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  1. Quite important that we take 3 points from this given how tricky our start to the season is. If we get beat then we're going into back to back old firm games with 0 points, with another 2 of the top 6 teams last season to follow that.
  2. The draw for the Champions League Preliminary Round has taken place today (yes, already), with two semis to be played on the 21st June and the final to be played on the 24th June. All ties will be played in Iceland. Levadia Tallinn (EST) vs Víkingur Reykjavík (ISL) La Fiorita (SMR) vs Inter Club d'Escaldes (AND) The winner of the final will qualify for the Champions League 1st Qualifier and the three losers will drop into the Conference League 2nd Qualifier. Tough draw for both Levadia and Víkingur as they'll fancy themselves as the strongest teams in the draw. From a coefficient point of view, here is the lay of the land. This year's results count towards the 24/25 season Places 52-55 mean you need to go through the preliminary round, places 51-55 mean you only have 3 teams in Europe (unless Liechtenstein are in the bottom 5, which would mean P50 also only gets 3 teams). Estonia look safe in their hunt for a 4th space after Flora Tallinn made the conference league groups last season. San Marino are pish and will occupy bottom spot for eternity. It could be interesting if Andorra and Iceland pick up some points though as they're both well in the hunt for that 4th European spot. Andorra will be delighted at drawing the San Marinese gang, and Iceland will be hoping that Víkingur's home advantage will see them through.
  3. They made us "press" by having a centre back sat on the ball until we moved forward. He'd still be standing there now if we didn't push up on him. As soon as our midfield took a few steps up, they triggered their attack and were away. Maybe if we'd committed to a press then it wouldn't have been so easy, but as we seen in the last 20 minutes they could have scored at will when we did press them. The solution IMO would have been to go 4-3-3, sit McTominay like an anchor in front of the defence and use the front 3 to bother their back line instead of the 2 we were using. I can't believe Clarke waited until 2-0 to change it.
  4. When did I say it was successful? It was fucking appalling.
  5. Nah it was obvious. They literally sat with their centre backs with the ball at their feet on the 6 yard line while their forwards went 3v3 against our centre halfs. As soon as our midfield moved forward they hit the big striker and, as our midfield never tracks runners, were 4 or 5 on 3 numerous times.
  6. We won 6 games on the bounce playing this way. It clearly didn't work tonight. Ukraine's game plan was to make us press them then hit us over the top and it worked time and time again, and we done absolutely nothing about it. I love Steve Clarke but he didn't have any answers tonight. After 15 minutes it was obvious that Hickey was being rinsed and we were fucking hopeless in midfield. McTominay should have been in midfield after 20 mins and we should have went 4-5-1. f**k knows why we left it so long to change it. We could have lost that 8-1 tonight.
  7. He was out of the team for a couple of months but he's started 2 of their last 3 and came off the bench in the first half of the other.
  8. Barring any massive surprises, is this the team for tonight? Gordon O'Donnell Hendry Hanley Cooper Robertson McGregor Gilmour McGinn Adams Dykes Questions marks for me are Hendry v McTominay and Christie in for someone, as Clarke seems to rate him in big games.
  9. Here are the likely teams Hearts could face (pot 3 and 4), based on the highest rated teams at clubelo.com progressing through their respective playoffs. If Hearts lose this playoff, these are the likely ECL pots based on the same criteria. If Hearts win the playoff then they'd be in pot 4 in the EL. Here's what the pots could look like From a coefficient point of view its probably better that Hearts lose the playoff and pick up a couple of results in the ECL. There are definitely teams in pot 4 that Hearts could have the measure of, and teams in pot 2 that they could trouble. Not my spreadsheet, but its available here -https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zpt5J7mz3t-53slOYtKzijZrZYCF39aHWd7MvZu-t1U/ if anyone wants a play about.
  10. Does anyone have any experience in getting back to the city centre from Hampden after a gig? I know the score when the football is on but there are extra trains running then and I'm not sure the same applies to gigs.
  11. That seems to be the model they're going for. Watch out for clips of Ferry's 'patter' during half time team talks and Slaney providing commentary on the highlights. From what I've seen of the Hashtag lot is that at the very least the owners there have worked their arses off to garner social media exposure and provide a constant stream of content for years. I'd be absolutely staggered if the open goal boys put anywhere near as much effort into this.
  12. One of the worst I've seen play for us. He's absolutely great at passing the ball out the park and letting players run by him.
  13. Fair play, the bar is low in South Ayrshire. The highlight for us is being tip of the league after beating you at somerset in second gear.
  14. I must say lads that's the first derby I've seen that's only lasted 15 minutes. The clips of you all leaving when the 3rd went in were great, cheers for that.
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