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  1. Is he a massive player for us? He's a midfielder that doesn't make it into our best midfield, and I think him and Hendry are much of a muchness at centre back.
  2. If the experts recommend a booster then I'll be getting a booster. The annoying thing for me though is the messaging. We've been told from the get go that once case numbers go down we can go back to normal, once the elderly are vaccinated we can go back to normal, once everyone has been double jabbed, once the death rate comes down etc. There always seems to be something else around the corner and while the people on charge aren't really responsible for that, they really need to stop the "nearly there" messaging when they have no idea what's coming next.
  3. If it was up to me, this would be the perfect time to get Ryan Gauld involved. We're short up front and he's overdue a call up. I can't see Clarke doing it though - I think he values continuity over anything at the minute and Gauld is definitely a wildcard.
  4. If Adams is fit I reckon Clarke will go with Adams and Armstrong as the most forward 2, as at least they'll have experience of playing together at club level. I can't see him calling anyone else up, I think his squad is completely settled now. The only one I'd include is Gauld, but I think we all know he won't get a look in.
  5. What good would Scotland boycotting it realistically do? They'd just give our position to the team we beat in the playoff and carry on as if nothing happened. I want to watch my country in a world cup and letting some corrupt b*****ds at FIFA ruin it isn't high in my agenda. Obviously I'd rather it was held elsewhere, but it isn't, and there isn't anything we can do about it.
  6. I agree with every word of that. We looked miles better when McGregor came on. Having him and Gilmour in the middle means we can recycle possession a lot better and it makes it much more difficult for them to get out.
  7. Far too expensive to get to Qatar anyway.
  8. Do we have no one in the squad capable of taking a man on?
  9. God knows why he never started. The Gilmour - McGregor combo is as important to us as the Tierney - Robertson one.
  10. McTominay having a nightmare so far.
  11. Clarke has clearly settled on a team now, and I'm of the opinion that we need to play that team in every game possible. The more game time it gets, the more it will get used to playing together. IMO it has to include the below as undroppables: Gordon RWB - RCB - Hanley - Tierney - Robertson McGregor - Gilmour McGinn Dykes - ST So that's 8/11 positions nailed down. Of the remaining 3 positions, I reckon Paterson is close to having RWB nailed down but there are still some major concerns to his game. If we were playing Denmark tonight I'd still have O'Donnell in there though. RCB is between Hendry and McTominay, and I'm really undecided of who I'd have here. You could argue that McTominay would be better against weaker opposition but I wouldn't chop and change the 3 defenders between games, I'd want a settled back 3. Would be happy with either. ST is between Adams and Christie, and as Adams is out then it's Christie's position tonight. Nisbet can come off the bench in the second half.
  12. How's Dom Thomas getting on? I seem to remember the consensus among Dunfermline fans on here was that he was far too good for the Championship and we were daft to let him go.
  13. Patterson was injured for the Austria game, so we don't know if Clarke would have picked him for that one.
  14. Xavi would be garbage if the ball spent 90 minutes sailing over his head too. Judging him on the cluster f**k that is Norwich City is harsh.
  15. Didn't get my vaccine pass checked, and didn't see anyone else getting checked either.
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