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  1. Aye I've seen it, I thought the first few episodes were great but it tailed off a bit towards the end, and I didn't like the ending at all.
  2. Started watching Top Boy the other day and was struggling like f**k to follow what was going on, so I googled it and found out that series 1 of Top Boy is actually series 3 and series 1&2 are under Top Boy: Summertime. Irritating as f**k, going to have to go watch series one now despite having seen 4 episodes of series 3. No idea why Netflix couldn't just have had them all under the same name.
  3. We never seem to get a favourable tie in this round. Ever.
  4. Apparently Burke's 6 assists in one match is a world record.
  5. Looks like when Findlay plays we win and when he doesn't play we lose.
  6. If that St Mirren right winger could shoot that would have been 4 or 5. That's the worst I've seen us in a long while, St Mirren completely nullified us and were in a mile of space every time they had the ball. I've no idea how that every time we had the ball they were so tight to us yet we couldn't apply the same thing back to them. Well done St Mirren, fully deserved 3 points. Very worrying times for us at the minute.
  7. f**k knows why I'm going to this, but I am. Fully expecting to get skelped and leave at half time.
  8. Either have Kris Boyd up front or ensure you play Falkirk in the relegation deciding game. Hope that helps.
  9. 3-0 after 17 minutes!? Do Hearts know that we don't score goals? They must be horrendous.
  10. Do we have any opportunity to line up friendlies before the playoffs? We could really use a couple of games with our strongest team out beforehand, but I suppose all of our best players would just call off again.
  11. In your scenario NI are rewarded for being the worst team in League B by receiving a kinder draw than everyone above them. The only fairer way to do it that I can think of would be to give Iceland a bye as they're the only A team left and the top 4 remaining of each other league playoff against each other as was initially designed, but that feels a bit naff. ETA - just read it again and you've already addressed my point. I suppose of you 'locked in' the group winners then filled upwards from there it might be fairer, so Bosnia would be locked into group B and get the diddies that moved up from C, but the rest of B would move up to A with Iceland.
  12. What is McKenna actually good at? The hype around him must have come from somewhere but he's absolutely rank rotten.
  13. Coooombe

    Week 9

    And so ends the Gardner Minshew hype train. He's going to have nightmares baout this second half for months.
  14. A red card and goal from the resulting free kick after 15 minutes because of a wrong decision. Bloody infuriating.
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