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  1. Well that's us down. We'll deserved as well, f**k this shower of absolute wasters.
  2. That's a losing team. Why Broadfoot and Dicker get picked every week I'll never understand.
  3. Hopefully, I think playing alongside Lafferty would bring the best out in him.
  4. Sheff Wed were absolutely chronic. When Barry Bannan and Josh Windass are the only technical players in your team you're doomed before you start. Haven't seen a team worse at passing the ball since I last watched Killie.
  5. Fair play Saints, good luck in the next round. The sooner we get to the end of the season and punt some of these useless c***s that pollute our team the better. This is the worst Killie team I've ever seen.
  6. We've got no forwards on the pitch and a shite goalie. Congrats St Mirren.
  7. The sooner this season is over and we can clear out these absolute diddies like Doyle Millen and Broadfoot the better. Fucking no hopers.
  8. It's games like this I really miss the crowds in. Would be an unreal atmosphere tonight.
  9. I can't imagine a worse team in world football at parking the bus than us, but we're going to need to do it for 20 mins here now.
  10. Seems like every time someone shouts for a foul they get it with this ref.
  11. Broaders selling the jerseys like he does every. Single. Game.
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