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  1. The government are paying 80% of the wages of employees who can't work due to the measures they've taken, up to a max of £2,500 per month. Does this apply to footballers? If so this may save a hell of a lot of clubs from serious problems.
  2. I think we've only 4 or 5 players under contact beyond May so that should help us out with only needing to find a few months wages. Dundee Utd couple be in big doo doo depending on what happens with the league situation.
  3. Hopefully get the games played in the summer. It's going to play havoc with promotions, relegations, pre season, contracts etc. Might be an idea to run a lesser season next year to mitigate some of the impact, potentially a 16 team league with only 30 games...?
  4. Has anyone else had an email from work about working from home? I got one through tonight (FTSE 250 company) about rolling out working from home starting on Monday based on us now being in the delay phase. It's got me thinking that the government may have said privately to business leaders that working from home should be encouraged, but left it out of the press conference so as not to create hysteria amongst those who can't work from home. Either that or some high ups at work fancy lowering their chance of catching it.
  5. That's what I'm leaning towards as well, and not only because Killie will still be safe after 33 games. Either that or declare the season null and void and give us another crack at the Nomads next year.
  6. This whole "isolate yourself for 7 days even if only mildly sick" line falls apart when you factor in you can spread the virus even if your asymptomatic. This stinks of them desperately wanting to keep the economy going and only presenting the "scientific evidence" which agrees with that.
  7. I've seen this movie before. Point for us at most.
  8. Sutton always has to have a go at the refs, even if he has to point out the most menial shit to do so.
  9. Any idea when we'll start being advised to work from home? I've got a cracking football manager career going that could use the extra attention.
  10. With Hibs losing, 3 points here would be excellent for our top 6 hopes. Shame we won't get them.
  11. Is now not even good enough to make the bench at Killie.
  12. Braga could play all week and not score here.
  13. Given that I haven't already booked to go to Paisley, no it doesn't.
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