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  1. I honestly doubt the club would be daft enough to post pictures of potential new signings or trialists before they were announced officially as our players. Shows how desperate we all are for a signing though haha!
  2. Don’t forget we still have Meekings! I think a good pre season is what he needs !
  3. Has anyone heard any rumblings about the stadium? I thought we were supposed to have a hearing with the council in Dec 17?
  4. Your not gonna get a clean sheet if your predicting 3-2 [emoji23]
  5. The dees kept you cuntos in your rightful place today with a 3-0 bounce game win.. I believe our young striker Henvy got two and Jon Aurtenetxe scored a screamer..
  6. We have been showing signs of being a good team all season (Rangers apart, even then we played not bad in spells!) I think now we have players back fit, especially up top, we can really kick on.
  7. Tommy definitely got his tactics wrong. He clearly thought he was in for an easy ride at Dens.
  8. Saints were so predictable. Win the ball, long ball up the right to MOH, MOH holds, Easton overlaps plays it back to MOH who then tries to make the run into the box. Dundee figured that out early on and barring one shot on goal I don't think it really came off. Cammy Kerr kept him in his back pocket. I wasn't surprised to see Saints man of the season subbed off. MOH is your only outball and he got nothing his own way yesterday!
  9. Aparently Paul Paton was playing yesterday? He was surely posted missing? What happened to that Buzz Lightyear chinned bassas magic hat?
  10. For a team that classes this as a Derby, St Johnstone almost had as many fans at dens than United in the Doon Derby.
  11. Interesting that we would give the council some of the land to allow them to expand the ice rink. A bit of a sweetener for the project and training pitches? The whole development is really well thought out and generates cash for the club on a constant basis. Hopefully this helps us to move forward as a club! Exciting times ahead.
  12. I'm not someone who pretend to be ITK but somebody I know who genuinely is ITK has told me Aucho wasn't up to standard and wouldn't be back at dens. It will be interesting to see if that is the case now we have managed to offload Hateley.
  13. Now the window is closed and we know what our squad is going to look like now until at least xmas, what does everyone think is our best starting 11? In an ideal, injury free world I'd go.. Bain, Aurtenetxe, Meekings, Hendry, Kerr, Kamara, Gowser, Deacon, Allan, Aj, Moussa.
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