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  1. That looks like him, good find. Our scouting department pulls out some crazy finds every now and then. He looked alright in the 45 minutes that he got.
  2. Lol fucking hell, I've paid £5 to watch this QPR friendly this afternoon and the opening monologue of the commentator is full of rage about Beale leaving. 'Now he has trips to Motherwell to look forward to' 'Our opponents Livingston, who sit 4th in the two-team SPL' Nice, warm, encouraging words about your opponents for a friendly. Salty fucks
  3. I am admittedly disappointed with Isma, hopefully after this mini pre-season we'll see a new version of him at Christmas time. I wouldn't hold my breath though. If he moves on, I wouldn't be too disappointed. Omeonga leaving would be sad, but not the end of the world. Longridge would be an obvious one, potentially Cancar?
  4. Will bite hand off for point atm. We're in good form, but Tynecastle is never an easy place to go and Hearts seem to be beginning to get their shit together. A point to keep us in the top 6 over the break would be great.
  5. I think it would be daft to bring Schwake back too early - I can see him being our new number 1 when Shamal inevitably goes at the end of next season however. I think Ivan is a better keeper than Hamilton, but I can see why Hamilton has had game time instead if we're still trying to ship Ivan out.
  6. I missed the first 20 minutes, so all I saw was us get absolutely battered and somehow come away with a win. f**k VAR. What a ludicrous addition to Scottish football that is. Get it in the fucking sea.
  7. Not sure why people think we'll play the ultra-defensive OF setup against Aberdeen when we haven't done it against them at all for the last 4 seasons. 3-3, Anderson and Duk hat tricks. Goodwin to get another ban for being rude about the pitch
  8. I completely agree, but yesterday was Nouble's worst performance this season IMO. He's been unplayable so often this season, yesterday he was downgraded to just 'a handful'. I guess that says a lot about the standard he's shown this season
  9. Well, that was an interesting game. Shocking defending for 4 of the 5 goals and a thunderb*****d. Bruce Anderson's 'f**k you play me' attitude was the difference there. Without him, we lose that game. Peach of a finish for the first (although on the replay it does look as if Hemming was a little slow getting there). We've struggled to score all season, a fit Brucey makes a massive difference to us. I hope that his injury issues are now fully behind him. Montano was the other difference maker IMO. The quality drop off between Montano -> Longridge is huge. Nouble was half the player he normally was for the first hour as he was playing on the half way line to cover Longridge, and as soon as Montano came on he moved 15 yards further forwards and started causing some problems. Stokes was hilariously bad. There was little pressure on him for the OG, and the penalty was pretty clear. He was whining about a push for some reason but the replays show that he just fucked it. Ash Taylor had a decent game up against Nouble for the most part. Hopefully Shamal's injury isn't too bad and he can make it through the next 2 games. And I'm hopeful that Holt's fit, we looked a lot better when he came on.
  10. What's parking like at Rugby Park? Never been before, is the parking at the stadium?
  11. No topic the day before the game? The excitement is palpable Killie are a completely different team at home, this will be a difficult game. We've got a relatively difficult run in to the world cup, if we don't pick up points in the next 3 games then the season might end up looking a little uncomfortable. 1-1, and a low attendance discouraging any more friday night games for a while
  12. Got to disagree with this, I think he's the best keeper we've had coming for high balls since we've been back in the Premiership. Player of the Season - Montano. His run of scoring winners from left back was outstanding. He's dropped a little in recent weeks because of injury but he's been phenomenal when fully fit. Him and Nouble are the best left-hand side of any side in the league outside of the OF, and it's not even close. Best Signing - George. Slow start, but I really like him, he's the best shot stopper and cross taker we've had for a while. Distribution is a bit dodgy, and his positioning can be a little off (being lobbed against Dundee Utd comes to mind), but he's learning and has had a really promising start. Top Result - Point at Ibrox, or beating Hearts. After the first 10 minutes we were dominant that day, which was great to see against a decent side. Predictions - 6th. We're not clinical enough yet, and Hearts/Aberdeen/Hibs will sort their shit out and finish above us I reckon.
  13. You can read it for free if you register, you don’t have to pay
  14. Somehow I feel more confident against Celtic these days than St Johnstone. Nouble to body whatever jobber they've got at centre-back these days to make Celtic fans long for the days of Dykes & Jullien
  15. Hahaha wtf was that dribbling moron Gordon Smith, ex head of the SFA? o_0
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