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  1. Might just be my lack of Motherwell knowledge shining through, but it came across as a dig at DT to me?
  2. I agree with all of this other than Dykes, I thought he won everything in the air and was back to being the perfect outball again with Pittman/Forrest/Robinson/Souda all up supporting again. Brown's injury is a real shame, there's a great player in there somewhere. Hopefully he's not out for too long. At least we have plenty backup CBs. A lot more confident about the next fixtures now, even though we're against Rangers, Aberdeen who we haven't beaten in years, and undefeated County. I'm cautiously optimistic we can pick up 4 points from that run.
  3. Dykes has been fucking fantastic tonight. If Barnsley are watching then the 2m bid is coming any day now
  4. Reading comments then I feel like I'm in the minority in thinking that Pittman's had a decent game so far. Looks much more like his old self than the last couple of games. Dykes has been on point as well. I'm happy with us going forward, it's the back that's causing all of the issues. Get Fitz aff, move Efe inside and put Devlin at RB. We're looking threatening enough going forward that he'll be an asset.
  5. We look more of an attacking threat after 12 seconds of the second half then we did in the entirety of the first
  6. Yeah, this is a shocking performance from us. Roughly even til the first goal, but since then then it's a complete heads gone. All of us can see that the 3-5-1-1 isn't working. Fitzwater does some things really well, and some things really badly. I can see why we signed him on a 3 year deal, but he's not ready yet. Efe Ambrose is somehow now a left wing back at 32 years old. Pittman looks off his best. Robinson's done nothing. Can we have 4-2-3-1 back plz
  7. We've looked solid AF in preseason, our defence looks even strong than last year, and as of right now then Lyndon Dykes is still here. 1-11 I think we're stronger than last year, although once Dykes goes that might not be true. Hopefully Sal and Propratnik come good. This season I expect us to win 75% of away games and lose at home to everyone but Aberdeen. 3-1 Livi, Dykes perfect hat-trick before moving to Luton for 2.5m.
  8. Odoffin to Accies would be a decent move for both tbf. He's clearly one to move on for us, but he's shown that there's a decent player in there and I think he'd do a job for Accies with a run of games.
  9. Barnsley apparently. You'd have to assume he's leaving at this point. Glad we rejected the first bid, I'll be delighted if we get anywhere near 2m.
  10. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/st-mirren-squad-lockdown-paisley-22406745 This may well put next weeks game under threat
  11. Just watched the highlights, a couple of things stood out: - Dykes had a few really nice touches to bring runners into play. We'll really miss him if he goes. - McCrories kicks looked more accurate than I remember, but he still doesn't look confident claiming a high ball in a crowd - Max should've kept out their goal. And Killie will be raging about both of ours, even if Forrests technique was excellent.
  12. Delighted that Brown is back, he was great at the end of last year. I'm just disappointed that he signed a new deal at Cardiff and came back on loan rather than coming here permanently. Our squad is massive now though, got to be looking at getting rid of a couple. Odoffin, Pepe, Lithgow, Tiffoney & Menga must be the top candidates. Although I'll be heartbroken if Dolly goes.
  13. Amazed as many people have Livi as high as they do. If Dykes goes then we're relying on KSA or Praprotnik to be up to it and that's no guarantee. Having said that, I think we're looking decent. Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Motherwell Hibs St Johnstone Killie Livi Dundee Utd St Mirren Accies Ross County
  14. I'm not convinced that's true. Dykes was always seen as second fiddle to Dobbie but clearly had something about him at that level. Normally highlight reels make players look like world beaters, but I really don't see anything impressive there. Yeah he had a great season, but there's levels to this game.
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