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  1. I totally disagree with both of you. IMO both players started out going for the ball. On his way to challenge for the ball Goody realised the Peterhead player was getting there first, and put his arms up to protect himself. No way was it "violent conduct". I can accept how it could be seen as endangering an opponent by the way Goody protected himself, and a definite yellow - or even a soft red, but in no way was it "violent conduct" , which as far as I'm aware involves intent to injure an opponent. In the report of the game on the Peterhead website, it even mentions that some Peterhead players thought it was an accident. If it had been a red for "dangerous play" would it only have been a 1 game suspension? If so I think it was a reasonable call to appeal, but can't say I'm surprised we got SFA .
  2. Forget our performance in the 2 games you've seen us this season. You deservedly won both. With Rankin & Syvertsen still to come back from injury, and with our improvement in the 4 games since we last played you, I'm confident you'll see a totally different performance the next time you see us - and not just from Goodwillie either. We're looking up, not down.
  3. Just goes to show how opinions differ. 1st Pen looked a shove in the back when I first saw it. Looked a bit softer in the highlights. Don't understand why it was a red instead of a yellow. I definitely wouldn't be happy about this decision if I was a Stranraer fan. 2nd Pen was a stonewall IMO. Their player swung an elbow that caught Grant on the face, inside the penalty area. Dangerous play. Definite penalty. Again a yellow. 3rd Pen was another absolute stonewaller, and that was a certain red - until they changed the rules in the summer. We also had a good shout for hand ball that wasn't given, before the 1st Pen, and a free-kick just outside the box was the correct decision when there was another claim for handball after the 2nd penalty. Overall, 3 penalties was about right out of the 5 potential penalties that could have been given. Other than that, I thought we played some excellent football , particulatly in the 1st half. Stranraer were poor, ad that's being kind.
  4. I enjoyed that. First half hour was a bit of a non-event, but we took over after that. Much better performances from Howie, McNiff, Rumsby, McStay & Johnston. Smith did a power of running up front. Allison & Love were good. Lyon & Lamont too when they came on. McGee didn't have a lot to do, but looked pretty comfortable. Howie's attempt from 70 yards would have been up there with my top Clyde goal of all time if their keeper hadn't just managed to keep it out. And as for Danny running from the halfway line to back up Lamont's break, leading to the 3rd goal 😆. That would just have been the icing on the cake if he'd scored, instead of an o.g.
  5. And that's the bit that gets me. We've only played 3 games, 2 of which were away to teams expected to finish at or near the top. Yes, there are problems - but I haven't suddenly lost faith in our manager (who could do no wrong last season in the eyes of everybody (except cfcuk)). Another 33 games to turn things around. Far too early to hit the panic button yet IMO. If 5 or 6 games from now, with Rankin & Norway back in the team, we're still losing - that's when I'll start to panic. And just to finish on a note of positivity (is it allowed ) - we haven't lost at Broadwood since last October (13 wins and 4 draws). If that's not cause for optimism I don't know what is.
  6. Team for Motherwell Colts game - McGee Cuddihy Fitzpatrick Rumsby Howie Grant Lyon McStay Lamont Love Smith Subs - Mitchell, McNiff, Wallace, Johnston, Goodwillie Injured - Duffie, Norway, Rankin No allowed to play - Petkov (If I was picking the team - for this game ).
  7. No point in me turning up on Saturday, based on the comments on here. Looks like we're relegated already. Get a grip ffs. Are you/we Clyde SUPPORTERS or not? There are a few problems at the moment, and that's when TRUE supporters get behind the team.
  8. He played well against Bonnyrigg. Didn't see him in any of the other games.
  9. What does that mean? Some players full-time and some part-time?
  10. Anybody know which teams in our league are full-time this season?
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