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  1. It seems people on this thread agree with or condone dee mans posts on the Ched Evans thread. I urge all posters to read and judge for themselves.
  2. Loony? It must be only convicted rapists than Dee Man will stick up and blame the victim. Please check out the Ched Evans thread in the Misc Football forum to see his disgusting views on victim blaming.
  3. It's a positive for the forum that Dee Mans disgusting rape apology follows him around the forum. What a sicko. I'm glad he's getting called out on it.
  4. Y-huh, bawling my eyes out here. I asked about ten pages ago for a poster to produce a post where I say Balotelli is a World Class player. I'm still waiting. Jimmy gave it his best shot, but come up short. What do the rest of you have?
  5. I think he did demonstrate world class talent as a youngster, it hasn't translated into him being a world class player though. Is that really the best you can do? If I posted it several times then surely you'll get something a bit better? Be specific.
  6. So, let me guess, every player they were linked with in the summer, they wanted ahead of Balotelli? Sanchez is a completely different type of player, and Remy would have cost far less.
  7. Oh, so you've found the quote, where? Where? Then it should be easy to find. Of course this hasn't happened. And if I had said it, it would be quoted, surely? Yuh-huh, and where did this happen champ? In your mind? In front of your mirror?
  8. Balotelli dug them out a hole against Lundogrets in his first game, no reason he couldn't do so again (against the same opposition). The Kane stuff is Bobby Zamora esque - keep it up.
  9. No, it's not like that at all. It's pointing out the goals he had scored whilst at Liverpool. How you would love it if he hadn't scored yet, pity this isn't the case. They're not. It was absolutely hilarious when they were knocked out. Think they would have gone through had Balotelli been fit for the duration. So we shouldn't count cup goals against Premier League teams? M'kay.
  10. Just scored in Cup Quarter Final and Champions League instead. Damn. I hope Balotelli doesn't do well at Liverpool and leaves ASAP. I've made that clear since he signed. Tip me over the edge? Yeah, sure
  11. Yeah, anyone who fails to score in 45 minutes at Old Trafford must be rubbish. Thank god he didn't score, makes the result all the more dreadful for Brenton.
  12. Correct, fantastic movement again. He's offered much more up front than the chronic Sterling.
  13. One of Gerrards worst ever games? I don't he's done anything right. Awful.
  14. Liverpool would have done much better in this game if they had started Balotelli ahead of the chronic Sterling. Dreadful again from Brenton.
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