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  1. Yip! 5 days actually, or less than 100 hours to be even more precise. Some effort from our lads .
  2. Yeah, all the best to Chris Johnston - & hope he gets back playing again sometime soon. Same to big Norway. Don't know where or when he picked up his latest injury?
  3. Who is that Clyde player? I don't recognise him
  4. Is that "auld dears" you're spying on from your Maryhill bedroom window ?
  5. Why Clyde? We're not bottom of the League just now & no matter what way you look at it Forfar would finish below us if the season is null & void.
  6. You're right . I was thinking, if 2 x 3-0 defeats were given against us, we'd then have "played" the same number of games as Forfar - but I forgot that would mean they would then have 9 points from 11 games, whereas we would have 9 points from 10, and on a points per game basis we would finish ahead of them. Well done, you've managed to bring a smile to my face - for the first time since the announcement earlier today .
  7. Bit strange coming from a supporter of the only League 1 team no longer in the Cup . Sorry, couldn't resist. Anything to raise a smile - as the whole situation has pissed me off, as I'm sure it has you too. And before you say it, I know I'm in no position to try to take the piss out of supporters of a team who have scored against us for fun this season. In fact, what percentage of your goals scored this season have been against Clyde .
  8. I'm gonna bite here. All my life (and I'm no youngster) I've grown up believing anybody accused of a crime would have the right to be judged by his/her peers, and either found guilty or not. This option was not available to Goodwillie, following the decision made by the Procurator Fiscal that there was no chance of obtaining a conviction in this case. The only reason this ended up in a Civil court is the fact that the 2 accused were professional footballers at the time, and obviously earning a lot of money. If this had been you/me or Joe Bloggs - it would never have got anywhere near a court. IMO it's wrong that anyone should be able to profit financially from a decision made in a civil court. I'm certainly not saying that is what happened in this case, but it's wrong that there should be a financial incentive for anyone to bring a case to court in the first place. Having read quite a lot about this case (even before Goodwillie signed for Clyde) it seems that a major factor in the decision of the judge was the fact that the claimant was a lot more articulate than the defendants (in particular Goodwillie). This should not have been a factor IMO, and creates a dangerous precedent. And my final point - once anybody has been convicted of an offence, and completed their punishment (whether it be a prison sentence, or a financial penalty as in this case) how are they supposed to support themselves (and family ?) afterwards - unless they continue with whatever trade they are qualified in? There have been at least 2 cases in recent years that I can think of in England where players have continued their careers after serving prison sentences for causing the death of innocent people.
  9. So, where did you get that info? Any idea who? Mitchell, Goodie, & possibly Norway or Lang, are those whom I would consider "key" .
  10. Cove's last 6 games - W 1 D1 L4 Goals For - 3 Goals against - 8. Unless they're back to full strength, there's no reason why we should be so negative about this game.
  11. I think our chances depend on Mitchell being back in goals, and Cove not having Megginson, MacAllister @ Fyvie all playing. Any Cove fans around to give us an update on their likely team for Saturday?
  12. Who do you think was better? Apart from Norway & Goodie.
  13. Some Clyde fans go way over the top though after a defeat. Who realistically thought, with all our recent problems with Covid, this would be anything other than a Falkirk win. Overall, I thought we did better than expected today.
  14. I'm not greedy, I'll just take 10% commission on winnings . Just send all payments direct to Clyde FC. It's been a pleasure doing business with all you Falkirk fans . And, to all the Clyde fans who've got us being relegated after that - a reality check. We've not trained for 2 weeks, some of our players have had Covid, our regular keeper was missing, & we were playing the team clear at the top of the League. Believe
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