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  1. On BBC site the Dutch FA are doing a pilot scheme to allow women to play in men’s leagues. What are your thoughts? Would you like to see this in Scotland?
  2. In the same way the SOS and EOS didn’t wait for the Juniors, I hardly see why The Caley league has to.
  3. So if say Livi Utd and say 3 others (& Tayside look North) then it’s done.
  4. It’s not really, it’s the standard non sustainable football model that may get you flying up the leagues (much like Gretna/Celtic Nation and others) The issue comes when the money dries up (like Gretna/Celtic Nation) and the team either goes bust or drops like a stone. Like I say, best of luck to you and if you attract 5-10k fans from the Darvel area to balance the books and not rely on someone else paying the bills then it’s a different situation. You may eclipse Killie as Ayrshire’s #1 who knows? The skeptic in me fears that it will end in tears within a decade.
  5. How many more defections will it take for the East league to crumble... 3? 4?
  6. You are then looking at the likes of Albion Rovers who have had recent home crowds of mid 200s
  7. Best of luck to them, might be this decades Gretna!
  8. Rangers have this won. if not on the pitch, the leader of the Scottish Tories is running the line so it will happen.
  9. 1. Celtic 2. Rangers 3. Aberdeen 4. Motherwell 5. Hibs 6. Dundee United 7. Killie 8. St Johnstone 9. St Mirren 10. Livingston 11. Ross County (bested by ICT in playoffs) 12. Hamilton
  10. I had forgotten about JKB! The thread about Hearts playing in England is comedy Gold. As for the game - 1-0 Dees
  11. Henrik Larsson football and Floorball
  12. The new training top should go down well with “Ra Peepul”
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