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  1. What the fucks the ref stopping the game for there. Fucking diabolical.
  2. The only thing worse than this ref are the Killie TV commentary team.
  3. No contact whatsoever there was there? Ref has just guessed there.
  4. Not sure how on earth you can tell that, it looked extremely close. In fact in the last angle they showed he looks miles onside.
  5. Whoever's in charge of signing players at Celtic needs the bullet. Ajeti looks like the only summer singing who might make it, the rest are absolutely hopeless.
  6. Except for the, you know, years of evidence that suggests that he can't.
  7. I think we can safely say it was the right decision to forfeit against Falkirk.
  8. I'm glad we played this tonight, but we've been miles off it in the second half. If Tish and Findlay were 2 of the 6 we had available then we might have had a bit more luck, but having no centre backs or centre mids has done us. Also what a goal that is.
  9. We're really struggling in the second half, we don't really have anyone in the team who can put a foot on the ball and calm us down. I've no idea who anyone is on our bench but if we have a centre mid on there I'd bring him on and stick Haunstrup out left.
  10. We played them in the UEFA Cup about 20 years ago and a group of Kaiserslautern fans have been coming over to a few games a season ever since.
  11. Burke and Kabamba? That's all we need boys, here we fucking go. More seriously, I've no idea who Sloan, Ross, Deveney or Warnock are, but Burke McKenzie and Haunstrup in midfield with Cameron and Kabamba up top isn't too bad at all.
  12. No we don't. We have 6 first team players who may be available if they test negative before the match, as their 10 day isolation period ends on Monday. I'd imagine that unless more than one of them are keepers then all of them will play. Having 6 first team players and 5 kids is a whole different ball game to having 11 kids. The question "have you got enough players to fulfill the fixture?" isn't just levelled at one team. If Dunfermline are placed into self isolation over the weekend should they still try and claim a 3-0 win for this fixture? Of course not.
  13. The is really turgid. I've no idea why we don't press high and get in their faces - we have the players to do it and Clarke used to do it with Killie.
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