for in the first place. Absolutely mind boggling
  9. Source please? The only place I've seen this line trotted out is on here, and mostly by you. McGlynn walked because he was offered better terms at Falkirk and didn't want to take any blame for DG. Nothing more, nothing less.
  10. 46 year old virgin who still lives in his parents spare room.
  11. You're the one that attacked me matey. Come and introduce yourself at the next home game big man
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