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  1. Brophy to shoot from 40 yards 5 separate times in his desperation to score against us. 2 of them to go in as Colin Doyle has got poppadom wrists. 3-0 defeat before an underwhelming managerial appointment on Monday.
  2. He makes the 2 clowns we had last year look like Neuer. We'd be better off without a goalie and sticking an extra man in midfield than having him in nets.
  3. I bought 4 shares at $310 yesterday and they're hovering around $490 at the minute. Going to cash a couple out when the market opens I reckon to cover my arse and then keep the other 2 to see how far this will go.
  4. We'll be spending about £50k of that at an absolute max on a new player's wages I'd imagine. Its not as if we're going to bid a million for a star player now is it.
  5. The dog barks and nobody has covid except the 2 who have covid.
  6. Arsenal probably done Viera a favour by not playing him right back to be fair.
  7. Whitehall is a very average player, but unlike Brophy or Kabamba it looks like he has a knack of making our other players play better when he's in the team. Right now as we don't have proper goal scoring striker, he's the best option we have.
  8. Lack of concentration and lack of discipline time and time again - there's something seriously off mentally in the squad.
  9. He's surely not given away 6 penalties before the end of November? That's incredible if true.
  10. Fair play to Dyer, it worked. Also, fucking yassssss. Great goal by Burke.
  11. Taking Brophy off is absolutely mental. Dyer better hope this works or there's going to be a mutiny after this.
  12. County's sub has worked a treat - they've been well on top since then. Dyer needs to change something now to get a bit more control of the midfield but I suspect he'll leave it as it is for a while as he doesn't seem to be a fan of an early sub. I'd bring Rossi and Burke on for Kabamba and Pinnock at half time, get Dicker back into central midfield and try and press a bit higher up the park.
  13. We absolutely love a red card by the way. Look the better team even with 10 men so far.
  14. Can't sleep at all, so fucking happy and proud of the boys. Declan Gallagher, Lyndon Dykes, David Marshall take a fucking bow.
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