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  1. I was working underground in Suffolk thinking "I'll be safe enough in here, then thinking f**k I'm flying home on Friday'
  2. Some Blue Hive - North Atlantic Oscillation
  3. The Frank and Walters tonight and The Blue Aeroplanes tomorrow night, both at King Tut’s, Moz at Dundee on 25 April, the Wickerman Festival on 21-22 July, and Radiohead at Meadowbank on 22 August. Might also go and see The Buzzcocks in Perth on 27 May.
  4. I'm currently listening to moi creating some awesome feedback. When I'm pished I fuckin' rock
  5. Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces
  6. Pop Will Eat Itself - Beaver Patrol
  7. Just re-discovered A Blues For Buddha The Silencers - Answer Me It must be about 15 years since I last listened to this
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